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Scrumptious Pastry & Bakery Surabaya (Review)

Hello everyone!
How are you all today?
I hope everything is wonderful.. :)
I'm a little bit sad recently for a lot of reasons, sigh.. But nothing to be worried about, I can handle this. ^^
Anyways, today I'm going to be reviewing a place for dessert!

Scrumptious Pastry & Bakery

It is placed in the center of the town, near Carpentier Kitchen, and it is not a cafe.
They only sell sweet treats such as cakes, cookies and cupcakes. So if you need to fulfill your sweet tooth, you can try this one. ^^
It was in the late afternoon when I went there, and I didn't expect the place would be so tiny! Like, it is really small lol.. They only have one long squared table with only eight small chairs.
But even though this place is not so spacious, I love how they decorate the place. It was so pretty, and filled with lovely properties. I couldn't help but taking pictures here and there because there were so many cute objects that I could captured.

Let's take a look!

 Interesting lamp


What did we ordered?
 Before we got there, we were thinking about eating a lot of cakes, but since we unexpectedly stopped by at the Trunojoyo's Meatball and ate a lot there, our stomachs were quite full already.
We also felt that for such small cakes, they were quite expensive. We ate meatball for two portions plus the drinks, it was still cheaper than these two cakes, LOL..
So we ended up ordering one piece of Rhum Puff (15k) and one piece of Red Velvet Cupcakes (25k)

Rhum Puff tasted great, and I do really like puffs, eclairs, or anything with chocolate icing on top, and something stuffed inside.
While the Red Velvet Cupcakes wasn't that great. I didn't taste the red velvet at all, it was just a sweet cake with sugar creme above it



No, I don't see any toilet, hahaha..
(maybe inside the house)


I think this place is really pretty, but only suitable for a quick bite or just a takeaway, not for hanging out or tea time (they sell very limited beverages and no heavy food).
Price wise, it's not cheap. I can't satisfy my sweet tooth here. 
The parking lot is as small as the place, very limited space.
The waitress are cute with the uniform and does the job well.

Scrumptious Pastry & Bakery
EVERY DAY : 09.00 AM - 05.00 PM
Jl. Trunojoyo 89 Surabaya
031 7097 6868 / 0856 9797 6868
Wi-fi available
You can use debit card in here (BCA)

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