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Carribean Restaurant Surabaya (Review)

Hei Guys!
Welcome to September :)
We are coming into the last months of the year, oh.. can you imagine? How time really flies? In three months, we will face a new year again, WOW!
I want to say a quick big THANK YOU again for such an amazing eight months in my writing journey here on the blog this year. Without all of your support, I most probably will not stick around and write. Now it becomes my passion, and I hope for better things ahead ^_^
Well, I hope this month will be a better month for all of us, yay?
Okay, enough with the sentimental feelings, let's move on to the re-vi-ew! <3

 Caribbean Restaurant Surabaya
From their logo, you can guess what are they selling, right?


I'm sorry for over-reacting, it's just what I do, lol..
Okay, let's take a quick tour

As you can see from their interior design, the wood, the rope, the drums, the hanging lifebuoy and the pick of ocean blue color, they really stick with their theme, which makes me really comfortable staying there.
I could even imagine I was eating at the beach even though in reality, I was not.
So, that's a good point


What's on The Menu?

What did we order?
Lobster (200gr) | Choice of Cook : Termidor | Side Dish : Rice | Rp. 170.000,-
The Termidor Sauce, was amazing! The Lobster, was nice..
I don't get to eat Lobster many times in my life, but I do love prawns. When I ate the lobster, I thought that the lobster was too soft, while I actually prefer a well cooked dry meat, not under or over.
Maybe you can request when you order and adjust what kind of cooking do you prefer for the lobster.
Oh, the rice, I love it! Tasted really yum!

Grilled Salmon | Choce of Dip Sauce : Lemon Mayo | Side Dish : Mashed Potato | Rp. 90.000,-
It was literally a grilled salmon, with a lemon mayo sauce, mashed potato, broccoli and calamari.
I love their calamari though <3

Fish & Chip (Dory Fish) | Choce of Dip Sauce : Tartar | Side Dish : French Fries | Rp. 65.000,-
Uhm, I don't like Dory Fish in general, so I can't be objective on this.
But my friend said that you might want to change the flour that you use to fried the Dory fish. :)

Ice Tea Rp. 12.000,- | Tropical Beach Rp. 25.000,- | Ice Tea (Lemon Added) Rp. 12.000,-

Tropical Beach Rp. 25.000,-
Really fresh! I love this kind of drink..
But I suggest you to use a bigger straw instead. I had a quite hard time to drink because the small fruits got stuck inside the straw almost all the time.. :)


Our Bill


Thoughts & Suggestions
The place is still new, not that big, and it only opens at night, so I suppose it will be really crowded for now.
If you want to get an easy and instant seat for your dinner, I suggest you to make a reservation first.
You can also walk in like I (always) did though, and still get served, but it really depends on your luck and your arriving time. I think for walking in, it is best if you come early around 6 pm to 7 pm (not after 7).

The place is comfortable, the interior design makes you feel like you're at the beach (I kind of miss Bali, especially Jimbaran right away, hiks) But one thing I didn't get, some chairs got pillow, some (including mine) don't. Well, you can always ask for it, but it will be better if we are served without asking right?
What I hate about those chairs is if you (girls) wear shorts, you will get the reflection of the chair seat straight on your thigh, which is not a very pleasant view, lol..

The waitresses need to be trained more, because one who served us couldn't really explain to us what's on the menu, though the menu is really simple. Though numbers of waitress are important, but product knowledge is also the main key. Maybe you can try them your foods, your sauces and let them experience and explore your products. That way, they can explain it better, because they have known the name and tasted it  themselves. (and teach them about Ta-Bas-Co too. Even better if you provide Tabasco in every table, some people just can't enjoy eating without it)

Thank you so much for giving us complimentary discount out of nowhere, serving us well and giving us the rice side dish even though it wasn't available for regular customers yet.

Name :
Caribbean Restaurant
Location :
Spazio Terrace (right next to Mc.Donalds Graha Family). I'll attach the map below
Operational Days :
Every day
Operational Hours :
06.00 PM - 11.00 PM
Contact :
Blackberry PIN : 7626A157
Walk in or Reservations :
Best Visit for Walk In :
Before 7 or after 8
Range of Price :
Foods : Rp. 40.000,- to Rp. 170.000,-
Drinks : Rp. 10.000,- to Rp. 45.000,-
Tax : 10%
Wi-fi :
Smoking :
Allowed in every area
Paying with Cards :

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  1. I'm tempted.. will go and check this out, pretty close to where I live. Thanks!

  2. ini hanya perasaanku aja ato emg harga resto di spazio smuanya mahal gila ya ce? Y___Y

    1. Lol.. Iya memang rata2 sgitu, tapi klo ukuran lobster ini uda murah bgt say.. :)





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