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Crab 'N Chef Surabaya (Review)

Hei guys!
These days, in Surabaya, I noticed that new restaurants are starting to pop everywhere, and they have one thing in common : they sell yummy seafood!
I have reviewed Caribbean Restaurant before this, and I also will upload The Naked Crab after this, but now, let me introduce to you :


I got an invitation to come and try at the first day of the opening, and I feel honored, so thanks a lot!

 When I was there, I also got the chance to interviewed the owner so let me share a little bit of a history :
This restaurant was once called De Sushi before, but as time goes by, they gradually see that people in Surabaya have the love of seafood, and it gave them the idea about bringing a new concept of seafood restaurant here. So, after seeing some of the restaurants in Singapore, they finally took the opportunity and brought the ordinary seafood restaurant to the next level.
Within two months, they remodel the whole concept of the De Sushi, from a Japanese Fusion Restaurant into a Louisiana Inspired Seafood Restaurant, complete with the signature Cajun Sauce.
Interesting right?


What's inside?
Okay.. In this part, I want to talk about their interior design, which was really WOW me.
It is like the fisherman's house in Louisiana mixed with the interior design of a boat. The purpose of that is so you can feel the Louisiana atmosphere from the first step you enter this restaurant.
And to me, yeap, they totally nailed it.

Let's go inside!

As you can see, this place is really homey, and I do feel comfortable staying in here. The wooden chairs are perfectly safe for girls with shorts, don't worry about getting 'stamped' on your inner thighs because there are no carving or any motif on the top of the chairs. lol

I also noticed that they really keep everything clean in here. They even put one guy in front of the washstand, so he can clean it right after people using it. Bravo! <3

Yes, that's a real boat, and you can totally take pictures on it.
(well basically you can take pictures everywhere, they have a lot of pretty corner, but this one is perfect if you are together with your friends. It can fit up to 10 people)

This is the cashier, and the stair to the second floor.
Below is the detail photos of their unique properties. you can click them to enlarge the pictures. :)


Let's see what's on the second floor :)

"Where Our Crabs Come From?"
(The gigantic map that you see on the second floor is an info-graphic that created by brandingprojects, for more creative designs and projects go and check out their portfolios on their instagram)

The second floor is definitely bigger and there are more pretty spot to take pictures, lol

Here's the sink and the toilet (they keep it clean all the time)

Detail pictures of the second floor
(click the pictures to enlarge)


What did we eat?

A mix of a Mud Crab, and Shrimps (Udang Galah) with Cajun Sauce 
The size of the crab is quite big, and the shrimp too! It tastes nice and the cajun sauce was truly exceptional! If you know me, I'm really really really against garlic, I don't mind spending more time eating just to separate the garlic from my dish. But in this sauce, I could even grab the sauce (yes, only the sauce, without the crab) and just eat it whole. How about that? lol.. I couldn't even believe myself, haha.. They got some of sauce selections from mild, medium, spicy, and crazy chef. You can have it your own way!

Look at those gigantic shrimp, nyaw <3

What side dishes did we eat : Rice, French Fries, Deep Fried Mantau and Paratha
The best one? French Fries and Deep Fried Mantau <3
I also love the Paratha, but I ate too much carbs already. I've eaten a little rice, a lot of french fries and mantau, so when I got the chance to taste the Paratha, it was already cold and I was already full, haha. But it was all good.. ^^

(half of) Alaskan Snow Crab Leg
We were sharing this one. In my table, there were only two of us, while the other tables there were four people, so this was what we got. And I'm telling you, it is really yummy! The texture of the crab meat is totally different from the local one, and it taste better (obviously). I droll myself as I'm typing this, seriously

If you don't know how to eat these huge legs, don't worry, they got it.

But if you want to explore the crab yourself, here you go, a complete tools, no worries!


The Prices


Final Thought
It's official that this is one of my favorite seafood restaurant in Surabaya! Why?

  • Because the place is really nice and comfortable.
  • It's big, spacious and they got air conditioner to cool you down
  • It is also convenient eating there because they got all the tools from seafood cracker, seafood scissor and seafood fork, the waitress can also crack the leg crab for you.
  • Great service without even charging service tax
  • They keep everything clean
  • Oh, they got a cheap valet service, only 5k! This is really convenient, because, have you ever had this thought about being lazy to go to a restaurant just because it's hard to get a parking spot? Even though you love the restaurant so much? Well I do, a lot of time.. But in here, they have thought about it and solved it.
  • I know it's not cheap, but it will be worth it!

Interesting Facts :

  • This is the only place that sells Alaska, Russia & Snow Crab at the moment in Surabaya
  • The size of the shrimp is on 30gr minimum, prawn 150gr minimum, lobster 400gr minimum and the crab starts from 500gr up to 1000gr. You will be satisfied with the size and that will be guaranteed.
  • This is also the only place that uses the mighty Cajun Sauce, they imported the sauce themselves!
  • Despite of what they are selling, they also considering their customer's health!

"We boiled all of our seafood to maintain its taste and freshness. Don't worry with your blood cholesterol, we use olive oil as our seasoning and also garlic. Lemon and corn as addition to make your meals perfect."


Name :
Crab 'N Chef Restaurant
Location :

Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V / 8; Surabaya 60285
Contact :
Phone : 031-5947938
Email : info@crabnchef.com
Operational Days :
Every day
Operational Hours :
11.00 AM - 10.00 PM

Valet Service :
Yes, Rp. 5.000,-

Walk in or Reservations :

Range of Price :
Main Foods : Rp. 10.000,-/ounce to Rp. 110.000,-/ounce
Side Dishes : Rp. 10.000,- to Rp. 20.000,-
Drinks : Rp. 12.000,-
Dessert: Rp. 35.000,-
Tax : 10%
Wi-fi :
Smoking :
Not allowed (outside only)

Paying with Cards :
Available (except AMEX & Dinar Club)

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  1. Jadi ini versi maknyus in everything daripada Carribean resto kemarin itu ya... Tandingannya Bandar Djakarta ini... Sayang yang di review hanya kepiting

  2. wow asik banget keliatannya ce *.*
    konsepnya mirip yaa sama naked crab.. sama2 di kertas..
    looks so yummyyy :9 and I'm impressed with ther complete tools!
    btw kpn2 prg mkn bareng yuk ce XD nyobain resto baru hihi

    1. Iya konsep makan'nya mirip sama naked crab, soalnya kan mereka sama2 inspired dengan Louisiana seafood restautant style.. Beda di harga, tempat, crab, dan bumbunya juga si..
      Iya boleeh, kapan gt yuk.. Blm tau ada apa lagi yg baru, hahah..

  3. Hi Laura!
    Nice review :)
    Tanya dong, kalau menurut km lebih yummy mana ya?
    Naked apa Crab and Chef?

    Thanks before!

    1. Hi Megan,
      Thank you for reading ♡
      Kalo menurut aku pribadi sih, antara The Naked Crab atau Crab 'N Chef, I prefer Crab 'N Chef.. Pilihan crab lebih banyak, ukuran'nya satisfying, trus bumbu'nya lebih healthy & yummy banget.. ^_^

      Oh dear, you are most welcome!

  4. ce mau tanya nih,
    itu kok jualannya cuman leg sama claw ya di menu?
    apa tipe kepiting ini di bagian badan dagingnya sedikit ?

    "The size of the shrimp is on 30gr minimum, prawn 150gr minimum, lobster 400gr minimum and the crab starts from 500gr up to 1000gr. You will be satisfied with the size and that will be guaranteed."

    starts 500gr disitu /kepiting atau /sajian leg dan claw nya ? masih gak mudeng hehe....

    1. crab n chef sementara waktu tidak menyediakan whole body dengan alasan ekonomis aja ... dan alaska memang terkenal dengan daging yang tebal di leg dan claw ... mengenai size min order shrimp 300 gr kira2 jumlah udang sebanyak 13 - 15 biji .. untuk udang galah sebesar 150 gr per ekornya ... untuk lobster min 400 gr per ekornya ... kepiting lokal min 500 gr per ekornya ... crab n chef memang hanya menjual seafood dengan size jumbo dengan tujuan memuaskan customer ... semoga menjawab

  5. Ce, mau nanya nih, kalo dinner berdua kira2 habis brp ya?
    Pinginnya sih makan kepiting, udang, sama kerangnya..
    Soalnya rencana weekend ini mau ajak pacar ke sana hehehe

    Thx before :)

    1. Kalo mau pesen Alaskan King Crab sih, dia 1 kaki aja 500rb, hehe.. Bawa aja 1jt buat jaga2.. Tapi klo cuma makan kepiting biasa2 gt yah paling 500-800rb an..





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