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Hello everyone! <3
I was super excited when I got an invitation to have a lunch in this place, because, even though I've known the restaurant for a quite long time, seen and passed the restaurants for countless times, I never actually been there before, lol.. So finally! I got the chance, and hopefully it's not too late to share my experience here on the blog :)

Ria Galeria

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As you can see from the picture above, this restaurant has been serving since 1985, I haven't even born yet! haha.. And to me, if they can maintain the business for that long, surely they got something good to offer, right? Well, guess what? When I went there, the parking lot was so packed with cars, I even had to park quite far because of that. It was actually quite surprising because whenever I got an invitation or when I planned to go and try a new place, I usually pick a date and time when (in my opinion) that place is probably not too crowded, so I could easily take pictures without having to worry about the weird look that people gave me every time I started to snap my camera all over the place, hahaha..
But in this case, I was wrong, lol..

When I first enter the restaurant, the door was opened by the waiter, and I was greeted in a really friendly way. He asked me where I would like to be seated, I looked around the entire room, I could easily tell that I was the youngest person there though I feel old enough already, haha.. There are a lot of older people, maybe they were managers / supervisors with their coworkers, or business owner with their business partner having a late lunch or a business meeting. Why I said that? Because I arrived there at 2 pm, regular employees should have been in their office at that time, lunch time was over, lol. (judgmental alert)

Above are the pictures of their waiting area or if there any events held in the restaurant, this will be the sweet corner. This is the only table and chairs they have that used teak wood.

I picked a spot on the right side near the window, The same waiter who opened the door for me, he grabbed the chair back to let me sit, but then he stop, and told me, "What about over there? It will be cooler" He showed me where the air conditioner was placed. I agreed, and was thinking, "Aw.. He is so friendly and thoughtful!" :)

Let's see what's the overall place looks like!

The Cashier

One of the thing that I love about this place is their high ceiling and the lamp, it caught my attention all the time. They said that Ria Galeria once was a heritage building from the Dutch era. They have been reconstructing many things over the time, but one thing they keep in this building to maintain the heritage atmosphere is the ceiling. *interesting*

I took pictures twice, when I arrived and when I was about to go home, so don't be surprised with the magic pictures, haha..

The other main thing that I love about this restaurant is the paintings! If you have read about me, you'll see that I really adore works of art. I even stayed a little longer in here just to see all of the paintings a bit closer. :)

That tiny door on the corner will lead you to the back area where the toilets and the VIP rooms placed. I didn't take pictures of the VIP rooms and the toilet because apparently an event was held there, so it was full of people at that time. (ah, that's why the parking lot was tight)


What did I eat?

Fried Rice with Chicken Satay Rp. 40.000,-
I love it!

Grilled Gurami Fish Rp. 78.000,-
Love it!

Stir Fry Lurjuk in Sweet Soy Sauce Rp. 42.000,-
Super love it! They said, Ria Galeria is the only place that sells Lurjuk. :)

Almond Pudding with Lychee Fruits (center) & Es Siwalan Special (Sweet Young Coconut)
A lilttle too sweet for me, but it was really refreshing for the hot weather


Interesting Facts
You can actually buy every single of the paintings inside the restaurant

(photo courtesy from : Ria Galeria)
They have three VIP rooms that could be used for your private events

 (photo courtesy from : Ria Galeria)
Always been The President's Favorite Restaurant Since Mr. Soeharto until Mr. SBY

(photo courtesy from : Ria Galeria)
Been chosen to be the pillar of support for national events in Surabaya

(photo courtesy from : Ria Galeria)
Mrs. Risma (Mayor of Surabaya) & Mr. Karwo (Governor of Surabaya), both are the loyal customer of Ria Galeria ^^


Thought & Suggestions
  • From whom I met inside, I think Ria Galeria is suitable for business meeting, business lunch, family gathering, employee gathering, company events, etc.
  • Also a great choice for the foreigner who wants to try Indonesian food with the heritage atmosphere inside. For more youthful and modern choice of Indonesian food restaurant, you can visit Bear Top
  • Or else, for everyone who loves Indonesian food. ^^
  • The taste of the Indonesian food here is really authentic, and they got some menu that probably you can't find in other Indonesian restaurant here.
  • The waiter & the waitresses are friendly
  • The restaurant is placed right beside the big street, on the right turn, so does the parking lot, so you need to be careful.
  • The price is quite expensive, but the taste won't lie!
Name :
Ria Galeria
Location :
Jalan Bangka No 2-4 (right side of the street, on the right turn)
Operational Days :
Every day
Operational Hours :
11.00 AM - 21.30 PM
Contact :
(031) 5033737
Walk in or Reservations :
Best Visit for Walk In :
Range of Price :
Main Courses : Rp. 7.000,- to Rp 88.000,-
Drinks             : Rp. 8.000,- to Rp. 42.500,-
Wi-fi :
Smoking :
Not allowed (Outside Only)
Paying with Cards :

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  1. Hi Laura, you've done it again. You've never failed to amaze me that Surabaya still have so many exciting good food restaurants old and new. Thanks for another great post, more valuable as past and present also visit this restaurant. I must do a 'must visit list' to remind myself where to go the next time I visit Sby :)

    1. Hi Don,
      You also never failed to flatter me, lol..
      Thank you :) It's always been my pleasure..
      Haha, yes you need to make that list, before I flooded the blog with more post of restaurants, hahah..





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