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The Naked Crab Surabaya (Review)

Hei guys, back with me again!
You have read about Caribbean Restaurant and Crab 'N Chef, I'm sure you have already been waiting for this one too! hihihi..
I actually went here at the end of August, and went back again on the first day of this month, but I don't know why I kept holding the blog post until now, LOL.
The Naked Crab

This is actually the first seafood restaurant in Surabaya which brought the new concept of dining experience. What kind of a new concept it is?
So basically after you place your order, they will give you a plastic napkin to be tied along your neck, and when the food is ready, they would just spread it (without the plate) on your table that has been covered with paper, and you will eat it with your bare hands, cutleries are forbidden here. Only seafood cracker allowed.
That is (probably) why they call it The Naked Crab, because you eat it with your naked hands?

Let's travel inside!

The place is quite small and tight with no air conditioner in this area
It gets hot and humid especially when there are a lot of people in there

This is the indoor area which include three dining tables, a sink, kitchen and cashier.
They have air conditioner but you can smell a little smoke from the kitchen sometimes :)

They are not using a lot of decoration inside, but the chairs are pretty unique and comfortable.

Crowded, most of the times ^_^

What's on the Menu?


What did we eat?

 Blue Crab with Signature Sauce (100k)
It is like a thick version of carbonara sauce with a lot of black pepper in it
I kind of like this one, but just like any other carbonara sauce, you can't eat too much of it.

 Blue Crab with Salt and Pepper Sauce (100k)
The crab is deep fried, and I also love this one,
But the thing about deep fried crab is that the meat will stick on to the shell, which is quite hard to take out.

 Blue Crab with Sweet & Sour Sauce (100k)
It is my least favorite sauce, but still okay.

 Clams with Sweet & Sour Sauce (40k)

Crab Cake (55k) & TNC Plant Dessert (29k)
They say that the Crab Cake is their best seller, but me and my friends didn't like it so much.
But we absolutely LOVE the TNC Plant Dessert! It's biscuit crumbs with fla inside and a mint branch + leaves on top of it, makes it look like a real plant, lol. Yummy!

 *interesting counting*
Restaurant tax = (Total Food + Total Beverage + Service Tax) x 10%
Service tax = (Total Food + Total Beverage) x 5%
Discount = (Total Food + Total Beverage) - 20%
What you pay := [(Total Food + Total Beverage) - Discount] + (Restaurant Tax + Service Tax)

Thought & Suggestions
When I went there (two times), they only sell blue crab. The price for one blue crab is only for 100k. It's fairly cheap, but the blue crab is not big. I can say it's even smaller than I thought. lol
The place is not that big and really crowded.
They also don't have any number to contact for a reservation due to the limited seat.
So you need a really good timing, and I would suggest before 7 PM.
It's really hot inside, so do wear something comfortable and sheer.
They still haven't installed the EDC machine yet, so in case they still haven't installed the machine, please bring enough cash, spare for minimum 500k :)
Other than that, it is fun to eat here casually with all your friends or your families and just forget about table manner for a while. ^^

Name :
The Naked Crab Restaurant
Location :
Unit 2 Spazio Food Terrace (right next to Caribbean Restaurant)
Operational Days :
Every day
Operational Hours :
05.00 PM - 11.00 PM
Contact :
- (they don't have it)
Walk in or Reservations :
Walk In Only
Best Visit for Walk In :
Before 7
Range of Price :
Appetizers      : Rp. 25.000,- to Rp. 65.000,-
Crabs              : Rp. 25.000,-/100gr to Rp. 40.000,-/100gr
Main Courses : Rp. 40.000,- to Rp 350.000,-
Side Dishes     : Rp. 7.500,- to Rp. 20.000,-
Drinks             : Rp. 20.000,- to Rp. 30.000,-
Restaurant Tax : 10%  + Service Tax : 5%
Wi-fi :
Smoking :
Not allowed (Outside Only)
Paying with Cards :
Not Yet

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  1. Only open in night? -_____-'' btw TNC Plant Dessert benar benar bisa dimakan seluruhnya? Kecuali pot nya tentu

  2. Already eat in here.... Hummmm i can name it unhumanned alias tak manusiawi, makanan dibungkus dengan plastik dari dapur dan dimakan di kertas alas meja -_____-" bagaimanapun juga makanan yang panas di wadah plastik dikhawatirkan ada bahan kimia plastiknya ikut tercampur dalam makanan....

    1. Iya sih, tapi rata2 yg Louisiana style crab ya bgitu smua penyajiannya, heheh.. :)

    2. Mestinya bisa pake pot/ember aluminium .

  3. ce, stlh kupikir2.. I think i'm not comfortable enough to eat without plate and cutleries .___.
    menarik sih.. tapi.. cara penyajiannya itu ngga biasa wkwk.. dan banyak menghamburkan plastik.. gelasnya aja dari plastik.. jangan2 dessert pot nya itu, abis dimakan potnya dibuang jg?
    btw 500rb itu makan brp org ce?

    1. Lol.. Iya byk plastiknya..
      Klo pot mungkin masih di cuci dipake lagi, ga tau juga, haha..
      500rb waktu itu 5 orang, makan blue crab doang.. Kayanya skarang ada mud crab jadi bisa lebi mahal lagi..

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Ivan,
      Mmm.. Sama sama worth the price aja sih menurutku..
      Di The Naked Crab kan memang untuk harga dia ga semahal di Crab 'N Chef, cuma 100rb per blue crab, tapi untuk ukuran juga sebanding, blue crab nya kecil2 dan saosnya masih standard2 (signature > carbonara, asam manis sm salt n pepper)..
      Kalo Crab 'N Chef kan memang skali makan crab bisa 500rb an, tapi dia minimal pake mud crab which is bigger than blue crab, dan dia juga ada alaskan n russian crab, trus sausnya pake saus cajun yang juga diimport..
      Jadi intinya, you get what you paid for, tergantung selera..
      Tapi kalo menurut aku pribadi, ak lebih suka di Crab 'N Chef.. :) Soalnya aku suka banget Kepiting yg besar2, jadi puas makannya.. Dan saus cajun sama mantau'nya itu perf combination, nagih banget.. haha..





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