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A little announcement!

Hey Guysss.. :)
How are you all today? I hope you guys are having such a great weekend ^_^
I just want to say a quick announcement that I'm going to be more active in my YouTube Channel!

If you didn't know, I had a YouTube Channel for quite a long time ago and only had uploaded three videos, lol.. What are they?

I uploaded this on November 2012
I uploaded this on November 2013
I uploaded this three days ago
(On my newest video, I put the lyrics, the guitar chord and also translated it into bahasa Indonesia. just click on the option button and turn on the subtitle..)

I know, three of them were all singing cover video, though I'm not a pro in playing the guitar, nor in singing, but I find them as some of my favorite things to do almost every time. So, pardon my narcissism, lol. However, I've been thinking about not just making cover song videos in my YouTube Channel, I might also create videos about interesting places that I go, or some tips that I found helpful for me, or just a random vlog about my daily life, or you tell me! :))
Just drop me a comment on my video, or tweet me, or email me, just let me know ^_^

I just want to keep sharing about things that I love, so that I could remember everything that has been going on in my life and I hope my videos would be somewhat helpful or just entertaining for you guys :)

But it doesn't mean that I will stop blogging. NO. I will still blog, don't worry, lol..
*if that makes you worry, hahahahha*

So yeah.. You can subscribe to my channel if you want and go watch all of my videos plus give it all a thumbs up! hahaha..

I'll see you guys on my next post then..
i love you! xoxo


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