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After a long wait, finally the second floor of Bear Top is now open! It was really exciting for me, because I've seen some of the preview pictures from my friends about the design, and to be honest, I was curious. Well, Bear Top itself is actually a two floor building that I could say is a combination form of a restaurant, cafe and lounge altogether. The restaurant, which placed on the first floor, has opened months before. They sell Indonesian foods and some selected Chinese foods that will make you come back for more. Compared to the other Indonesian food restaurants where you usually just sit-order-eat-and go, Bear Top offers you a nice ambience where you can actually stay a little longer, whether you want to hang out, or maybe do your paperwork. And for such a cozy place, they make you pay for the most reasonable price! Ha! Okay, enough with the spoiler, you can read the complete review about Bear Top Restaurant in my previous post.

Back to the exciting part. So, last week I went to the soft opening of the second floor, which is the Cafe and the Lounge of Bear Top. And when I saw the whole place, it was beyond my expectation! Why? Because it's a total opposite from the first floor, especially for their interior design. I felt like I was walking in an old garage....... In a good way!

Bear Top Cafe & Lounge

Stairway to Bear Top

Basically, the second floor is an outdoor space with a rooftop, so no worries, you will be safe from the sunlight strikes and you will survive as long it's not raining hard there. And for girls, I suggest you to not wearing your mini skirt here, because the stair to the second floor is quite high and most of the tables here are in a similar height as the chairs. And you might as well want to take away your killer heels, because there is no lift or elevator that will save you if you drink too much and you can't control yourself (hopefully not, please drink responsibly ^^). Just stay casual, keep it light and comfortable, as they don't have air conditioner on the second floor too, but they provide enough fans to keep the wind blowing.

My favorite spot (the pillows are so soft and comfy!)

To the big hall!

This is the biggest hall and where the bar is placed. Perfect if you're coming with a group of friends, but the thing about this area was I felt a little bit hotter in here than in the other parts of the second floor. I was sweating a little bit when I sat there. Probably because this area is wider and the fans were only placed on the sides. Maybe it would be better if they also put one big fan at the center as well. :)

So, at that night, there were a lot of friends coming, it was such a fun night! I drank a little too much because of my crazy friend, Raymond, but no worries, nothing bad happened and I was totally fine. I remember I ate a lot of chicken satay, and we also ordered chicken nuggets, edamame beans and Internet (Indomie + Fried Egg + Corned Beef), ugh! They were just the perfect companions for beers. I didn't take any pictures of the foods because the beers were everywhere on the table, so it was hard to take a good picture of them and I was also having a quality time with the people there, I don't want to ruin it with me being weird as a blogger. But trust me, everything was great!

last but not least

Artsy Toilet
Me and my friends went home at 1 am in the morning and it was the first time in my life I fell asleep in my friend's car, on our way home, like, really really fell asleep, LOL. I also had such a deep slumber that night after I got home, and I slept in with the lamp off too (I usually sleep with the lights on). So, yeah.. Everything was great! Thanks to binge eating and enough alcohol, no insomniac for the night, yay!

Thoughts & Suggestions
  • I like this place. The interior design is nice, quite big (can fit up to 100 person) and comfortable. The ambience is also nice, for the young and the fun!
  • The foods are delicious and the prices are cheap!
  • Electricity outlet everywhere, bye bye low batt.. :)
  • Sometimes it can get quite hot and humid
  • Please install wifi connection for the second floor
  • And install a louder sound system, make it available for AUX cable, or just provide us newer songs, hahaha,, #anakEDM 
Only for October 2014. If you buy 3 beers you will get free 1 beer. (buy three get four!)
Come and Join Their Halloween Party on October 31st, and get a FREE Horror Make Up by Darius Tattoo

Name :
Bear Top Cafe, Lounge & Resto
Location :

Jln. Embong Malang 39-42. 
Operational Days :
Every day
Operational Hours :
Weekdays  05.00 PM - 21.30 PM

Weekend    05.00 PM - 02.00 AM
Contact :
(031) 5358778
Walk in or Reservations :
Best Visit for Walk In :
Before 7
Range of Price :
Foods        : Rp. 5.000,- to Rp. 60.000,-
Drinks       : Rp. 8.000,- to Rp. 42.500,-
Wi-fi :

First floor only ._.
Smoking :
Allowed in every area
Paying with Cards :


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  1. tempatnya unik ya ce XD
    artistik soro.. tp aku kok krg suka ma model wastafel ma toilet e.. nti lama2 jd kotor krn ga dikasih keramik @_@

    1. Iya say.. Asik buat nongkrong, hehehe..
      Hahaha.. No worries, di lantai satu ada another wastafel & toilet kok.. ^_^

  2. Hello guys please suggest me one of best Boston restaurants. I want to go on dinner with my girlfriend on her birthday also, want to give her a nice surprise. I don’t have much time, so reply me soon.





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