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Bedjo Porc Bistro Surabaya (Review)

It was on Sunday night, after church to be precise, when me and my friend decided to have our dinner in this place. I’ve heard about it before, people said that they got a yummy pork ribs, and I just couldn’t wait to eat it all out!

Bedjo Porc Bistro

Where is it?
It is placed in the west side of Surabaya, if you know Sinar Satelit, then Bedjo Porc Bistro is just right before Sinar, together with Dermaga, one of the most famous seafood restaurant here. (I will give you the map below)

On my first glimpse from outside the restaurant, this place was almost full, ah thank God we got the last remaining table inside, I was really hungry!
Bedjo Porc Bistro is not as big as I thought it would be, it only can fit to 30 people or less. The ambience was pretty random,  I see families, couples, and more of young adults there. Once I sat in my chair, I quickly asked for the menu and ordered their most favorite dishes!

The menu itself is not too complicated, just a single page for everything.
And here’s what we ordered :

Green Salad Bacon Rp. 24.000,-
Just a bunch of lettuce and bacon with a lot of mayo

BBQ Pork Ribs Regular Rp. 108.000,-
I didn’t know that there would be garlic sprinkled on top of it, haha.. As you guys might know, I’m a huge haters for garlic, lol.. So, I had to get rid of that first. And about the taste, for me, I didn’t really like it. Not because of the garlic of course, maybe I put my expectation too high for this pork ribs, hahah.. The bone was too soft, it would crumble inside your mouth, but definitely you can’t eat those bones, so you have to spit it out one by one, which was too much work for me.. And the meat was pretty dry. I’d prefer Our Bar’s Pork Ribs at anytime. 

Ying Yong Tea Rp. 16.000,-
This tea was pretty unique, tasted like Kopiko.. Which is weird because Kopiko is a coffee candy, not a tea, but I kind of loved the taste of it, so... ^^

Brownie Bacon Ice Cream Rp. 38.000,-
This one is also unique, because you can find the bacon inside your dessert, hahaha.. And it tasted great, yummy! You should try it..

Did you know? (Facts about Bedjo Porc Bistro)

  • Low Cholesterol : The level of cholesterol in pork is lower than in chicken eggs. (One piece of whole chicken egg contains 212mg of cholesterol whereas in 100gr pork's meat only contains 79mg cholesterol) 
  • Perfectly Ripe : All pork dishes are cooked slowly for a long time so that the bacteria, germs and worms are dead. And it will produce such tender meat texture that is delicious and good for your digestion. 
  • Original Pork Broth : Our cuisine dishes do not contain additional hormones that are not good for your health. Because we only use the pork broth.
Name :
Bedjo Porc Bistro

Location :
Ruko Platinum Plaza, Jl. Raya Sukomanunggal Jaya 2E

Operational Days :
Every day
Operational Hours :
11.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Contact :
(031) 7349540
Walk in or Reservations :
Walk in
Best Visit for Walk In :
Range of Price
Main Courses : Rp. 7.000,- to Rp 108.000,-
Drinks             : Rp. 5.000,- to Rp. 16.000,-
Wi-fi :
Smoking :
Not allowed (Outside Only)
Paying with Cards :

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Thank you for the treat ^_^

That's all for today!
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  1. Hi Laura, always nice to read your blogpost on food. Its dinner time in Sgp right now and your post just made me want to go out for roast ribs. My favourite is Toni Roma.

    1. Hi Don!
      You always give nice comments as well.. Thank you.. :)
      Lol, really? I never eat at Toni Roma, but it seems that they got the yummiest one I'm getting curious.. ^^
      Have a great dinner :)

  2. ce kalo soal makanan kayaknya aku bs tny2 ke cc, soale ahli bgt nemu resto2 yg tdk kuketahui wkwk XD

    1. Lol.. Masih blm sgitu ahli kok, tapi klo mo tanyabya bolee bolee.. Hahah..

  3. hi Lauraa ..how do you think if it's compared with porkee near bandar jakarta,hr. muhamad? - Ej-





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