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Two days ago, I was chatting with one of my good friend, David, we've been friends since like, almost forever! haha.. Usually, we would talk about random stuffs, mostly about funny (read:stupid) things, or just exchanging interesting stories about anything around us. But two days ago, we were talking about the things that we do, which was quite similar. He's now in a videography business along with his team named Fovea Project. He takes part as the art director and also the editor.

Honestly, I truly adore their works. I was once became the talent in their "Home vs House" project (I might upload it later), and tell you what? They are such a fun team to work with! I am not familiar in doing such thing as being a model or doing an act in front of the camera (total amateur), yet they made everything seemed so easy to do, and that is why I agreed to do another project with them. This time, we did a video about a new cafe in town.

Libreria Eatery
good food, good book, good music
They just launched their soft opening two weeks ago, and you might already guess what's the place may look like, just by reading the name. Yep, like a cafe and a library, it is a place to hangout where you can also read the books or the magazines that they provide in the shelf. :) Speaking of books and magazines, Libreria Eatery is even located right next to Uranus, a book store that I can't really pronounce because it always sounds too weird to say, LOL. It's like saying, 'your anus'........... Erm... Back to the topic! So anyways.... I guess their presence on the area really compliment each others, and that's what I called a nice combination.

Let's go inside.

I went there on the evening with the dudes from Fovea Project plus one dude from Branding & Projects. And luckily, there were no customers at that moment, such an advantage! So we could take pictures and videos without having to embarrass ourselves or making other people uncomfortable, yayy!

After looking around on the first floor for a while, this place reminded me of Three O Six and Monopole, a typical Surabaya's coffee shop. But what I like about Libreria was it actually felt more homey. The woods and the plants were always soothing to be looked at. And those interesting books and magazines were a huge plus! <3 The place itself is not too big when it comes to how many people they can have inside, probably less than 50 person maximum for both first and the second floor.

Let me show you upstairs

The second floor reminded me of Cup & Crumbs and D'licious, well, only for the mural part actually, haha.. ;P To be compared with the first floor, I like it better in here, because the area was wider and the lighting was whiter and brighter. For the first hour, the second floor was truly ours. We took pictures here and there and we talked and laughed as we pleased, like a boss, haha. Oh.. If you are a smoker, don't worry, they have the outdoor area for you. ^^

Foods & Drinks

Their menu was pretty simple, one page for both foods and drinks. Mostly western foods, nothing really special or specialized, and price wise, it was pretty standard for me, but for some, it's quite heavy on the drinks. Prepare 70k-100k would be enough.

Here's what we got :

Egg Benedict Rp. 33.000,- & Iced Thai Tea Rp. 25.000,-
I didn't ate the Egg Benedict, but my friend said it was delicious :) 
While the Thai Tea was not as I expected. It was okay, but a little too sweet and the thai tea flavor wasn't really there, the color was also more like a milk tea (isn't thai tea supposed to be orange?). I usually bought Orenji from Cincau Station which is only for less than Rp. 10.000,- and the flavor was quite close from the original one. So, this was kind of a disappointment. :(

Coney Dog Rp. 39.000,-
Everything was great, except for the very greasy looking french fries. I love the combination of the sausage with the minced beef, onions and the mozarella cheese. Would be perfect if the buns were more crisp, but this one was okay. The french fries were soft and yummy actually, but it did look really greasy and unhealthy. (But I ate it anyways, lol)
Green Tea Frappe Rp. 28.000,-
It was good, and my friend liked it, he said that he could really taste the green tea in his drink :)
Mille Crepes from The Artisan Bakery (unknown price)
It was really sweet. I ate it together with my friend yet we still couldn't finish all of it. The topping on top was coco crunch, the mille crepes were vanilla but it also has raspberry in between the crepes. I guess it was just too sweet, and the thing about eating mille crepes was, it gets really ugly the more you eat it, hahah..
Meet the dudes!

Thoughts & Suggestions
  • The place was homey, the ambience was nice the songs were relaxing.
  • The waitress was friendly but I think Libreria is a self service system cafe. Because you ordered and paid your foods in the first place. Then  the waitress would deliver it to your table, and I didn't see any of them stood by on the second floor, so if you want something, you have to come down and ask for yourself.
  • Think about upgrading your parking lot

Name :

Libreria Eatery
Location :
Jln. Ngagel Jaya 89-91. 
Operational Days :
Every day
Operational Hours :

10.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Contact :
Walk in or Reservations :
Walk in
Best Visit for Walk In :
Range of Price :
Foods        : Rp. 19.000,- to Rp. 39.000,-
Drinks       : Rp. 12.000,- to Rp. 28.000,-
Wi-fi :

Smoking :
Outside only
Paying with Cards :


I have a lot of blog post to write, but my laptop is broken and my dad keep yelling at me every time he sees me in front of the computer. I've been having a not so good relationship with him lately, so I don't want to argue and I'd stay away from the computer if he's around. :( I usually borrow my friend's laptop when I'm out to at least do something with my blog posts. I hope you guys understand. I'm still saving & collecting money to replace my 7 years old laptop, haha.. I will buy a nice one as I'm going to use it for blogging, editing pictures also editing videos. So yeah, I hope I can get it on Christmas. In the mean time, I'll do whatever I can to update as many as possible. Don't forget to subscribe, click g+1 below and share the post to your friends. And if you actually reading this, comment down below and say, "Cheer up, Lala!" hihi.. I love you! xoxo

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  1. Don't worry lala, I'm in bad relationship with my dad too....maybe our generation mindset is totally different than our parent mindset...you know, like working in PC maybe seems playing game and watching movies in our parents mindset....let's fight for your laptop :)

  2. I feel lucky that all of my family members understand my job that requires me to be in front of my laptop and smart phone almost all the time ��. The cafe looks nice and i'd prolly give it a try once I'm home :D

    1. Ah, lucky you.. :)
      Thank you for stopping by & yes you should check that out when you're home..

  3. Chers up Lala :D
    Don't be angry to your Appa.. I believe he love and proud of you
    Just a time until he realize how much people appreciating your hard work -- this blog also..

  4. nice post as usual ce :p slalu bikin aku ngiler haha
    cheer up ce ^.^ hopefully you can buy a new laptop as soon as possible!
    and yeah, cherish every moment with your dad while he's still being with you :)

  5. waaah bakalan dicobain nih ce :D
    btw kalo lagi ngefoto - foto gitu suka ditegur nggak sih ? atau ngefotonya pake kamera hp ce biar nggak ketauan banget ?

    1. Untungnya ga pernah sih, paling cuman diliatin or dirasanin aja.. Hahah..
      Jarang sih foto pake kamera HP, nyantai2 aja.. Uda kebiasaan muka tebel kali yak.. hahah..

    2. tapi memang harus begitu ce :| ahhaha
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    3. Woot?
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    4. ditegur kalo foto - foto bakal kena charge :|
      harusnya sih gitu ya, tp selama ini soalnya baik" aja sih hehe
      iya bener, harus tebel muka sama sabar juga :D

  6. <3 <3 <3 Eki....>:D<
    Di sini juga susah difoto:'(





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