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Halloween Party at U Cafe Eatery & Bar Sutos Surabaya

Hello! Welcome to November everyone! :)

And I also want to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of you who celebrate it.. *miew*
I went to Halloween parties in three different places yesterday, and to someone who never really celebrated Halloween, that was quite phenomenal! Because this is my second time EVER going to a Halloween Party, and my very first time was last year (you can read it here). It's not really surprising I suppose, because I've been living in a country that doesn't really celebrate Halloween. But since last year, along with the growth of social media users and how Instagram has been one of the most popular tool to get noticed by the world, I guess people in Indonesia is starting to take every moment seriously, including Halloween.

So a lot of young people is now celebrating Halloween this year in here, they would go to a Halloween Party or make their own and dressed up like they meant it. In my case, I was invited by U Cafe Eatery & Bar. This is actually also a new cafe in Surabaya. They have opened since August in Surabaya Town Square (SuTos) and I've been there once. I was quite surprised when I got an invitation to join their Halloween Party earlier that month, but I still haven't had any plans at that time, so I said yes.

And here goes my journey!

A week after I said yes, they sent me the invitation together with a goodie bag that has some Halloween props inside, it was really nice! And no, I wasn't going alone there, I invited my friend EQ along with me. He's the videographer at Fovea Project, you can find him here, and YES, he was the one who captured almost all of the photos that you're about to see in this post. Enjoy.. :))

First thing first! The thing about Halloween which I really love and I also really hate is that I have to think about the COSTUME, moreover, I was choosen to be one of the judge for the best costume of the night. *straightface* Though I didn't really want to dress up, but I also didn't want to come without any effort, so I bought these cat props that includes cat ears, cat bowtie, and also a cat tail. I threw my little black dress also put some cat make up that I just learned on YouTube, and voila! I think I was eligible to attend any Halloween Costume party with that, haha,,

When I first came to Sutos, I just realized U Cafe Eatery & Bar was the only place in Sutos that threw a Halloween Party, so yeah, I got a lot of weird staring along the way from the parking lot to the U Cafe. But I didn't really care, because I was not walking all by my self, and it's not like I was dressing up for nothing, it's Halloween! Duh~
**EQ said we were like a couple from a circus. He's the manager (because he was bringing the camera and all of my stuffs), and I was the cat or the lion or the performer, whatever you want to say, haha..

Thankfully, when I arrived, my costume and my make up was really NOTHING, compared to the people inside, so obviously I wasn't in shame and I felt that I was in a proper place, haha.. They decorated the place in such a creepy way, and so did all of the waiters and the waitresses. They wore their costumes, they put a very well done horrifying make up, some of them wore masks, and they even used those scary contact lenses! For all of that effort, I'd say, "They really nailed it!" I mean, for their first Halloween event, they did a very great job, just see for yourself..

Honestly we were an hour late (really sorry), and when we came, the place was packed with people, the MC was sitting down at his table, the home band was performing, and people were already enjoying their meals and drinks. Seeing all the adorably creepy foods, I didn't want to waste my time, so I split tasks with EQ, he took pictures of the places and stuffs, while I ordered everything for both of us. I saw their menu for the first time and got confused instantly as they only wrote the name of the food without telling us what was it. So I had to ask my dear Karin for our foods and drinks suggestions,

Hard Rock Team

Home Band Performer

We got our welcome drinks & welcome snacks
They misspelled my last name, lol

And here's what I ordered :

For the appetizer I ordered this Finger Food, which basically was slices of bread shaped like a finger with sausage inside and almond skin for the nail.. They made the 'blood' with homemade sauces and we ate it with thousand island mayonaise. It tasted okay, but I'd prefer a normal sauce than the mayo. Rp. 56.600,-

Jack 'O' Soury Rp. 46.600,-
Thought it would be sour, but it was not, it tasted like strawberry milk but a bit tasteless.

Bloody IV/ Vampire's Best 86k
I love this one, It was really fresh and tasty. It was mixed of Cranberry Juice, Lemon Juice, Apple Juice & Grenadine Syrup. I poured a little of this drink to the Jack 'o' Soury and our drinks were perfect. :)

YES, My blood type is B!
Zombie Food Rp. 96.600,- 
It was a burger with a patty, a sunny side up egg, vegetables, chicken wings, and fries. We didn't really like this dish to be honest, because we didn't know that the patty would be cooked in medium well, it was still red inside, and yes it was juicy, and they said they used herbs for the seasoning, but unfortunately it didn't taste and smell so good to both of us.. We loved the fries though.. :)
We were curious was that a sauce? We tried to eat it with the fries, but then we were told that it was just a dry ice with Monin Syrup, we were so ashamed, LOL

Open Ribs Cage 146k
The size of the ribs were huge, it also has some small sausages around it and also one piece of chicken wing. The sauce was delicious, reminds me of Ourbar's, but sadly, the meat was so hard to cut, and hard to chew as well.. :(


While everybody was eating, they played this horror movie from Singapore which is based on a true story named "The Maid". The sound effect was really shocking even though I didn't really paying attention into the movie as I was so busy taking picture of the foods. But I took a glimpse of the movie while I ate and I got quite teary, I hate to be in shocked.while watching horror movie like that -_-

They also had this little Fear Factor game on our break time from watching the movie. They picked four people to stand in front, and there were four bucket with "something" inside, and they had to guess what was inside the bucket just by putting their hand inside the bucket and touch that "thing".


After the game, I was asked to go outside for a while to meet all of the judges for best costume of the night.
Meet Karin, Mr. Hendro from Supresso & Ms. Meity Piris from Hard Rock FM

And finally, we had to announce who won the best dress of the night.
No I wasn't singing, and LOL to Ms. Meity XD


I also had some conversations with Chef Yani & Chef Rio at that night, casually talking and asking this and that. Overall, it was such a superb experience for me to mutually sharing the thoughts about our passion, foods! <3

Ah, never forget the yummy dessert!!
Graveyard by Chef Rio Rp. 50.000,-
It was specially design by the talented chef & food stylist for the night, and I loved both of it!! The first one was the eyeball with the dry ice inside and the second one was tiramisu. I can't really explain, but both of it were visually tempting and tasted so so good! <3
U Cafe Eatery & Bar 
Surabaya Town Square
First Floor, Left side, Next to Black Ball
*All of the menus above were only for this event, not on the menu yet*
Pictures taken by : Theoderikus Equitas (EQ)
Super thanks for U Cafe Eatery & Bar for having us on board, and I wish you guys all the best and success! Much love xxoo

So that was my halloween party this year.. I'm wondering how about you guys? You can comment down below if you like and tell me how was your halloween party.. :) Don't forget to support me by subscribing and click g+1 below.

Stay in touch :
love you! xoxo


  1. So interesting ce ^^
    Jarang2 ada yg cafe yg ngerayain halloween gini.
    Seru bangettt

  2. Apakah menu menu tersebut hanya tersedia halloween kemarin atau ready di hari hari lainnya?

  3. I have no idea who did event planning for this special event but whoever it is really a very creative and innovative one. Because everything is planned so well and I can assume how much attendees have been enjoying.

  4. Awesome party!! I am glad that I found this blog and came to know about your experience. Well, I am looking for space for hosting best halloween party nyc. I really liked your place, so could you please suggest me such kind of place in New York?





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