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Holycow! STEAKHOUSE By Chef Afit Pregolan Surabaya (Review) Eng + Ind Version

Hey guys..
This is my very first attempt to make the Bahasa Indonesia version of my blog post. It might not be the exact same version with the english one, but the main goal is to reach other people who might not understand (my) english, or who is more comfortable reading in Bahasa Indonesia. If you like it, or if it helps, please do let me know in the comment section below or click the g+1 button below, maybe I will consider making more of Bahasa Indonesia version for you in the future.. :)

Back to our main topic!
Today I want to tell you about my journey on last sunday when I went out with two of my friends. The plan was to watch Jazz Traffic Festival together at Grand City Mall, but we took off quite early from home, so we decided to munch some lunch first. On our way there, I was trying to discuss about where should we have our lunch, but since I was known as a food blogger, I kind of have this privilege (or burden) to be the captain who's fully in charge for pointing our dining place, haha.. Usually, "Where do you want to eat?" was the hardest question ever for me, but now I got so many places in mind to try! And at that time, I remembered one place on the center of Surabaya that I haven't tried and I've been longing to try..............

Holycow! STEAKHOUSE By Chef Afit
Ah, I'm so glad I finally could try the famous Holycow! in Surabaya.. :)) But wait, here's a little twist! :
Before this Holycow! Steakhouse by Chef Afit opened in Pregolan, there was also Holycow! Steakhotel and it has opened months before in Graha Family. Me personally haven't tried the Holycow! Steakhotel in Graha Family, but most of my friends who had tried were all telling me unpleasant feedback about that place. And honestly, it made me afraid. I don't want to risk hundred thousand rupiah for something that most of people said bad.. But since the Holycow! Steakhouse by Chef Afit has opened in Pregolan, people said that this one tasted better.. So without further ado, let's strike in! :)
Wide parking lot

Talking about the place and the interior design :
When the waiter opened the door for me, the first thing that was on my mind was, "Whoa, this place is really big!" If you saw the place from outside, you would think that it was a home restaurant that could only contain less than a hundred people. But no, I guessed it all wrong. This place could even accommodate more than 200 people on board!

Besides the indoor dining room, they also got the outdoor dining area which placed at the rear garden. And that's just not all yet, they too have a private room that could be filled with around twenty-ish people. The private room could be used for special reservation according to the customer's need (meeting room, social gathering, family dinner, etc), or if there were no reservation at the private room, walk in customer could also use this room for their casual dining. :)

This is the outdoor dining area.. A nice place to dine on the evening.. :)

The shades that Holycow! Steakhouse by Chef Afit Pregolan Surabaya offered did not have much differ from the rest of the other Holycow! Steakhouse by Chef Afit camp (branch). They used a lot of red and white color on each and every single interior inside, just like their logo, every dining table used were all made of wood. And one thing I like about the interior at this place was the tree in front of the kitchen at the main dining hall and all the plants at the rear garden. It's just undeniably soothing whenever I see the color of green on the foliage at one restaurant and I could feel two times more comfortable there :)

Talking about the other facilities :
For such place with big capacity like this, Holycow! Steakhouse by chef Afit is quite perceptive by providing two restrooms; one in the indoor area and the other one at the outdoor area, complete with the sink and the mirror. Another facility that is no less important which they also provide was a Musholla. Now what else do you need?
Talking about the menu and the price :

According to its name, which is Steakhouse, obviously Steak is the main menu in this place. The price for one portion of steak is starting from Rp. 86.500,- to Rp. 560.000,- depends on what kind of meat that you choose to eat. Those listed price are not only for the meat, but also included the selection of sauce, potato, vegetable, and also boiled corn as the side dishes. For the drink, you can choose ice tea as you can get free refill for as many as you want, pretty economical, hahaha.. For the tax, you'll be charge with 2,5% of service tax and 10% for government tax. Quite low for such a great service system. Usually the other restaurants would charge you for 5%.

Talking about what we ate :
U.S Tenderloin Rp. 141.000,-
This wasn't my dish, my friend ate this. When I asked him about how was the taste and everything, he said nothing bad, it was delicious.. (I just knew him that day, it would be shameless if I tried his food for the sake of being a food blogger, LOL.. Let's just trust on his taste, shall we? :))
Wagyu Tenderloin Rp. 185.000,- 
Well this was the one I ate.. How was the taste? Hmm.. The ripeness level that I was asking for was : medium well, the meat that came to me was : a well cooked meat with a slight redness inside, it was tender and easy to cut, and the taste was SO DELICIOUS! It was almost perfect. The mushroom sauce is a total recommend! The french fries were tubby and long and soft, just yummy, as well as the vegetables, it was all fresh and nice. I definitely give it a five stars.. Too bad it was quite thin, when I compared mine to my friend's, she ordered the same dish but her steak was so thick.. 
Yes I got one!
Overall, I really love the dining experience at Holycow! Steakhouse By Chef Afit. The place is really big, the wide parking lot made it easy to park the car, the whole dining area was clean, the ambience was nice, service was great and the most important thing, they serve yummy steak! :9 Will I come back? Definitely! Oh.. One more thing.. Thank you for the treat today, you'll be blessed all the way! Amen.. :) 

Name :
Holycow! STEAKHOUSE By Chef Afit
Overall Rating :
Location :
Jl. Pregolan No. 6 (Next to Le Cafe Gourmand, BonCafe)
Operational Days :
Every day
Operational Hours :

11.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Contact :

Walk in or Reservations :
Best Visit for Walk In :
Before dinner
Range of Price :

Steak     : Rp. 86.500,- to Rp. 560.000,-
Drinks   : Rp. 10.000,- to Rp. 17.000,-

Wi-fi :

not yet
Smoking :
Outside only
Paying with Cards :


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  1. Kebetulan, ayahku beberapa hari lagi ulang tahun. Apa benar ya, bisa mendapatkan free prime sirloin? :D jadi holycow ini lebih positif daripada yang di Graha family?

  2. ce.. mana versi bhs indonya? *celingak celinguk* o_o why I can't find it?
    btw jadi pengen nyobain jg ce XD

    1. Di kanan atas yg ada tulisan "Bahasa Indonesia" sayang.. Klik situ aja, haahaah...
      Lupa kasi instruksi, LoL..
      Ini enak looo... Boleh lah buat dinner sama pacarr.. ♡

  3. yup the price is quite different with the other ones and look all ur photos seems the taste is good as well ^^

    1. Which one is cheaper? :)
      Trust me, it's as good as it looks.. ^.^

  4. kalau misal kita datang tapi yg makan cuma 1 orang dan orang itu ulang tahun ,

    kan dapat free prime sirloin tuh.... boleh gak ya ??

    1. Kasian banget si ultah makan sendirian LOL..
      Ya harusnya sih bisa, asal tunjukkin KTP aja.. hahaha..
      tapi FYi, denger2 Sirloin'nya alot..

  5. menurutku sendiri Holy cow lebih enak yang di steak hotel
    dengan syarat menu : legend steak part 2
    kalau menu lainnya gak tau, ga pernah nyoba

    harganya 129rb
    BBQ saucenya mantap abis
    saya ga brani nyoba menu yg lain karena harga tergolong mahal
    tapi saya ketagihan sama legend steak nya
    dagingnya benar2 merah, kematangan sesuai keinginan, dan yang terpenting JUICY
    pelayanan mantap, boleh tambah bumbu

    kalau yang holy cow yg di pregolan ini malah saya sering dengar bad review di facebook
    bukan 1x 2x tapi banyak yg ngalamin hal serupa dalam 1 foto
    oh tidak itu saja, yang kubaca di review sama persis seperti komen temanku yang penggila steak,
    intinya dia ga mau balik kesana lagi karena tingkat kematangan ga sesuai, bumbu gak seenak di steakhotel, harga lebih mahal (meskipun beda dikit sih kyknya)

    saya sendiri belum pernah ke holycow pregolan, dan gak berani nyoba karena banyaknya bad review


    1. tak lupa itu 129rb dengan porsi 400gr
      semua teman dan saudara yang saya bawa kesana ketagihan semua ^_^
      namun karena harganya yg tergolong mahal cuman bisa beberapa bulan 1x deh

    2. Hahaha.. Yah.. Memang semuanya kembali lagi tergantung pada selera tiap tiap orang kali yah.. :) Aku sendiri juga ga pernah nyobain yang di Steak Hotel, tapi beberapa kali aku makan di Steak House, belum ada keluhan juga.. :)
      Ntar deh kalo ada yang traktirin, aku mau coba di Steak Hotel, thank you very much Pecinta Steak buat saran'nya.. ^^

  6. sis.. klo holycow yang di pregolan sudah ada sertifikat halal??

    1. denger2 daging steaknya itu disiram ama wine/arak gitu... bener ga sis??

  7. Replies
    1. Don't think that's a good idea my dear.. :)

      But you can share the link to your friends.. :)





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