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Soft Opening of Carl's Junior Kertajaya Surabaya

Hey guys! Good news for you : A real heavenly taste burger is now arriving in Surabaya!! No, not the one in the airport, but they are opening their real big outlet in Kertajaya. *excited* I'm actually feeling so lucky and honored to be invited by a fellow blogger, Albert Chandra from FoodGrapher to come and join the party all together with the management team, the crew, the media and also some food bloggers in Surabaya. So.. Without further ado, let's give it a very warm welcome to...
Carl's Jr.
charbroiled burgers
I'm such a big sucker for junk food, was trying hard to avoid them but oh well, the temptation has always been too hard to resist, especially from this one. I am actually quite lucky, because it is opened in the east side of Surabaya which is so far from my house. Or else, this could be my second best comfort food after Indomie, hahaha..

I was coming at a lunch time and when I saw the whole outlet, I didn't see any lack so far. The place is spacious, it is a two floor building that can hold up to two hundred people inside, they have a line of high table and chairs with power outlets on it, a band corner, a small section of indoor play-land for the kids, outdoor space on the second floor for smoking area, a musholla, a private room for ten people and they also got the drive thru service outside. Besides all of that, they also got a fast wifi, free flow drinks for everyone and a breakfast menu that is available for 24 hours! What else do you need?

Below are the pictures that I took from today's event, so please mind the crowd in every picture of mine :)  Let's take a quick tour inside!

What I love about this place is that they created such a comfy place for a fast food restaurant, and the interior design is really classy and nice. The big rounded sofa, the band corner,  the lamp, the ceiling, the pick of the wooden colour, and don't forget the free flow drinks spot! Everything is seems to be right on its place. And it doesn't just stop there, they also have the second floor which you're about to see in a second :)

Power Outlet Station

Everyone is busy with their laptop *wish i had one, lol*

And last but not least, the outdoor section for the smoking area..

The second floor is quite mediocre in terms of design, just like any other fast food restaurants in town, but what I love about it is that they do have a lot of power outlet everywhere. It kind of reminds me about my last year in university where I have to run to those 24 hours fast food restaurants every night, looking for power outlet for my laptop, staying there until the morning, working on my thesis, running after the tight deadline, I even fell asleep there once because of too exhausted and was given a free coffee by the waiter in the morning, with a note on the tissue said, "Semangat!" Such a fun time to remember :)

Back to the topic!

I met all the bloggers at the second floor, there were Ko Albert, Mrs Laurentina & Mr Fahmi, Mr. Budiono & Mrs. MandaLamendol and on top of that, I also saw around 20 big fat burgers on the table! I was like in shock but also excited to try, hahaha.. First thing first, let them take a selfie!

Carls Jr. honestly has the yummiest patty over the other similar brands, the vegetables are fresh, the buns are thicker and taste better. They truly sell quality over quantity. The burger that I ate on the spot was the Hawaiian Teriyaki (Rp. 39.000,-), it was yummy, except the pineapple part, just because I don't like pineapple in general and I was trying to enjoy it for the sake of trying, but I just couldn't. I brought home the Portobelo Mushroom Burger (Rp. 55.000,-) & Super Star with cheese (Rp. 53.000,-). I am eating the Portobelo as I'm typing this right now. Oh My God, it is soo soo good! I can't even... Hmmp.. Heavenly! The mushroom taste so yummy, the patty, the sauce, I love every bit of it! <3 I'm saving the the Super Star for tomorrow's breakfast. I think I'm going to get fat anytime soon, lol.. :)


I also met the people from Seputar Indonesia, we met when I took some of the burgers outside, and tried to take pictures of it, and he joined me. I told him I envy with his camera, and then he borrowed my camera and started showing me that I can also do the same thing even with mirrorless. :) He also took this picture (below) for me, and also took the picture of all of the bloggers on today's event for his documentation, maybe I should go and buy the newspaper tomorrow, hahaha..

Overall, it was such a nice experience to be able to be there, met new friends, and eat such a yummy yum yum burgers! I wish you could open a new outlet here in the west side of Surabaya. :) Soon! Once again, thank you for having me there, and success to you Carl's Jr! ^__^

Name :
Carl's Jr.
Overall Rating :
Location :
Jl. Raya Kertajaya Indah No. 29, Surabaya
Operational Days :
Every day
Operational Hours :
24 Hours
Contact Delivery Service:
031-500101 (Free of charge for minimum Rp.100.000,-/order)
Walk in or Reservations :
Walk in & Reservation
Best Visit for Walk In :
Range of Price :
A la carte            : Rp. 23.000,- to Rp. 63.000,-  || Add fries & drink : Rp. 17.000,- 
Upsize medium : Rp. 4.000,-                                || Upsize large : Rp. 11.000,-
Package             : Rp. 35.000,- (selected burger + fries + drink)
All price are already include 10% government tax
Wi-fi :
Smoking :
Outside / Outdoor area only
Paying with Cards :
-7.280252, 112.774614

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  1. Mbak cantik...fotonya aku copy, tapi kusebut sumbernya di facebook. Lah aku pas utuh ngga kebagian..hehehehe. Makacih yaaa..

  2. mantap nihhh ulasannya walau hrs agak translate ke indonesia....mklum blm terbiasa buat tulisan inggris

    1. Makasihh.. :) Hahaha.. Iya doakan aja nanti ke depannya ada versi bhasa Indonesianya yaa.. :))

  3. Wow keren, cepet banget uploadnya
    Go laura go laura go...

    1. Iya ko.. Gara2 kmrn pas upload di instagram, keceplosan nulis "new blog post tonight" trus tadi pagi ada yg nagih di ask fm katanya semalem dia nungguin postinganku tapi gak ada ada.. Jd ga enak.. hehe..

  4. jadi makin betah nih buat ngebuka blognya tiap hari penasaran ama apa yg akan ditulis selanjutnya...keep update yah...nice pics too in here mungkin gara2 dapet les gratis dari orang sindo yah...^^

    1. Hahaha.. Thank you yaa..
      lol.. kmrn org sindo nys cm nunjukkin, blm sampe ngajarin.. Cuma oke lah.. Jd lbih PD meski cm bawa mirrorless :)





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