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Soft Opening Rooster's Bar Spazio Surabaya

Chicken and Beer? Who doesn't like that? Even Cheon Song Yi mentioned that it's her favorite, haha.. I guess if she lives here, she would love to come and try, LOL.. For all of you who don't know about her, she's my all time favorite actress, Jeon Ji Hyun. Cheon Song Yi was the role she played on her latest korean drama, My Love from The Star. And she always mentioned about how good chicken and beer would be on a cold or rainy night.. :D 

Cheon Song Yi eating Chicken & Beer
I couldn't be more agree with her.. I was once suggested to try eating korean fried chicken with soju by my friend Mr. Kim Soung Bom while I was in Korea, and it was as perfect as he told me! So.. If chicken and beer are such a perfect combination for you, you should come to this new restaurant that placed in Spazio Terrace, right next to The Naked Crab.

Rooster's Bar

Why did I say that you SHOULD come here?
Because they have one unique menu that is going to make you drool and eager to try! What is that? Keep reading, okay? :)

Talking about the whole place and the interior :
For capacity, Rooster's Bar is not that big, they can accommodate up to 40 people in the house. And if you've been reading my blog for a while, you must've predicted that I'm going to be attracted to the plants which are hanging all over their wall. Well YES, I AM.. It's totally refreshing for the eyes, right?
I also love the box in the center of the table. At first I thought it was a roaster for the people who wants to roast the chicken themselves. But I was wrong, lol.. It's actually a box with LED light around it, to place the ices and your beers.

Interesting Fact :
They have one unique menu called Chicken But Bier. So it is basically a whole chicken, that has been smeared with their special seasoning and stored for a night. On top of that, they sucked one can of beer inside the chicken, and when it's ready, they will roast it together.. The beer will spread inside and will create such a seasoning sensation to the chicken meat.. Can you imagine? *droll*

Here are the pictures of them :
Chicken But Bier Rp. 168.000,-
Chef Luther giving us the demo how to cut the chicken

Another interesting menu to try :
Grilled Chicken Rp. 55.000,-

Chicken Wings Rp. 37.000,-

The Menu
Appetizer : Rp. 23.000,- (French Fries) to Rp. 52.000,- (Sausages Platter)
Chicken : Rp. 55.000,- (Grilled Chicken) to Rp. 168.000,- (Chicken But Bier)
Pasta (Spaghetti) : Rp. 38.000,- (Aglio E Olio) to Rp. 42.000,- (Sambal Matah & Dabu-Dabu)
Chicken Wings : Rp. 35.000,- (Crispy) to Rp. 37.000,- (Rooster's)
Other Dishes : Rp. 6.000,- (Rice) to Rp. 40.000,- (Special Fried Rice)

Beers By Bottle : from Rp. 23.000,- (Bali Hai) to Rp. 128.000,- (Erdinger Weisbier)
Beers By Tower : from Rp. 230.000,- (Bintang) to Rp. 330.000,- (Guinness)
Juices, Mocktails, Mixed Beers : from Rp 23.000,- to Rp. Rp. 55.000,-
Other Drinks : from Rp. 10.000,- to Rp. 28.000,-

All prices above are excluded from Government Tax & Service Charge

Overall, I couldn't say much because they just opened for a day and my opinion wouldn't be objective.. :) I'm going to have another visit on tuesday with some of my #instafoodies friends, I will tell you the full review then.. :)

Name :
Rooster's Bar
Overall Rating :
Location :
Spazio Terrace (Stall No. 3)
Operational Days :
Every day
Operational Hours :
05.00 PM - 24.00 AM

Contact :
Walk in or Reservations :
Best Visit for Walk In :
Before 7
Range of Price :
Foods        : Rp. 6.000,- to Rp. 168.000,-
Drinks       : Rp. 10.000,- to Rp. 330.000,-
Wi-fi :

not yet
Smoking :
Outside only
Paying with Cards :


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