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Ola! :)
Two days ago, I was invited to come and try this new fancy restaurant in the center of Surabaya. I'm so excited as I'm writing this right now, because this place was really-really nice, the foods were yummy-licious, and the most important thing, super affordable!! Whoa, that sounds over-rated? I know, right? But I'm telling you the truth, no joke, no lie..

(read : konfii) This place is owned by Chef Adrian Winoto and also his friend. Chef Adrian himself is the head chef in Confit and he was the third finalist of Top Chef Indonesia. Not only that, he already had a lot of achievements especially in cooking field, and he was also the head chef at Monopole Coffee Lab before. I guess he's been around long enough to finally open his very own restaurant. The concept of Confit is a semi fine dining restaurant that serves modern Australian cuisine, so everything on their menu will be obviously western foods. 

The moment I arrived in here, my first thought was, "What a homey place!". I was truly surprised when I entered the room, it was just way beyond my expectation, I love every single thing my eyes catched in this place! ♡ Luckily, I got an invitation for two, so I asked EQ to be my 'date' for the day. He was the one who documented my Halloween Party at U Cafe, and today, he also took a lot of pictures to be contributed to this blog post. So let's start traveling inside!

Confit's building is divided into three floor:
The first one is where you can find the Bar, the Kitchen, and the smoking area.

First floor could fit around forty to fifty person, and the lighting in here, especially on daylight, was really beautiful! You can use the shadow to enhance your food pictures, lol. And the first floor is the only indoor area where people could smoke, a.k.a this is the smoking area. *but for now, it is not ready to be used yet, they only use the second and the third floor only*

Finish with the first floor? Let's move on to the next one.. :)
They have a stair on the left side with some fancy decoration around it, we could also see some of the achievements that chef Adrian Winoto has on the wall, next to the stairs.. 

This is the second floor, the main dining hall..

The second floor could fit up to fifty people as well. Their design interior was really nice and harmonized. I really love the picture collages on the wall in black and white, it were all reminded me about Surabaya back in the good ol days.

And on the third floor, there were VIP rooms and the toilet..

The Main Event
After all of the invitations were gathered, we were introduced to Chef Adrian Winoto and he was the one who explained to us all about Confit. 
He also told us about the foods that was going to be served, and I could see how he's really trying to give his customer the best that he could, and I really appreciated that kind of spirit, way to go chef!



The Carnivore
Chicken & Mushroom Risotto
Double Decker Burger

Escargot (the yummiest, EVER)

Seafood Spaghetti
Overall taste, I was really satisfied! Nothing was bad, and my friends from InstaFoodie also said the same thing. We were kind of already set our expectation since we have seen such a nice place like this before. BUT one thing we did not expect was the price. We thought for such a nice place and with such great food, they would charge more than 500k/person, but NO, we were all WRONG! For dinner, they only charge around 150k to 200k per PERSON, and that include appetizer, main course and also dessert! Holy Moly..

I would DEFINITELY come back here.
And if you guys are interested to come and try Confit (I bet you all do), I highly suggest you to make a reservation first. Because on their soft opening these days, they would only take 30 person for lunch and 30 person for dinner. So hurry up and book your table! First reservation first served.. :)

Thank you so much Confit for having me on your Pre Soft Opening, and also EQ to be my company of the day plus taking all of these beautiful pictures for my blog :)


Starting from March 2015, Confit has some changes!
1. They are now only serving a la carte
2. They are also adding more dishes to the menu
3. The portion of their foods are now bigger
I was invited to their VIP lunch yesterday to be one of among the first to try their new menus. What are they? I'll show you their new A la carte menu first, okay?

Before this, their set menu is priced around 150k and 200k per person. It was included one appetizer, one main course and one dessert. Now, if you want to order three of them, you have to pay for around 250k per person or less, depends on what you order. Slightly more expensive, but the portions are bigger and you can choose whatever you want. You don't have to buy all three, you can just eat one menu there. To me, it is convenient this way, right?

And here are the dishes that I tried yesterday :
Chicken & Mushroom (70k)
My Burger (120k)
Salmon & Scallop (40k)
Roast Spitchcock (85k)
Mushroom Cappuccino (35k) & Escargot (40k)
The Mushroom Cappuccino was okay, but not exactly my favorite, I think they need to add more seasonings, and more thickness to it. While the Escargot is still the best I've ever tasted so far! :))

Name :
Overall Rating :
Location :
Jl. R.A Kartini No 69 (Next to Lin's Cafe)
Operational Days :
Every Day
Operational Hours :
Lunch : 11.30 AM - 02.30 PM
Dinner : 06.00 PM - 09.30 PM
Contact :
(031) 5683779 or (031) 5683477
Walk in or Reservation :
Both. But I recommend you to reserve first
Range of Price :
Foods     : Rp. 35.000,- to Rp. 160.000,-
Desserts : Rp. 30.000,- to Rp. 40.000,- 
Drinks    : Rp. 25.000,- to Rp. 40.000,-
Exclude 10% Gov Tax & 5% Service Charge
Smoking Area :
Outside Only
EDC Machine :

bonus *lol*

Stay in touch :
Love you xoxo!


  1. Improve your writing skill and your english please.

    1. Dear Anon,
      Please specify what you mean by "improve your writing skill". Which area of the writing skill you would like to see improvement on? The presentation? or maybe the style? I believe a little explanation or cue from you would provide LA some direction that she could go forward. Personally I find her English is ok though I agree there is room for improvement.
      Just my 2 cents worth.....

    2. Thank you Don.. :)
      I guess the anon probably won't reply..
      What about you? What do you think I should improve?

  2. Hello LA:)
    Your visitor count should give you an indication of your popularity. Heheh... You are writing your blog as true to your thoughts and feeling. Imo, probably one area I would like to see improve upon is the expressions. I can sense you are trying very hard to express your feelings in words but what came out are the usual "whao...". More vocabs usage should address this issue.
    My 2 cents worth...

  3. ada rekomen untuk masakan indonesia banget...misal gudeg jogja, ada timlo bakso, dll..thnaks

    1. Humm.. Belum ke arah Indonesia banget nih blog nya, tapi makasih buat masukannya, hehehe,,

  4. Don't be discouraged. Everyone has to start somewhere and you're doing great writing so many post yourself. Try reading more reviews on English sites like JJK and I'm sure you'll find more vocab and wordplay to improve your stories. ;)

    1. Thank you so much, it means the world to me reading some support, especially from you, Capt! :) Sure I'll put that on my daily reading, your site too! ^^

  5. Yeah!! This place looks really nice and I am glad that it is super affordable too! Thanks for the reviews. I’ll add this to the list of best San Francisco restaurants that I would love to visit during my next trip to SF!

  6. laura angelina. to day 25 dec 2017 i celebrate chrismast day with family in here at 7 pm . lets see ...how tasty food this place. can i have your whataaps . my number 0899007899. thanks laura. nice blog.

  7. laura angelina. to day 25 dec 2017 i celebrate chrismast day with family in here at 7 pm . lets see ...how tasty food this place. can i have your whataaps . my number 0899007899. thanks laura. nice blog.





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