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First InstaMeet at Cheng & Brother Spazio Surabaya

Hi Guys! Welcome to December!
in 30 days, we will end 2014, so how was your year so far? Mine was great! Actually, this year was the highlight of my blogging journey.. When my blog's traffic gone crazy and people start noticing this blog.. Sure, there were also sad moments, but I want to take all of it as a lesson learned and blessings in disguise, things that made me grow stronger and bolder.. :) Tell me in the comment section if you want to share your 2014's journey with me.. I want to read it.. 

Last month, I got an invitation to attend this event called "InstaMeet" at Cheng & Brother Spazio by a super sweet girl named Merli, she told me it was basically a small gathering with most of the food enthusiast in Surabaya. I thought it was going to be an interesting event, then I asked who were the people that she invited to attend besides me, and whoa! She mentioned a lot of cool names which I had already stalked on Instagram. *wow*

At first I hesitated to come, because I didn't have that much confident as I really felt that I was nothing compared to those people. They got thousands of followers on Instagram and hundreds of likers as well, their gallery was so inspiring and totally showed that they are really a food enthusiast. But later on, I said to my self, "Screw my low self esteem, I'm not going to waste any great opportunities anymore!". So then I said, "Yes" and tell you what? It was one of the greatest decision I made that month. :)

First InstaMeet at Cheng & Brother
Talk about Cheng and Brother :
Cheng and Brother is a restaurant that serves Modern Korean foods. It is located in Spazio, on the first floor. The place is quite spacious, it can hold up to 100 people inside. It's cozy and the interior design is just lovely!
VIP room


Talk about our first InstaMeet :
When I first came into Cheng and Brother, there were some guys who already there, it was Jack, Lucky, Pieter (if I'm not mistaken), they greeted me and asked me to pick a seat. Then I met Merli, the organizer behind this InstaMeet and who made this happened. Everyone were so friendly and as time went by, more people came and so the event started. 
We were introduced to the owner and the chef of Cheng & Brother, he explained a little bit about the restaurant and about the foods there. As the invitation, we got the privilege to try their dishes for free, so he wished that we could give him the most honest feedback to develop the restaurant even better in the future. We were so excited as each and every one of us has the love of foods and there were a lot of dishes to try at that time..

But before that, you know.... FOOD SNAPPING TIME! 

At first I was afraid people would see me as a freak when it comes to taking picture of the foods, but then I realize, I've been so normal and played it safe compared to them! They were so creative and would go for about anything to get a good picture. Honestly, I learned a lot from you guys, thank you for inspiring me.. :)

So here goes the foods that I snapped for you guys :


Ojingeo Bokkeum
Galbi Jjim


YangNyeom Dwaeji-Gui

Buldak Extra Cheese


Rice Pudding with Caramelized Apple

Soju with Smirnoff

Overall taste and service :
Honestly, I didn't remember tasting any bad dishes at that time, so they were all great! (no lying) And the food serving was also nice. We didn't wait for too long for our dishes to come, even though they also got a lot of costumers to serve that day.

After all.... Getting free foods to try was considered special, got nothing to be rant about was considered lucky. But to meet most of the food enthusiasts in Surabaya, becoming friends with them, getting and sharing stories with them were so PRICELESS! Thank you so much for Merli and also Cheng and Brother who hosted this event. Success for all of you and God Bless :)

Name :
Cheng & Brother
Overall Rating :
Location :
Spazio 1st Floor
Operational Days :
Operational Hours :
Mon - Fri  : 11.30 AM - 11.00 PM
Sat            : 11.30 AM - 12.00 AM
Sun           : 11.30 AM - 11.00 PM
Contact :
Walk in or Reservations :
Smoking :
Outside only
Paying with Cards :

Thank you guys again for reading! More upcoming blog post about the second and the third InstaMeet will be posted in the future, stay tune.. :)
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