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Hello Everyone!!
First thing first! I want to say :
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
to all of my blog reader, you, yes! you..
I wish you guys happiness and success and health and every beautiful things to fill in the year of 2015!

I know I've been away, December had taken away a lot of my time and energy, thinking about so many things! Had even harder time to sleep, and I felt my lights were getting darker. There was a time I felt like leaving everything behind, but thanks God I didn't give up. Now I'm more excited about life and I truly hope that whatever happens, I'm going to be strong enough to face it and conquer it! This goes for you too, okay?? :)

So I have so many posts to be written for you and let me start with this one first.


A brand new concept of cafe is now arriving in Surabaya! Adding more options for you who loves to hang out, Coco Palm brought you the atmosphere of a beach, where you are actually in a the middle of a town. Complete with the sea sands, the palm trees, the colorful bean bags, and the sway songs, this place is really suitable for you who needs a little refreshment from your hectic life.

Coco Palm is located in the very west of Surabaya, which is in Citraland. The place is not really big, can't even accommodate a hundred people inside. But the place is surely enjoyable to chill at, especially on the evening, when the sun is not very mean to the skin. 
If you don't want to be under the sun, don't worry, Coco Palm also has sections where they have a roof. In a small tent or inside the wood house like the pictures below, you can pick wherever you want.. :)

Oh, they also have a bar! With a TV! lol.. They still can't serve alcohol (liquor) yet, but Mr. Al said you can bring your own and he won't charge a penny for it (in return, you buy the mixer from them). He also said that Coco Palm will bring the Cocktail Culture in Surabaya and they already have the special cocktail for you guys, just wait for it! :)
Let's move to the Food Section :
Seafood Nachos Rp. 40.000,- 4.5/5
Jerk Chicken Breast Rp. 75.000,- 2.5/5
It was a breast chicken, with an orange sauce, it tasted quite spicy, and they gave me potato wedges for the side dish. Price a little bit expensive, portion wasn't too big, taste was okay until I bit my last bite, it felt really weird, I didn't know what I just bitten, it wasn't a breast meat, a bit yucky.. Ah.. forget it.. #ignoreme
Vanilla Berry Crush Rp. 45.000,- 4/5
Really refreshing! But, you know.. The glass was really short.. And it has some sliced strawberries and lemons and also ice.. Probably it only contains a very small amount of water. I think I finished the drink before everything else. And it was more expensive than the big nachos. lol
Overall I really love the ambiance of the place, but the bad thing was due to the rainy season, there were too many flies, and when it rains, you couldn't enjoy sitting on the bean bag as it's in the outdoor area. At night, there were also mosquitos around. Even though they prepared the candles and the UV lamps to prevent us from getting attacked by those little animals, but they will still be there to bother. So my suggestion will be : bring your own mosquito lotion/spray, just in case. :) For the flies, I still have no idea how to shove them off.

Their menu has no picture on it, so the foods and the drinks will be a mystery for all of you. But you can try search for the pictures of the foods and drinks on their Instagram @cocopalmsurabaya. Price wise, honestly it's quite pricey to me, and I still didn't find anything special that I could eat there. Maybe you could try different dish from mine and tell me what you think? ^_^

Name :
Coco Palm Grill and Bar
Overall Rating :
☆ (4/5)
Location :
Royal Park, Tk. 2 No. 8-9 Citraland (After Indomaret)
Operational Days :
Every Day
Operational Hours :
Weekdays : 02:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Weekend   : 02:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Contact :
(031) 7441990
Walk in or Reservation :
Range of Price :
Prepare around 150k to 200k/person would be enough for a meal and one drink
Tax 15.5% + Service Charge
Smoking Area :
Every area
EDC Machine :

Big thanks to Mr. Al who was really kind and surprisingly treating all of the meal above for us.. :)

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