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La Ricchi Ice Cream Cafe Indragiri Surabaya (Review)

I just found a new favorite hang out place in town. This place has been fooling me these time as I always thought that they only sells ice cream and it looked like an old fashioned establishment where you can do nothing inside. Well guess what? This smartass blogger, for the countless of time, again, proved wrong.. LOL

La Ricchi

I went there as gregetin.com's food blogger to make a review for its blog, and at first I really didn't expect much from this place. When I arrived together with the team, I took a picture of the entrance, still have no expectation. But after I opened the door, I got three surprises along :

The first surprise was it turned out that La Ricchi has such a very lovely venue! Way beyond my tiny expectation. They use colorful pastel colors printings, properties, fake flowers and grasses, and throw cute decorations in every corner. I started to get excited. For the tables and the chair, they use mostly wood, except the one in the very front, they use pastel color chairs and white glass table. All of them were easily movable, so light in weight, totally convenient! 

After that, the second surprise came when the owner asked us, "Do you want to sit here? Or on the second floor?" Whoa.. Okay, I also didn't expect there would be any second floor at this place. I asked him which floor has better lighting and he answered that the second floor has an outdoor space which we could get the lighting from the sun. Nice! So, let's go to the second floor!

There, they got two areas, the indoor and the outdoor. Both amazed me with its interior design. Still stick with the cute and lovely theme that used pastel colors and pretty decoration in the corner, I found that the second floor's indoor area is the coziest spot because they use such a comfy couches for its chair. Oh, and the crystal lamps were a show stopper too.

Meanwhile, the outdoor area is really colorful and pretty, I can't even.....

I remember taking the most of my time when I took pictures of the place and all the details within. It was really enjoyable because everything seems so nice. Even nicer when I spotted power outlet below every table! Goodbye low battery *wave*

After I'm done with taking pictures, we finally decided to have our dishes served on the first floor, because it was easier for the waiter to deliver, the light was not as strong as the second floor and we got the prettiest corner as our background to take pictures of the foods. And here goes the third surprise for the day : They actually sell foods! <3<3<3 

The title of the cafe itself was La Ricchi Ice Cream, so I thought they only sell ice creams or any other particular sweet things. I was totally starved when I arrived and kept hoping that they would sell something salty and meaty that I could munch. I didn't think about it that much while I was busy taking pictures of the place, but when the foods were served on the table, it felt like my prayer was answered in the sweetest way! :)

So these were the delectable daily bites that we got yesterday 

Floating Island Rp. 35.000,- (3.5/5)
Oatmeals (toasted muesli), Strawberry Puree, Yogurt, Fruits, Honey
Affogato Rp. 32.000,- (3/5)
Ice cream Vanilla poured with Coffee on top
Croque madame Rp. 38.000,- (3.5/5)
Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich, served with a fried egg on top
Tuna sandwich Rp. 30.000,- (4.5/5)

Japadog Rp. 35.000,- (4.5/5)
Sausage, Nori, Teriyaki Sauce, and Katsuobushi packed in a hotdog bun.
Creme Wonderland Rp. 25.000,- (5/5)
A cup of Creme Brulee serve with a scoop of gelato
Tour Rp. 35.000,- (4.5/5)
Japanese Honey Toasted (you can choose two scoops of the gelato ice cream that you desire)
Baileys Snow Egg Rp. 45.000,- (4/5)
Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse covered in Vanilla Gelato Ball 
Coated with Dark Chocolate and French Crispy, lying on the Snow of Baileys.
Gelato Ice Cream 20k/Scoop, 35k/2Scoops, 45k/3Scoops (4/5)
Besides all the yummy foods and desserts we got today, we also got to try their famous Gelato Ice Creams. I've tried them all and my favorite flavors were the Baileys, Earl grey, Rose Chocolate, Bana-nut & Sea Salt Caramel.

Chocolino 7k/Piece, 250k/Box 36 Pieces | (3.5/5)
Gelato Ball covered with Dark Chocolate
More Sweetness <3

Overall, La Ricchi has almost all of the good features that really should be in a cafe. A cozy space, has an outdoor area, not too big, not too small, not too crowded, nice ambiance, cute decorations, friendly service, music, wi-fi, enough power outlets, daily bites, desserts, ice creams, great deal (they put no tax on the bill), have EDC machine, some magazines, plus a TV! Should we ask for more? :)

A nice space to write and work, to hang out, or to indulge in your moment alone. 

Name :
La Ricchi Ice Cream
Overall Rating :
☆ (4,5/5)
Location :
Jl. Indragiri 12-18 A11 Surabaya
Operational Days :
Every Day
Operational Hours :
Shop 08.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Cafe 11.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Contact :
(031) 5623456
Walk in or Reservation :
Walk in
Peak Time :
Range of Price :
Rp. 6.000,- to Rp. 45.000,- (exclude birthday cakes)
Smoking Area :
Outdoor, Second Floor
Wi-Fi :
Available, Password : Chocolino
Paying with Card :

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  1. baru tau ada tempat kayak gini ce XD
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    1. Iya say.. Oke kok.. :) Sangking lagi puasa, kalo nggak, udah ke sana lagi deh aku, hihihi,,

  2. huwaa, mana di name card nya ada yang di karimun jawa pula, deket" siloam kan ya? *kudu nyari ini*

    1. Hahaha.. Coba aja.. Kalo yang aku review ini di Indragiri sih, jadi kurang tau yang di Karimun Jawa kayak gmn...

  3. Durian+ chocolate rose + marie regal r the best

  4. Kaaakk aku syuka banget sama syemua review kak💞💞





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