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Little Chicken Dimsum, Suki, Cuisine, BBQ Loop Surabaya Eng + Ind Version

Hey Guys,
Who loves to eat chinese foods?? Especially DimSum, Suki, Duck and Crab? *raised hands* Me personally loves to eat duck, moreover crab! I could just eat them everyday! No I'm just kidding, I could be killed by the cholesterol, haha.. For the DimSum and the Suki, I usually eat them on sunday or on a holiday with my dad. I don't know why, these kind of dishes are so perfect to be eaten with family or with our loved ones. And now, I want to introduce you all to a new opening restaurant that I've been recommending for weeks to my friends, because aside from selling all of my favorite chinese foods that I mentioned above, it tastes very good and the place is also cozy! I'm utterly excited!

Little Chicken

My first thought when I went pass through the restaurant, I was thinking that Little Chicken is a Cafe which sells some sort of chicken or flavored chicken wing like Wing King which placed just a hundred meters away. But then again, I was wrong. I tried to dig some information from the internet, and turned out, Little Chicken is a Chinese Food restaurant that sells Dimsum, Suki, Cuisine and BBQ.

If you see the restaurant from the front, the building is quite interesting. It has a strategic location, right next to the busy street around Graha Family, a lot of trees also green grasses around, and they are using all glasses for their wall so that everything is visible from the inside and from the outside. Not only it is great for taking pictures in the afternoon as you can get the natural lighting from the sun, you can also dine with the view from the street which also pretty nice. But if you're afraid you'll get a sunburn or if it's going to get too hot inside, don't worry, they already provide a thick curtain outside that can be pulled down as your request.

Interior Design

Talking about the place, Little Chicken is not like any other Chinese Restaurant in Surabaya where usually the oriental atmosphere is quite thick on their interior design, and it feels kind of old. Instead, Little Chicken is more like a cafe, and the ambiance is suitable for the young. For the capacity, this restaurant is big enough to contain a hundred of people, and you can reserve the place for your private occasion too.


Switching to my most favorite topic, foods! 
That day, we were treated VERY well. We got two special menus, one set of Suki that we could pick ourselves, and we also got three portions of DimSum. That were a lot! So, are you guys curious enough to know what's on the table? Behold!

Yup, believe it or not, we ate almost all of them! Well, at the end we couldn't finish everything and  I had to take away the remaining food that was left. But what important is, how was the taste of the foods?

Suki 3.5/5
Pink Rp 8.900,- | White Rp. 12.500,- | Blue Rp. 14.300,- | Orange Rp. 16.700,- | Green Rp. 20.900,-
(exclude restaurant tax)
Ok, let's start from the Suki. Overall, it was good; the choices are quite complete and various, they got two different kind of soups on the pot, which are Tom Yum and Chicken Broth. For the taste of the suki, it was also nice, nothing crazy, BUT one thing that I noticed from the soup was that it didn't feel harsh on my throat which is very nice! And the sauce was also tasteful. 

Too bad, at that time we got just too many dishes on the table, we were kind of confused which food we should digest first, and we forgot to tell the waiter not to put the sliced meat in the pot at the first place, plus we were also sitting near the air con, so the suki was getting cold really quickly, and the sliced meat were cooked too long in the pot. When I ate them, it was already cold and hard to chew. :( It was totally my bad.. So here's a quick tips for you guys!

TIPS Enjoying Your Suki to Its Best :
1. Any kind of vegetables and meats should come at last. You don't need to cook it as long as the other suki dishes like the crab meat, the noodles, and the meatballs, or else, it would be overcooked. An overcooked meat will lose their tenderness and overcooked vegetables won't be juicy. 
2. Don't sit near the air con, especially when the air con is facing your pot. You wouldn't enjoy sipping a cold suki soup right?
3. Whatever happens and whether the other foods are really appetizing, just (snapped and) eat your DimSum or Suki first. 

Dim Sum
Steamed Shrimp Dumplings Rp 13.900,- 4/5
Photo : HendrikPyong | Editing : EQ

Hello Kitty Steamed Bun with Salted Egg fillings Rp. 13.900,- (My favorite)
Fried Turnip Cake Rp10.900,- 3,5/5

Hongkong Spicy Crab Rp. 250.000,- (Best Seller & Best Dish) 5/5
This is the part that all of you might be waiting for!! Jumbo crab from Papua that cooked with butter and their signature sauce is a home made sauce! The crab, even without using any seasoning, was already delicious, vice versa to the sauce, even without the crab you could enjoy eating it alone! Now imagine if you combine the Jumbo Crab with the sweet fat meat plus the super yummy home made spicy sauce?? I even drool myself at the moment! The sauce is kind of different from the other crab sauce. It's not watery, it's quite dry, and I tell you what it contains : ebi shrimp, smoked beef, smoked chicken, red onions, garlic and chilli oil. How's that sounds? And the greatest part, you can also make a request if you want to remove anything from the sauce**, such as me, I hate garlic, so I asked them to remove it from the sauce, and yet, I still got the yummiest sauce! Even my friends who loves garlic also said it was delicious, even without the garlic! Isn't it just nice?
** request should be made by phone, at least two days before your visit

Little Chicken's Australian Roasted Duck Rp. 160.000,- (Best Dish) 5/5
This dish was also one of the best dish of the day. In terms of quality, no need to questioned as the duck is imported from Australia. And before it can be served on the plate, these ducks had to be cooked for at least twelve hours in the oven to get that crispy skin, the tender meat and also the brown colour that definitely will arouse your appetite in just a second! Honestly, when all of the dishes were already on the table and we were busy taking pictures, the smell of the duck was the most distracting one! When I started eating it, everything they told me about suddenly became real; especially the crispy skin and the tender meat part. They got two sauces which are the duck sauce and the plum sauce. Me personally prefer the duck sauce because that's how I always eat it and what I love the most from this dish was the meat were all clean! There were no bloodstains on it! I usually get that bloody taste when I eat this kind of dish, which is yuck! Makes me always go for the chicken instead of duck, but not for this one at Little Chicken. :) Truly love it!
Photo : HendrikPyong | Edit : EQ
Refreshing Drinks
Orange Paradiso (left) Rp. 21.000,- 4/5
Avocapucino (right) Rp. 25.000,- 4/5
Prime Punch (back) Rp. 21.000,- 2.5/5

Little Chicken's Interesting Facts :
  • They hired special chefs from Hongkong & Malaysia to keep the food quality and the hygiene of their kitchen
  • Only organic vegetables allowed
  • Every juice comes from an original fresh fruit
  • Quality ingredients are imported from : Australia (Duck, Beef Striploin), South Korea (Enoki & Shimeji), Japan (Udon), China (Tea Leaves), Malaysia (Salmon Ball & Fish Tofu)
  • Dim Sum are available ALL DAY
  • Every sauces and seasonings are Home Made
  • You will always be treated by their 40% discount, and with some selected credit cards, you can get more!
  • Little Chicken Loop is the second outlet in Surabaya, the first one is in Manyar and has been operating for a year.

Besides every yummy dishes that I mentioned above, they also have other dishes that are just irresistible for our stomach such as Fried Oat Prawn with Mayonaise, Salted Chili Prawn, Stacking Tofu with Enoki, Fried Tofu with Salt Chili and Shredded Meat, Steamed Bun, Steamed Dumpling, Hakao, and many more! And who doesn't love promo?? I'm telling you one now! They have Lunch Promo for Mixed Rice with Meat (options : Koloke (sweet & sour chicken) or Snapper Fillet), Vegetable Dish and Ice Tea for below 35k only(White Rice Rp. 28.000,- Hainan Rice Rp. 31.000,-) Isn't that so affordable? And yes, you are very most welcome.. :)

Overall, I love Little Chicken. The place is cozy, the dishes were delicious, compared to the other places, Little Chicken offered such a very affordable price, without even reducing the quality of its foods nor the ingredients. And as I told you before, I've been recommending this place these whole weeks to my friends and family. And I have no burden at all writing this because everything was just nice! I have some plans on going back there with my friends and my family, so what are you waiting for now?? 

Name :
Little Chicken Dimsum, Suki, Cuisine, BBQ
Overall Rating :
☆ (4/5)
Location :
Bukit Darmo Boulevard No 38 (Loop)
Manyar Kertoarjo 84
Operational Days :
Every Day
Operational Hours :
Lunch 11.00 AM - 02.30 PM
Dinner 06.00 PM - 11.00 PM
Contact :
(031) 7329628
(031) 51168868
Walk in or Reservation :
Peak Time :
Range of Price :
Drinks : Rp. 6.000,- to Rp. 25.000,- 
Foods  : Rp. 4.500,- to Rp. 250.000,-
Smoking Area :
Outside Only
Wi-Fi :
Not Available Yet (on progress)
Paying with Card :

20 photos above were captured by Theoderikus Equitas (EQ), two photos from Hendrik Pyong (written above the picture)
And 100% honest review from Laura Angelia (me)

I hope this post is helpful for you guys and if you love the review, please click g+1 below and share it to your friends and give me comments too.. Tell me what you think about this place, advices, or anything, talk to me.. :) Thank you very much!

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  1. What?? I never expected your skinny body can ate it all ������ lunch promo is very very cheap, #tosperut #teletubbies

    1. lol, i have a big capacity for foods.. :P thanks for dropping by.. :)

  2. Pemiliknya sama dgn steak hut dan prima rasa

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  5. i can't believe you made two versions of this post - in indonesian AND english! awesome job!

    1. Haha.. Yeah.. Though it's a bit tiring.. Thank you Ratri :)

  6. Got to say that looking at that crab alone makes me drooling non-stop... will visit this place when i visit Surabaya next time.

    1. Too bad this branch has already closed.. But you can visit the other branch at Kertajaya :)





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