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If you're happen to be in Mayjend Sungkono Street and still thinking that there is no coffee shop around, well now you can check again. *wink* I just stumbled upon this coffee shop because of my coffee addict buddy asked me to be her coffee-time company there. I must admit (over and over again) that I'm not a coffee drinker, but I am the one who is willing to try new things, especially when it comes to a new cafe or a new restaurant (yay for a new blog post!). So what is it? Where is it? And how was it? Stick with me until the end of the post, alright?

Session Junkies Coffee Bar

This venue is a section of Ruko Grand Sungkono II, where there are a lot of offices around. From the outside, their board name is quite unnoticeable as it's really small, and the parking lot is only fit to only one car. But, there are some parking guys outside who will find you one, don't worry.

"Don't judge a book by its cover" I think it is the right phrase to describe Session Junkies's interior design. Aside from the old and not so well maintained looking building that you see from the outside, on the inside, it's a different story and actually, it is not that bad at all. They dominate the interior concept with a lot of wooden color, from the floor, the wallpaper, also the furniture itself are mostly from wood. I guess Session Junkies has a lot of improvements in terms of re-decorating the place (I've heard that this place wasn't as nice as it is now before, haha).

When we arrived, there were no customer inside, yet, we still got the warmest welcome. :) We met a very friendly guy who happened to be the owner of Session Junkies, Yohan. At the very first moment we sat on the bar, he greeted us, helped us to choose our drink and the conversation kept on going until we took off from our chair and said goodbye. It was a very nice of him to share a lot of (coffee) stories with us. Thank you Yohan :)

We were quite in a rush to catch a meeting at Domicile, so we just ordered two drinks :
My friend tried the Turkish Coffee (34k) and I decided to go for the Hot Bubble Gum Latte (24k).
And the fun part was when Yohan manually brew the Turkish Coffee in front of us.

My friend said she liked the Turkish Coffee as it uses Toraja's Coffee, which is her favorite.
And me also liked the Bubble Gum Latte. The latte art they made was cute, I love the smell and the taste of the bubble gum on my drink, so yeah, it was a nice one. :)


The other fun part was that they also have this 'Mendadak Barista SJ' thing, where you can wear their apron, and act like a barista, making your own coffee like this :
To sum it up, I like Session Junkies Coffee Bar, it will be on my list of place to sip my cup of joe.
It was a fun visit and please do come there when you are around :)

Name :
Session Junkies Coffee Bar
Overall Rating :
Location :
Ruko Grand Sungkono II / D-6, Jl. Dukuh Kupang Barat I, Surabaya
Operational Days :
Every Day
Operational Hours :
10.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Contact :
(031) 5612424
Walk in or Reservation :
Walk in
Range of Price :
Rp. 14.000,- to Rp. 34.000,- 
Smoking Area :
Outside Only
Wi-Fi :

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  1. Just back from Session Junkies this night, it's true that the outside looked like usual coffee bar or more like plain building. Without high expectation I went in and really satisfied with the interior, probably Session Junkies will be my 1st place to crush every weekend.

    Yohan as mentioned the owner of Session Junkies (probably) is very friendly. :)

  2. The taste of a perfect cup of coffee before Just the right temperature, smooth on your tongue, complex flavor that develops as you drink it slowly. And it will be the best moment of this day. coffee company





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