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Grand Opening of RUI Lounge & Bar Sutos Surabaya

If you're asking about the night life in Surabaya, people would probably give you directions to clubs, bar, or a semi restaurant and bar or semi restaurant and lounge. As far as I know, there are not many of a decent lounge & bar in Surabaya like in Jakarta (please do correct me if I'm wrong), my favorite are Capital in Lenmarc and sometimes I go to Mazeltov in Spazio but my attention is quite distracted now! I got an invitation to the Soft Opening of this new place back on December 2014, and last week, on Valentine's Day to be exact, I got another invitation to their Grand Opening. At first I was feeling like I'm not going, but then again, I didn't have any date or whatsoever on Valentine's Day so.. screw it.. I'm going! hahah..

Located inside of Surabaya Town Square (Sutos), Rui Lounge & Bar is a very nice place to chill and to have a meet up with your friends for a fun night out. When I arrived, I was truly aware that the event actually started at 10.00 pm but I went there earlier at 06.00 pm on purpose just so that I could take a clear picture of the place without people in it. And these pictures, are specially for you.. Yes.. You! ;)

The place is not really big, but the interesting part about this place is that though they have a lot of chairs, I noticed that all of them are facing to one side and everybody will be sitting in a line. So once you sit, there won't be people sitting in front of you, because they don't put chair face to face, but they put it side by side (I hope you guys understand what I mean, see the pictures for details).

The Runway

If I may guess, they probably set the chair like that on purpose, so that people won't sit for too long, or so that people would just stand up, and mingle around with everybody. If I correct, I truly love their concept! Because, come on! They created this place so that people would have a great time with everyone, right? #kemero #sotoy

I also love their clean bar, without any chair around it. I don't really know how people do it in here, but in the movies, the bar is one famous place where the cheesy pick ups creatively created like magic, hahaha..  And it's fun to watch something like that going around.. Making new friends should be as fun as it sounds!

They have a spot for DJ but don't ever.. EVER hope that they will play EDM or Trance music in here, because they only play soft and easy listening songs. (i really have no idea what's the exact type of the music that they played there) If you ever going clubbing, I might say the music that they play is like the music at 10 pm in the club. It won't make your heart beat fast and it won't make you feel hyped up like most EMD songs do (unless you're very drunk, lol)

Liquor & Wine Display
So here's what they sell : Liquor (666k-1.000k), Mixer (20k-60k), Beer Flavors (75k), Cognag (1.415k-5.000k), Single Malt (1.250k-3.750k), Classic Malt (1.250k-1.950k), Whiskey (915k-3.330k), Sour Cocktails (65k), Shooters (55k-80k), Mocktails (25k), Beers (40k-145k), Mojitos (65k-80k), Smoothie Cocktails (60k-80k), Creamy Cocktails (40k-80k), Classic Cocktails (60k-65k), Martini Cocktails (65k), Tropical Cocktails (65k-105k), Long Drinks (60k-80k), Vodka (666k-1.333k), Tequila (750k-1.250k), Gin (666k-1.250k), Rum (666k-1.500k), Juices(20k-80k), Soft drinks (20k-41k), and some Snacks (50k-80k)

What I drank 
Rubber Duck Cocktail
I requested a soft cocktail with lemon in it
and this one is pretty good. Light taste with enough dose of alcohol.
1/4 Glass of Champagne

At 10.00 PM 

Overall, Rui is a nice place. This place is suitable for you who wants to drink and mingle around. The people that I saw there were mostly around 25 to 30++ and it's pretty universal, straights and gays, you name it. Songs that played were fine, though I prefer trance and EDM music, lol. Their service deserves a thumb up! The waiters and the bartenders are friendly. Don't come here with empty stomach because they don't sell heavy foods and their snacks are pretty expensive, 50k for french fries? Nope for me. Dress up! Who knows you might find someone cute inside, lol..  So how do you guys rate this place?

Rui Lounge & Bar Surabaya
Jl. Hayam Wuruk Surabaya (next to Excelso & Stone Head) 
Available for both Walk in or Reservation
Their peak hour is around 10 PM ++ on weekend
Prepare around Rp. 300.000,- ++/person or just use your credit card
You can smoke inside
Wi-fi and EDC machine are available


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