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I can't believe it's already February! I thought this month would bother me like the previous years, but I guess I'm cooler this time #terlalulamasendiri, haha.. Anyways! I have another thing to share to you guys.. It's the newest joint that opened in Spazio Terrace. Actually I went there last year, so it's been almost two months.. At first I hesitated to write about this place, but oh well.. Someone asked me to do it, so here it is!

Il Gelato Di Bruno & 3 Yolks

Situated over in the currently hip-and-happening Spazio Terrace, Il Gelato Di Bruno is set to pamper your craving for frozen treats with its myriad of choices of ice cream desserts. Moreover, there is also 3 Yolks that serves variable foods to compliment your dessert. So  what's inside? Let's have a look!

For the place, it's not big, and they are divided into two separated sections. The front section is their dining area, can fit to 20 people inside, mainly for 3 Yolks, but it is available for Il Gelato Di Bruno's customers as well. While the back section is for the Gelato & Ice Cream Bar, where a little bit of 'heaven' is placed, where you can't tell the differences between a five year old kid with an adult because in front of those sweets, they reacted the same, haha.. Well at least I did.. ;P

What we ordered?
Mineral Water Rp.0,- (10/10)
Cheese Sticks Rp. 45.000,- (2/10)

The free flow water was da bomb! Even though it was in a shot of glass, they came with a cute bottle. Besides, who doesn't love free things? This could save you a lot since the price of the juices were in around 40k+ which is quite pricey for me. On the other hand, the cheese sticks were such a big disappointment for me. I got fooled by the oh so yummy looking picture on the menu. The thing is.. It wasn't even warm, and the cheese inside didn't melt (duh, how could it?). The color of the cheese inside was like a see through orange (it should be white). It was hard to chew and not enjoyable, furthermore, it was 45k before tax!
The good news is, if you want to have small bites, you can try order Baked Potato Skin (25k), as my friend really recommend it to me (after I told her about the cheese sticks) I never tried the Baked Potato Skin though, however I trust her opinion. Does anyone of you have tried it? Tell me what you think :)

Greek Salad Rp 45.000,- (7/10)
My friend ordered this and said he didn't really like it, but I think this one is pretty good, though the portion was quite small and I didn't like the feta cheese, which should be the highlight of this dish. Personally, I don't really like salad with a lot of seasonings. To me, olive oil is enough. So if you're agree with me, then you could probably enjoy this.

Cream of Corn Soup Rp. 29.000,- (2/10)
Salmon Sous Vide Rp. 65.000,- (4/10)

The Corn Cream Soup, in my opinion, should tastes sweet and creamy. But this one was tasteless. When it came, it was already like what it shown in the picture, the presentation wasn't neat, moreover the taste. :( And the same thing goes to the Salmon Sous Vide, gosh.. If you may look at the menu book, it is totally different from my picture. What was the white thingy outside the salmon meat? And the taste? It was a little bit fishy and the sauce was also a bit plain. I couldn't really taste anything. zzz..

Gelato Rp. 30.000,-/Scoop | Rp. 75.000,-/3 Scoops (8/10)
Finally! Something really brought up a smile to my face.. I actually have tried five different flavors, but the only one that makes me come back for more is the Whisky Cream! Too bad, it is quite pricey. My suggestion for you is buy three scoops and share with your friends. No need to bother using cone, because it's not that good. I'd prefer the cup :)

At last, I'm happy to be able finish this post and reach to the conclusion. I'm sorry if I have a lot to rant about in this blog post, but that was exactly why I didn't want to post it earlier. Well.. Maybe I was wrong, maybe it wasn't my lucky day and maybe they were not ready to serve (just yet). But my best wishes still goes to both of Il Gelato Di Bruno and 3 Yolks.. :) And I hope this post is helpful to my readers <3

Il Gelato Di Bruno (8/10) & 3 Yolks (4/10)
Spazio Terrace #7
Opens Everyday
Mon Fri : 10.00 - 22.00
Sat         : 07.00 - 23.00
Sun        : 07.00 - 22.00
031 - 60039818
Walk in only
Bring around 100.000 to 200.000
Smoking area in the outdoor only
Wifi available but I couldn't connect
EDC machine available but my card couldn't get swiped off

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  1. #LOL ternyata...ada jg IL GELATO DI BRUNO & 3 YOLKS :D
    Tak tebak pst ntar tgl 14 Maret ini km pst nyoba'in tempat baru di Citraland hohoho





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