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Today.. I finally get the chance to take a peek of this place (just a peek, not a dinner).. Actually I got the invitation to come at their soft opening back on January, but I got disappointed by the guy who invited me, that is why, I don't really have any desire left to come. Here's the story :
Two weeks before the soft opening date, a guy emailed me and asked my phone number like it was a really urgent matter. I gave him my phone number and he called me. He told me that he wanted to give me an invitation for four people (free dinner) at their soft opening, I said yes and I was very very excited! When the date got closer, I asked him again about the invitation, because I haven't hear anything from him since he called. But then he told me he already passed the invitation to a friend of mine, and he said, "Let her give you the invitation". I said, "okay."
So I've been waiting patiently for the invitation, and I still didn't get anything until the soft opening date. So, I didn't come. But the weird thing was, some of my friends came at the soft opening date, as the 'Invitation Guests' and right there, I got confused, but I still managed to stay calm and silence. A couple of days after, my friend (who was given the invitation by that guy) suddenly said that she has an announcement that the place just opened and they were giving 15% discount for their soft opening. She stated, "This is not an invitation" And at that time, I just couldn't help myself.
I asked the guy for a clear information. It's not that I desperately wanted the free dinner, but come on! Where is your professionalism? When he told me he wanted to give me the invitation for four person, I already told my friends about it and they were as excited as I was. We even spared our time for that! But I didn't even get any follow up, on the contrary, I was the one who was asking here and there about it. To be honest, I could come and pay for myself, but I APPRECIATED his invitation, so I waited. But he turned me down like that. Plus, I already lost the "soft opening moment". Gosh...
Then, the day after I asked him the real clear information, he called me and said sorry, and stuffs, and he said, ".......Well, because I had invited you before, you still can come, and please do let me know when you are free.. I will tell the people there and reserve you a place for dinner" In my mind I was like, "oh boy, that's not how it works.." I was just really disappointed and he brought me to the point where I just didn't even care anymore..
I actually didn't have any plan to go to this place for a dinner or what, but my friend, the owner of Elite Party Designer had a decoration job here, and I got stuck with her from the afternoon, so I had no choice but to follow her there. But I was also curious about what's the place looks like, and I also brought my camera with me, so.. why not?


Sky 36 Restaurant is on the famous Jalan Sumatra, where a lot of high quality cafes, lounge, and restaurants placed. But to be precised, Sky 36 Restaurant is located in front of Domicile Kitchen and Lounge , you just have to pay attention to a chocolate creme colored building right in front of it, and Sky 36 Restaurant is on the roof top.

When you enter the building, I can not say I am pleased with the parking lot, it is really incapacious and limited. But the security staffs trained quite well for this matter and they did their job nicely. From the parking lot, you can go into the passenger lift, and press the D button to reach to the restaurant.

When we got there, my first impression was, "Hmm.. I thought it would be bigger than this.."
So the place is divided into two areas, indoor and outdoor. The indoor area, could only accommodate 25 to 30 people inside, and it goes the same to the outdoor area. But at this time, I really really not recommending you to dine at the outdoor area, as it always rains (hard) in the evening.

So my friend started to decorate the table and I started to snap my camera around. Along the way, I noticed that the waiters and the staffs were helpful and kinda friendly. I asked some questions and they answered it without showing an annoyed face, haha..  This is their set menu and the rest of the other menu

After all of us done with everything, I also took some pictures of my friend's table decoration.

And on our way out, we also discovered a semi indoor and outdoor space with a long dining table (pictures below) in the middle of the service lift and the passengers lift. It is actually an indoor space but they are using glass for the roof so that the sun light can come in. I don't know if this a part of Sky 36 Restaurant as well, but I think this space was also cool (no, actually, it was really hot and humid, please put some air con there :))

Overall, Sky 36 Restaurant is a nice place, I wonder how the foods taste like.. If you had been here, please do comment, and recommend me some yummy treats! ^^ And another tips : please book your reservation first before you enter, because I heard  they are always full booked these days. Thank you for reading, I'll see you on my next post. xoxo <3

Sky 36 Restaurant Surabaya
Jalan Sumatra no. 36 (in front of Domicile)
031-99005400 | 081230592000
Open Everyday
04.00 PM - 10.00 PM
Preferably Reservation
Prepare around Rp. 400.000,-/person or use credit card instead
Smoking area is in the outdoor area
EDC Machine available

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  1. PHP guy gitu memang nyebelin Lau

    Mendingan PHD guy, dateng2 bawa pizza hangat hehe

    1. kadang begitulah nasib blogger ini, dikira kita haus gratisan gituh *malah curcol
      but yeaaay, after Citilites it's another option ...rooftop fine dining, maybe hihihi :D

  2. I visited this place twice and the first one was not really a good experience. I came here with my partner after having lunch at domicile. We noticed there was newly opened restaurant bcos of the flower board outside the apartment. The funniest part is, I came inside and dig more info (cos the security had no idea lol) one of the receptionist asked us back, " how did you know we have sky36 up there?"......ah with her annoying and not so welcomed attitude. well, we saw the boards and its clearly written sky36, so....

    well we were not allowed to go up and ask us to call in the afternoon for reservation(I didnt call back ofc)

    the second one, I finally able to visit this newly opened place.
    the outdoors are closed due to bad weather and the indoor area was already fully booked so we were moved to another place (the semi indoor and outdoor one). I only manage to try their dessert, creme brulee and it didnt taste good......I could give 2/5.some of friends said so. well, its a bit disappointing how this good place have no good food and such a bad PR

    i think i will not come back there again :)
    thank you laura, have a good day!

  3. I have a not so good experience about this restaurant. Last month my friends from jakarta came to surabaya, and as a good host i was preparing some fancy dinner with them. I called this restaurant and make a reservation for three person. And you know what, when I made the reservation, they stated on the phone that we have to pay minimum of 150k per person. Oh my gosh, don't they believe that I can pay to eat in their restaurant... 30 minutes later I called them again to cancel the reservation, and decided to have our dinner at another fine dining restaurant in west side of surabaya





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