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Steak Hut Manyar Surabaya (Review)

Hey guys! Still in the month of love ♡
Are you looking for a nice dining place, with a quality dish and a pocket friendly price to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved ones? Congratulations! You're coming to the right place. What? Am I sure?
Read this post and you can thank me later.. ;)


For the steak house department, this establishment is no longer a new thing in Surabaya. I remember celebrating my birthday two years ago in here, while I was still working as a banker. But just like any other regular customer back then (before food blogging and social media took over most of my time like now), I just came there, enjoying my meal, taking pictures for fun, without thinking and remembering the detail parts of anything. All I remember was that they got nice steaks with a lot of discount promotion.  

Earlier this week, I finally had the chance to come back again. I went there with some friends for a casual lunch and also with EQ, who (again) took all the magnificent shots for this blog post. So please, do enjoy.. :)

Steak Hut Manyar

I instantly realized how different I reacted, when I walked pass through the door glass two years ago as a regular customer, compared to now as a blogger. As I said earlier, I used to not paying attention into anything whenever I went to any restaurant, but now my eyes just couldn't stop wandering around to the details of the interior, and my brain was just as active, thinking about why Steak Hut looked so much interesting now? Even though I also remember that they didn't change a bit since the past years. My excitement was going through the roof in just a second..

Okay, let me show you around first, shall we?
This two floor building has several sections of dining area. On the first floor, there's the main dining hall which are divided into five sections, while on the second floor they only got two sections and it is mainly for private events. I guess in total they can accommodate around 150 to 200 people on board. Pretty big, I know.

If we're talking about the interior design. Steak Hut has a lot to offer. The wall might just plain cement with square lines, but what amused me were the art installations on on top of it. They got different type of tables, chairs and floors on every dining area section, and some got mirror on the ceiling too! I can blab a full page about its interior really, but it would bore you, lol. So.. Long story short, Steak Hut spoils my sight with a clean interior, and if you still don't understand, I'd let these pictures below speak for itself..

After got spoiled by the elegance of the interior on the left and at the center side of the dining area, my heart suddenly skipped a beat when I stepped further to the right side of the building. It was when I found the last two sections of the first floor where the walls are dominated with glasses and gosh...... the hanging plants! Inside my heart, I was like a giddy little kid who's standing in front of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and I then said to EQ, "We are going to sit there!"

Yes. Right there. on a bright wooden table, beside the clear glass wall where I got the most source of 'free' lighting. I will never be bored telling you guys that I love sitting next to the big window every time I go to a restaurant. It is crucial if we are talking about a nice food photograph, because the window provides natural light from the sun which could lead us to a good lighting and a better quality picture for sure. 

Too excited with the first floor, almost forgot we still have the second one, lol..
Let's go up!

Unlike the first one, the second floor was not as fancy in the decoration part. It was much simpler, but I love the outside section area where everything is bright and visible from the inside. It is nice for lighting in the afternoon, and nice for a view at night.

Okay, now for the hungry belly!

Steak Hut Salad Rp. 33.400,- (7.5/10)
This was our first dish, one of our appetizer. The meat on top were great, we got fish fillets, chicken chunks, beef slices and sausages (I love the first three, hihi..) The portion of the vegetables was big as well, but I am a meat lover so I didn't eat too much of the veggies. But if you love eating green and clean, this should be a great appetizer for you.. :)

Bird Nest Rp. 19.900,- (8/10)
You guys, should try this one! I might say this one is like a kroket that has been taken to another level. The crispy potato that shaped like a bird nest added such a playful texture to dish, and when you take a bite, it was kind of a surreal experience that makes you want to take another until you finished it. The recipe itself was brought by the owner's grand mother, originally from Holland. Crispy on the outside, soft and yummy on the inside. Yum!

Mozarella Beef Roll Rp. 67.900,- (8.5/10)
My main lunch and my second best dish of the day.. At the first look, it may seems like just a small size simple dish, but the richness of its taste was enough to fulfill my tummy's loneliness. Everything were all in good balance, the side dishes, the beef, the sexy melted cheese, I didn't even need any flavor enhancement to that, no steak sauce, no tomato or chili sauce, no pepper, nothing. :)

*New Menu* Chicken Roll with Mozarella Cheese Rp. 54.000,- (8/10)

Spring Chicken (half portion) Rp. 33.900,- (9/10)
This was our last order, and I ordered it because it looks kind of unique and I wanted to try. When the dish came, we got a short flaming show because they have to burn it with the Brandy before serving it on to the table. Even when the chicken was on the table it didn't look appealing, because it was all black and skinny. But when I tried it......
It was d . e . l . i . c . i . o . u . s ! I truly regret underestimating this dish. They really nailed the taste down and I think the sauce that has been absorbed into the meat which did the magic for the most part. It was kind of sweet but also savory, the meat was tender and cooked to perfection. Don't you dare eating this with knife and fork, just wash your hand and bite it to the bone!

Tenderloin Cordon Bleu Rp. 67.900,- (7/10)

Es Jagung Rp 23.400,- | Avocado Juice Rp. 24.900,-
Pink Lady Tea Rp 25.900,- (7/10)

Steak Hut Interesting Facts
  • They have a strict standard for the meat and vegetables. So that when the steak is served, it would meet the balance weight and the quality is maintained.
  • Quality Ingredients are imported from : Australia (Striploin & Sirloin), New Zealand (Butter, Mozarella and other kind of cheese), Norway (Salmon), Thailand (Dori Fish)
  • All of the sauces and the seasonings are made through the central kitchen, for its consistency of taste and to have it matched with the other branches
  • Every Steak Menu is served with bread, butter & corn on the cob that will be given to you while you're waiting for your main course.
  • Juices are comes from the original fresh fruits
  • They always have in house discounts for 25% and you can add more discounts by using some  selected credit cards :)
  • Steak Hut Manyar is the second outlet that has been operating since 2012, their first one was in Kupang Indah and has been operating since 2010.

Other than that, they also have choices of Bento Box (starts from Rp. 18.000,-) that has been ordered regularly by a lot of big companies such as Banks, Government Offices, etc. for lunch meeting, or for events. And if you have something fancy to celebrate with your work mates, you can pick over these three : Galantine Rp. 200.000,- (diameter 20cm), Long Burger Rp, 180.000,- (70cm long), or Pudding Rp. 170.000,- (diameter 20cm) with fla Rp. 190.000,-

After all, dining in Steak Hut was such a pleasant experience for me. Definitely going back for another Spring Chicken, and this time I would order one whole portion for myself! Hahaha.. Where else you can dine like in a fine dining restaurant without burning a hole on your wallet? 

Steak Hut Surabaya
Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo 80 Surabaya (second outlet) 
031-5951888 | 031-5951899
Jl. Raya Kupang Indah 9 Surabaya (first outlet) 
031-7346778 | 031-7349778
10.00 - 23.00 Weekdays 
10.00 - 24.00 Weekend & Public Holiday
Available for both Walk in or Reservation
Their peak time is around lunch and dinner time
Prepare around Rp. 100.000,-/person
There are no smoking area inside
Wi-fi and EDC machine are available

I hope this post is helpful for you guys and if you love the review, please click g+1 below and share it to your friends and give me comments too.. Tell me what you think about this place, advices, or anything, talk to me.. :) Thank you very much!

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    1. So sorry to inform that the Kupang indah outlet has been closed, don't know why.Coz I do agree 100% that they serve good steak with good price. My favorite is the mixed grille, while my husband use to order the kebab (I don't remember it's exact name)





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