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I haven't seen many new (good quality) cafes lately, and it kinda bores me, really. A lot of time I've been coming to a new cafe, I rarely went home with a satisfied looking face. It was always because if the place or the foods didn't suit my taste, I wouldn't want to put it on the blog. While on the other side, I need a nice quality place to be posted to this blog regularly. *sigh* I think I need to take this blog to another level, don't I?

Okay. So this one is a not-so-bad one, but oh-so-far one. It is placed in the very east side of Surabaya, like so far from my house. If you know East Coast or Food Fest, this cafe is around five to ten minutes drive from there. It's in the shopping street of San Antonio, and around the area, there are still a few places that has already open, not so many. But I heard and I also seen some picture of the place, it looks kind of lovely, so why not giving it a try?


The place is divided into three sections; The first floor indoor section, the first floor semi outdoor section and the second floor section. Though they have three sections, Heritage 181 Cafe can't really contain too many people inside. Probably less than 50 people in all three sections but indeed, the interior is lovely. Let me show you around!

First floor indoor section

The combination of every element that they put together for the interior design in here was just truly lovable! Comfortable to the eyes and comfortable to the butts, lol. They mix the chairs and the tables to random orders, and the quality of the furniture is also splendid.

First floor semi outdoor section

Why do I say semi outdoor? Because they still cover the ceiling with glasses, so if it rains, you won't get wet. If we are talking about the lighting, in here, you will get the perfect one, no doubt. But the downside are it can get quite humid and hot as they don't use air conditioner, they only use a fan. This section is not big, and here is also the smoking area, so even only one person light up his/her cigarette, the smoke will spread everywhere. If you're not comfortable with it like I am, my opinion is : you'd better sit inside. :) 

Second floor section

The second floor is as amusing as the first one. The decorations are spoiling my eyes, and they even have a special photo booth for you to take pictures, it was really cute!


They don't sell heavy foods in here, and from the language on the board, I guess they are dutch foods. But still, most of them are snacks to me, haha.. On the other hand, drinks are quite vary, from coffee, ice blended, milk shake, and tea, I guess everything are match for your snacking time. And the price are so affordable as well! But too bad when I came, they were not well prepared. I wanted to order Kroket, and Eclairs, both were out of stocks, and the waiters and the waitresses were seemed confused with my simple questions, such as, "what is....?" "what's inside...?" lol..

What I ordered ? 
Pastel Tutup Rp. 10.000 & Resoles Ham Keju Rp. 6.000 & Smoke Beef Rp. 6.500 (3/5)
It was pretty good, but I guess it can be better, and I've tasted the better ones. :)

Sup Merah (Red Soup) Rp. 25.000,- (3/5)
This is basically a tomato soup, with carrot, and sausages inside. It is served with four slices of triangle shaped bread. What I love about this dish is the portion is big. But I think they should add more thickness to the soup, and add more toppings such as chicken, green beans, macaroni and mushroom. Give it a little bit of spicy taste and make the bread like crouton will also be better. Because I found these bread were quite hard to chew and not crunchy.
Overall Heritage 181 is a cute place. If you're living near the area, you should come by. No need to dress up in formal clothes, it's just a simple cafe. Most of the people that I saw were teenagers, loud ones. I could hear their voices since they were on the second floor and when they moved to the first flood, the sound was getting louder and clearer, LOL. Kind of reminds me of old times. :) The area is still quiet and peaceful, no parking fee (yet). Ah, I forgot about the electricity outlet. I guess not that many, if I'm not mistaken. And yup! That's all

Heritage 181 Cafe & Snacks
San Antonio Shopping Street N1-81 Pakuwon City (right side of the road)
No Phone Number to Call
12.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Walk in Only
Prepare around 50.000/person is enough
Smoking in the outdoor area only
Wifi available

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  1. duh liat blog nya kbetulan lg laper, dan skr tambah laper hahah

  2. La, ada wifi nggak? Kalo ada, kenceng nggak koneksinya? Aku penduduk surabaya timur ini hehehe... butuh referensi "tempat kerja" yg ok tapi nggak jauh.





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