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Hey guys! I just went to this really cool Coffee Shop! It is new, just had their soft opening today and the best part, it is near my house, hahaha.. I really didn't expect anything big when I got the invitation via e-mail, but my less expectation always brought me to a better reality!


Kabinet Coffee is placed across The Loop, in Bukit Darmo Boulevard Street, which is in the west side of Surabaya. To be exact it is next to Eaton Restaurant (map will be attached below). I was stroked by love at the first sight when I entered the room, the interior design is really cool and clean. They use a lot of woods, people usually called it industrial type of design, a typical interior design of coffee shop that I usually been to.

The unique part about Kabinet Coffee is that this place is divided into two floors, the first one is for their coffee show room, and coffee laboratory, while on the second floor is for the Cafe. You have seen the Coffee Showroom above, anda fter this you will see the Coffee Laboratory.

As I told you before, I am a non coffee drinker though I've been to a lot of coffee shops and coffee specialty in Surabaya (have no choice, they are everywhere). But today, I decided to actually listen to the explanation, and absorbed a little bit about coffee education. So what I learned today was : Coffee beans are actually green colored, then they will be observed by the quality control people about ; how is the acidity, the density and stuffs, it is all done to figure out how much time they need to roast the coffee until it become the perfect roasted bean. (I hope I don't get that wrong, lol) It was actually pretty fun and nice to have some new knowledge, I will ask more when I come back. 

Let's go to the second floor!

On the second floor. They have the coffee bar, and two dining areas. The first one was what you see above, but I didn't take the picture of the second dining area because the picture was backlight. But all of the food pictures were taken there. People like me, who loves to take pictures of their foods, would definitely sit there as it was next to the big window, and was well decorated with a green grass on their wall, plus the chairs and the tables are so photogenic! <3 

Free Foods that I didn't touch because I didn't have much time :(


Their menu book is kind of hilarious, it was written by hand, scanned to the computer, and then printed like a diary notes. The foods, are written in Bahasa Indonesia, literally translated from the original english term. For the price, to be honest they are quite pricey, but I tell you what, it is worth every penny! I actually only ate one out of so many menus earlier today because I have to rush somewhere else, but it was so good! As well as the drink that I tried. And all of my friends who came in today said the same thing! Well I hope what we (me and my foodies friends) tasted today is going to be constant for any other day.

Nutella Cappuccino (36k)
SUPER LOVE this one, truly an exceptional!
Telor Meleleh (55k)
Roti Surga (53k)
They said this really tasted like heaven!! OMG I'm going to try this one soon!
Ayam Aromatic dan Nasi Tropical (55k)
Iga Sapi Bakar disertai dengan Salad Mangga dan Nasi Putih (165k)
This one is really good!! *drool*
Iga Babi Panggang dengan BBQ Sauce disertai Kentang Goreng dan Gaslow Apel (160k) 
What I love about Kabinet Coffee is because they actually have yummy heavy foods to eat, while usually the other coffee shops only sell snacks, or just a brunch menu at most.. And they also have unique menu that you really have to try! Such as Nutella Cappuccino and Roti Surga, lol. I'm really dying to come back again and try their menu. Too bad I can not stay for too long and try all of them today.. :( So sad.. 

But again congratulations for the opening Kabinet Coffee, I wish you all success and I am really sure your walk in customer will be exploded by tomorrow, haha..

Kabinet Coffee
Pakuwon Square AK-2 no. 26
Jl. Mayjen Yono Soewoyo (Next to Eaton)
Wed - Mon (Closed on Tuesday)
08.00 AM to 10.00 PM 
Prepare around 250k/person if you want to try their yummy heavy foods!

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  1. baru nyobain tadi malam, rame banget - so far order menu cepat meskipun kopi nya belum memuaskan banget, mungkin karena rush hour opening - ps: rame banget memang, tp salut ama order yg cepat tetap.

    Ditunggu manual brew nya juga...

  2. kemaren ke sini brg keluarga tp menurut kami kurang enak kak masakanx,,crepe ayam jamur ma telor panggangnya hambar,,trus ayam seksinya kurang berasa,,roti syurga ga seperti yang diharapkan,,kecewa banget :(:(:(





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