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I think this is the very fist time I reviewed a cafe that is located in the south area of Surabaya. It was pretty much like a gambling situation actually on a casual wednesday afternoon. Me and my friend were out together but didn't know where to go. I started to look at some of my friends's Instagram account, trying to find a new place to hang out. Then, I found this cafe, I showed it to my friend, and he said, okay, let's go there! So, we went there with quite an expectation, hoping that the cafe would be nice, like what we've seen in the picture.

Kafe 27 Surabaya

As you read in the first sentence above, Cafe 27 is located in the south side of Surabaya, precisely inside of Kawasaki Showroom. From the outside, it looks kind of cool as they use a lot of rough wood board. It feels so manly, of course because Kawasaki is also a manly motorbike brand, haha..

When I first enter the room, to be honest I felt a little disappointed. Just a little. Because I thought the Cafe would be wide and big as it shown from the outside, but it wasn't. The industrial interior design is nice and everything seems well placed, but I thought there would be a motorbike hanging somewhere or I thought I would see any bike inside, because I've been thinking that the special thing about this place was the motorbike theme, but I was wrong (total misconception).  

The people that I see inside were mostly older men, probably Kawasaki Customers. Or just some guys doing their work, or an employee having a lunch meeting with their colleagues. And by that, I could see why they were allowed to smoke inside this indoor area. (maybe) Because this is considered a motor bikers cafe, a manly one, visited mostly by adults which are mostly men, who are also a smokers, hahaha.. Am I right?

Foods & Drinks

Hot Matcha Latte (19k), Hot Chocolate (19k) and a Mix Sampler (25k)
I can't really recall what were their foods menu, but I do remember they don't have a lot of it for sure. And all of them were only light bite snacks like toasts, fries, nuggets or mix sampler like what I ordered above. I loved my Matcha Latte and my friend also loved his Hot Chocolate. Nothing special with the mix sampler, taste okay, but a little bit greasy. 

Overall, it is such a thoughtful act yet brilliant idea by the Kawasaki Showroom owner to build Kafe 27. Not only it would be convenient to their customers, as they can wait in the nice looking cafe, snacking, or watching TV, they could also attract the other customers outside, such as me and the other young adult or teenager who loves to hang out or try a new places. The price is cheap, and the place is quite comfortable, if you are fine with cigarette's smoke. I guess if they could separate the smoking area and add more foods, that would be great. :)  

Kafe 27 Surabaya
Jl. Raya Jemur Sari No. 156-158 (Inside Kawasaki Showroom)
08.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Walk in Customers Only

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