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Yeah, that was what I could remember when I walked into this newly open Cafe. Well, actually they greet us with something longer than just "Aloha" but it was not clear enough to my ear, haha.. I guess this is the first Cafe with Hawaiian Concept in Surabaya that I have reviewed in my blog. I'm not sure if this similar to Coco Palm, but I think it's different. I went there yesterday afternoon with my best partner in crime, in eating, in traveling, in everything : Fiony, and here's our story...

Kahala Beach Cafe & Grill

Kahala Beach Cafe & Grill is located in Bogowonto Street, around Indragiri. It's a two floor medium sized building; the first floor is the main dining area, while the second one is restricted to VIP guests only. The first floor could contain around forty to fifty people inside, while upstairs, inside the VIP room, it could only accommodate around twenty guests. Let me show you the first floor first :

All of their furniture, table, chair, and decorations were from woods, and they were painted colorfully. I can see they wanted to bring the Hawaiian atmosphere inside the Cafe from the decorations and the wide beach painting on the wall, even the songs that they played was in Hawaiian language, all of them. Now I kind of wished their waiter were topless and the waitresses were wearing bikini and hula hula, LOL. kidding.

The Menu

For the price of the foods, I couldn't say that they were too expensive, nor cheap either. So to me it was quite expensive. We ordered one main course each, one big appetizer and two drinks for both of us, and I could estimate the final price plus tax and everything, that would be around 300k rupiah. What a fancy lunch~ lol

The foods and the drinks were served very fast in my opinion. We didn't need to wait for more than 15 minutes for our orders to come. I love how they decorated their drinks to be instagram friendly, their plates also the portion were surprisingly in big sized and the plates came with different types of shape, interesting! Another thing that caught my eyes was their very cute placemats (picture above). 

So these were our big feast :
Fried Rice Loco Moco (72k)
The menu said : Best of both worlds, Fried Rice, Grilled Beef Pattie, Egg,and Gravy all over
I said : It was green bean, corn and carrot fried rice, poured with mushroom sauce, served with grilled patty and sunny side up egg on top of it plus fried onions. You can choose the side dish, whether it's going to be macaroni salad or vegetables salad, and I choose the first one.
The portion was quite huge, and it looked really appealing honestly. If you eat it one by one, the best part was the sunny side up egg (you just can't deny how perfect it was right?), and the patty tasted great as well, then comes the mushroom sauce and the least was the fried rice. But I guess to enjoy the dish was to mix everything up all together. I don't know. I couldn't manage to finish the dish though. And anyways, the macaroni and mayo was quite plain in taste. Maybe I would like it better if I choose the vegetable salad instead of macaroni, white rice over the fried rice, and asked for the mushroom sauce to be separated from the rice, haha.. But compared to Caloria's, this one is much much better :)

Spicy Garlic Shrimp (68k)
The menu said : Shrimp Sauteed in Their Special Garlic Sauce
I said : Overly seasoned fried shrimp
The shrimp were big, again looked very tasty and appealing, but to me the flavor was just too much. And what's the point having a lot of sauce over the shrimp when actually you can't eat the skin? So my suggestion would be : peel off the shrimp skin, unless if you're serving the shrimp with the crunchy flour. BUT, if you're a person who loves something with a lot of spices sauces and seasonings, this must be perfect for you.. :) OH, the salad on the side dish there? VERY GOOD!

Beach Bento (85k)
The menu said : BBQ Fried Chicken, Glazed Chiken Spam, BBQ Beef and Dory Katsu
I said : The menu is pretty accurate for this one'
This is Fiony's dish. Portion was big, taste? Not too outstanding, but not bad as well. Fiony herself couldn't finish it. I didn't know what's wrong, was it our tummy, or the foods? Let's not judge too quickly this time. :) 

Hawaiian Roasted Green Tea (29k) & Hawaiian Sunset (35k)
The Roasted Green Tea was far from what I expected, it came with the dark green almost mocca color, and it tasted really funny. I never tasted green tea like that before (maybe because it was roasted green tea). Fiony also hated it, but then she said, "You know what, after a while, it tasted pretty good" lol.. For The Hawaiian Sunset, it needs something refreshing, it would be perfect if you could put some soda inside. The taste was just need something *snap my finger* if you know what I mean. :)

Second Floor
After we done eating, I walked around the Cafe with the camera in my hand, taking pictures awkwardly, while most of the eyes were looking at me. I tried my best to not making any weird gestures or looking like I needed help, but I kind of got one embarrassing moment when I confidently taking my way to the stairs right next to the sink, hoping to see what's the second floor look like. Then a waitress came up cto cme and said that I took the wrong stair, because that stair was the one leading to the Kitchen, where the VIP room's stair was next to the bar. Oh my, I wish I could say, "Please kill me" in Hawaiian language, hahahah.. So this is the right way to the second floor :

While we were here, we were sitting right next to the glass wall, and beside us there were a group of older ladies, and I guess they were talking in my parents's language. It's funny, because I haven't been to Pontianak for more than ten years I guess, but sitting next to them suddenly made me feel like I was right in my parent's hometown.

So anyways, me and Fiony were continuing doing our stuffs, which was taking pictures, taking snapchat videos (add me at : @laurangelia), moving the plates around, trying each other's dishes and commenting sarcastically without toning our voice down just like what we usually do even before I became a food blogger. Turned out, the ladies next to our table were related to the owner of the place, hahah.. It was kind of awkward but we didn't really care after all, hahah.. Everyone has the right to say what they wanted to say right? :)

To sum everything up, I would give this place 6,8 points out of 10. First of all, I could sense the Hawaiian atmosphere inside, second of all the waiter and waitresses were spry, and friendly and helpful to the customers, third of all the portions were satisfying. I decrease the point for the price and for the taste that you need to work on, and also fix the toilet asap, okay? :)

Best of luck for Kahala Beach Cafe & Grill, see you next time, Mahalo! (i know right? lol)

Kahala Becah Cafe & Grill
10.00 AM - 11.00 PM
Prepare around 150k/person
Walk in and Reserved Customers Allowed
WiFi & Paying by card are not available yet

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