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Heyy guys!
I have a news for you!! I'm getting fat! Hahahaha.. Kidding.. No. It's actually true though, but that's not exactly the main news, lol. I just crossed out one of my wish list and tell you what? It was the best decision also the best feeling I got so far in 2015! Hihihi.. I will explain more later on another post okay?? Right now, I'm going to show you the hidden gem in Surabaya!

Loko Cafe
No kidding, this place is such a treasure! The place is really hidden, it's not even visible from the street! Well, why? Because it's placed inside the Gubeng Train Station. Hmm.. Confused? Okay I will elaborate : Just go to Gubeng Station (NOT THE ONE ACROSS GRAND CITY MALL) details of the map will be attached on the bottom of this post. Go inside the Station to the waiting room,  then turn left, and Loko Cafe is going to be on your right corner. :)

I was literally gasping when I saw a glimpse of this lovely cafe from a far. The concept is really modern, and totally out of this country! Though I never been to a lot of countries outside Indonesia, but I suddenly felt like I was in Australia, (I never been to Australia either, LOL) But anyways, hopefully some of you would agree with me or at least know what I'm trying to say. This place is too nice!

If we're talking about the capacity, Loko Cafe could provide up to fifty person inside, and I think I don't need to explain about the interior, everything looks pretty here! The window, the furniture, the lamps, even the tiles are pretty. This place looks so Insta-genic already, and I loved it. Correction, I SUPER LOVED IT!

I picked a seat which's facing the entrance door, because on that row only, they have power outlets on each side of the table. The waiter and the waitresses were seemed so nice when I asked for the menu, they gave it with a smile on their faces. And when I asked about the foods and the drinks, they answered it like they have worked there for years already, thus, Loko Cafe has only been operating for less than a month.. 


On the menu, Loko Cafe serves best of both worlds, they have Indonesian foods and also western foods, the same thing goes to the appetizer, drinks and the desserts. Besides that, they also have coffee, chocolate, mojito, even yoghurt on the menu! For a little Cafe that stands inside a Train Station, I could say that they offered a lot! But it didn't stop there, what about the price? IT'S FREAKIN' CHEAP! You can actually get away with only 50k in this Cafe.

I shouldn't be so surprised, because what would you expect? People who take trains usually are low budget people (like me), and if they put a pricey price tag, none would want to go inside. But I really was surprised with the price though, seriously cheap! However, from my observation throughout that afternoon, not so many people went into the Cafe and eat. I could see the management was trying to sell out by printing their menu on the banner and put it outside the cafe so people could see that they are not selling expensive foods, but I guess it's still not really working.

The appearance of this Cafe is too fancy for such affordable price, BUT THAT'S TOTALLY FINE. *please don't upgrade your price, please please don't* hahaha.. Anyways, I ordered two foods without even thought about it twice, because I was so hungry and the waiter told me that those were their specialties :

Bebek Mayor (Bebek Goreng Sambal Mangga) 33k
The taste, the ripeness level of the duck and the mango chili were great, but the size of the duck was not okay. It was too small and I could only remember eating the skin only, I barely remember the meat, so not satisfying, I could eat at *insert fried duck restaurant's name here* with cheaper price and way bigger size for sure. But besides the size, everything else were great, especially the crunchy crumbles around the duck, ah yumm!

Lontong Kikil 20k
I was super glad they had kikil! I've been dying to eat kikil but I never find it anywhere in Surabaya. For this dish, I love the soup and the kikil, but I think they add too many lontong inside (or was it the kikil portion that's too small? Or the bowl that's too big? I don't know). Anyways, for this price, I can't complain much, haha..

Overall, it's truly a joy visiting Loko Cafe and I would definitely come back to try their other cheapy cheapy menu! :) Thanks for giving me such pleasant experience while I was there. 

Prepare around 50k/person
Walk in Customers Only

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  1. i go to gubeng station several times, but its always on "gubeng lama " side. ( Grand city side).
    maybe i i will come to gubeng station just for visiting this loko cafe. Not for a trip :) .

  2. Replies
    1. Why? You don't have to buy a train ticket to get in to the cafe :)

  3. can we visiting this cafe without buying the train ticket?





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