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Hei guys.. Welcome to April and Happy Easter!
Today I want to show you a very cute cafe that sells desserts and pastry. The place is like a renovated house, but it's lovely! I actually already know this cafe way before in 2014 but I had the chance to pay a visit just recently. I could say that this is one of the must visit pastry cafe in Surabaya. So, are you ready? :)

Sugabites Patisserie

Sugabites placed in the east side of Surabaya, it's near Crab & Chef and Cup & Crumbs, but to be exact, it is in the alley of Bakso Bonnet. This place is like a hidden treasure, you really can't see it from the road, you have to be patient enough to find it. I actually knew its location when I was eating at Bakso Bonnet, so lucky me, I don't have to waste time to search their location when I actually pay Sugabites a visit. But the downside that I found was they don't have any parking slot of their own, and in that area, there are various restaurants and food stalls, so it's pretty tricky to get one for your vehicle. 

When you enter Sugabites, you'll see a huge chalkboard on their entrance wall (they also have another one long chalkboard inside). Every customer have the right to put their drawings or their handwriting there. They also have stacks of books and magazines that you can read or use it for your photo props. 

This is the cashier, where you can see the menu on the board and select your choice of desserts from the display. Sugabites have quite an unique ordering way though : You come to the cashier, make your order, go to your seat, the waiter will deliver your order to your table. And when you have finish eating and drinking there, then you go back again to the cashier to pay for your bill, lol.. 

Sugabites can accomodate around forty to fifty people inside, which is great, because usually pastry cafes in Surabaya are not that spacious. When I went there, it was pretty quiet, probably only five customers inside, and it was fun, because I could take as much pictures as I wanted without getting weird looks from a lot of people, haha..

For the venue overall, I love Sugabites. It's big and wide enough for everyone to have their own space. The ambiance is also good for tea time and have a casual chat with your girlfriend or your lover. Their interior design is chic enough for taking your OOTD pictures and on top of if, their section where they got a giant window is great for food photography as well. And here is their sweet selections :

Besides of the delectable sweets, they also got coffee, tea, and some heavy foods in bowls! I consider it as a good news though I haven't tried them yet, but at least you still have some menu to choose when the desserts are not enough for your tummy. <3 Price wise, it's on the average line, not too cheap, not too expensive, just fine. You can bring around fifty to seventy thousand for a safe budget to spend in Sugabites. 

That evening, I choose the eclairs while my friend choose the cheese cake and both were lovely. They tasted little too sweet for me, but everything else were good.

The restroom was clean,and well provided. No worries.

I left a little mark there by drawing my blog's Header on the chalkboard, haha..
Have you ever seen that? If yes, please do comment below <3

Sugabites Patisserie Surabaya
11.00 AM - 09.30 PM
Prepare around 70k/person
Walk in Customers Only
WiFi & Paying by card are available

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