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Helloo!! Everybody! Hahaha..
I'm kind of surprised about how this post has reached 1.500 hits already, though it just has been a week since I uploaded the teaser version. Two days ago I finally got the chance to visit this very happening place. Why did I say 'happening'? Because since their soft opening, I heard they are always over capacity, and everything is running out of stock really fast. So they decided to open at 5 pm in this period of time (should be open around 10 to 11 am if I'm not mistaken)..

Communal is placed in Jl. Raya Kertajaya, or should I just say Klampis to make it easier to find? It's right next to Wajan. I arrived there at 4.50 pm, ten minutes earlier because I wanted to take pictures of the place while it's still less people and before it gets dark, but guess what? People were already queuing! Well, it wasn't like 100 people in that queue, but still, pretty impressive! 

Coming inside still feeling impressed, I was again welcomed with a nice view of their interior design. This establishment is divided into two floors, both has outdoor area. The first floor could accommodate around 30 people inside, 10 outside. While the second floor is way bigger and also different in terms of the design. Let's go up stairs to find out!

On the second floor, the ambiance is quite different, there's no mural like the first floor, but there's this giant green wall filled with green leaves, like in the jungle. And the color is pretty much similar, a lot of green and a lot of woods. The capacity is also different, it's way bigger than the first floor. I guess in total they can accommodate around seventy people on the second floor.

Nothing really stands out at the outdoor area, but at the golden hour, the light of the sun set could enhance your picture to be quite artsy, haha..


Menu is pretty simple, they got coffee, signature drinks, ice blended, tea and also soda. For the foods, snacks and desserts, they got some western and italian dishes. Price wise, Communal is at the average level of middle high class type of coffee shop. Their ordering system requires you to queue at the cashier in the first place, after you finish with the payment, they will give you the table number, and the waiters soon will be delivering your order to where you are seated.

If you're curious what did I eat there, I can't say I had something. Because as I said earlier, they are still in the 'over capacity' state right now. I don't know if you can use that as an excuse, but most of the foods and the drinks that I would like to try were all out of stock, and that didn't make me happy. Because you have to queue for a certain amount of time, waiting, just to hear that the foods wasn't available at the moment. kzl. So then I only order this Smoked Beef Wedges (30k)

It was pretty much a fried potato wedges and smoked beef, served with onion, parmesan cheese and celery. I wonder maybe it would taste so much better with bacon, lol. But that would make this place serves non halal foods, hahaha.. But yeah, it was okay.. I drank the Ovo Crunchy (38k) and it was also okay, taste good, but not something that I'd rate as my favorite. :)

Overall, Communal is a very homey place, I felt really comfortable staying in here. It's just too bad that they don't have everything that I wanted to order. And I'm sorry if I couldn't review their coffee, as you know I'm really not a fan of it, but you all can give comments about their coffee here too. Say all you want, I won't judge, haha.. Their toilet in the first floor is pretty nice, but the other way round with the second floor, it doesn't even looks like it's a new toilet. I wish you could fix that, haha.. Umm.. And services needs to be improved too. I guess that pretty much it. :))

Communal Coffee & Eatery
Kertajaya Indah Tengah No. 24 (Klampis)
Open 17.00 - 23.00
Fri - Sat until 24.00
Monday Closed
Prepare 100k/person
Wifi & Power outlets available

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  1. the interior seems awesome. this place is also near to my house also. hope can go there soon :))

  2. Apa ada lowongan di Communal Bapak/Ibu? :-)

  3. Apa ada lowongan di Communal Bapak/Ibu? :-)





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