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Escape Hunt Surabaya (Review)

Is there any of you guys who loves playing detective? 
Here's the new and the first Live Escape Game in Surabaya! I actually already heard about this kind of game from a friend in Canada, but I never thought that I'm going to experience it myself here, in Surabaya. Well, I'm not the kind of girl who loves to play games that includes a lot of thinking, even worse, counting, but it doesn't mean that I can't play those games, it's just not my cup of tea. :) And again, everything is worth trying, at least once in your life, so here it is..


Escape hunt is located in the west side of Surabaya, inside Loop area, right next to Petra 1 High School. It's really easy to spot Escape Hunt, because it can be seen from the street when you're passing by, just take a look to your left side if you're coming from Lenmarc / Spazio.

Escape Hunt is a three floor building where you'll find their lounge at the first floor, and their escape rooms on the second and the third floor. The first floor is decorated very nicely! The one I've seen in Sherlock Holmes movie and John Carter of Mars (when he's still on Earth). It also kind of remind me with my third Instameet at Goldsmith, but the place is already closed for good tho~

The lounge is a total comfort to sit alone and do your work with your book or your laptop, and it is okay to do so without having to play the game. But I want to be clear in here that their main priority is the people who wants to play the game, so my suggestion for you who only want to sit and have a quick chill at their lounge is : you can come while people are playing inside the escape room, because obviously the lounge will be empty by then. However, they don't have anything on the menu except small pastries and tea.

What is Escape Hunt?
"This is a challenging and fun game concept, which requires group of people to play inside a room and to escape from the room within 60 minutes. They have to solve puzzle using clues inside the room.  "  
Who can play at The Escape Hunt Experience?
"Everyone with age of 7 years old and above, but for those under 16 years old should be accompanied."
When can I play?
Games are available 365 days-year round with game sessions start on 10:00 - 11:30 - 13:00 - 14:30 - 16:00 - 17:30 - 19:00 - 20:30, each with 1.5 hours duration.
How to play it?
They have 3 adventures: Market Madness, Trapped in the Tomb, and Escape from Cannibal Island. Each adventures has different way of solving the puzzle, it can be with your logic, your skills, team work, or three of them! So it's going to be a total game change between those three rooms.

My experience :
At that time, my team were Jack & Pieter, and Pieter really wanted to try the Escape from Cannibal Island, so we were down for that. We were asked to take pictures first, and they have a complete properties to wear, from clothing, hat, magnifier, stick, and other card board accessories. After that, we were briefed by the guide about the game, We were asked to choose who would be the captain of the team, both guys pointing at me, but actually, being the captain has nothing to do with anything, lol. I guess it was just for fun. We were directed to the third floor, and we were prohibited to bring anything inside the room. But no worries, they already prepared a locker for our belongings.

Then we were locked inside the room, while the guide was watching over us behind the double sided mirror. I won't spoil you about what happened inside the room, but I can share to you about some details of the game. So you have to get out in 60 minutes with what you got inside the room, use your logic, pay attention to every details, EVERYTHING. haha.. If you feel dead end or feel like you want to give up, there's a white phone which will connect you to the guide, and he will give you clues. BUT, every call would cost you a minute of your timing. So let's say you can get out from the room in 40 minutes but you called for a clue ten times, that means you're finished the game in 50 minutes.

We were so cocky and thought we wouldn't need any help unless it was really emergency, but we called for a help once though. FYI, the guide came to our room for about five times. hahaha.. He told us if he's the one who initiated to come into the room, that won't cost us our timing. (LOL, I guess he must've been thinking, "WTF these silly people inside is definitely need my help") After all, we couldn't finish the game even though he helped us that much, he even gave us more time to solve the puzzle but we still didn't get it, hahahaha..

After the game, we were welcomed back with tea and lots of small sweetie bites! We couldn't help but taking pictures, haha.. Though we were invited to play, but our foodie instinct won't lie, well it's just how we roll. :) Among three teams, only one who escaped from the room, but that's okay, to me, it doesn't matter if we lose as long as we were having fun. ^^

By the way, they are having Grand Opening promo 15% off all adventures until May 20th 2015. So book your appointment now and go for an adventure!


Escape Hunt Surabaya
Opens Everyday
Prepare around 250k/person
Walk in and reserved customers allowed
Non Smoking Area
Wifi & EDC Machine Available

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