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Food Hunting at On Market Go! Senseation May 2015

Hi guys! If you don't have any plan this weekend, ESPECIALLY TODAY, on Sunday May 24th 2015, you should go to Tunjungan Plaza 3, 6th floor! Because this is the last day for you to catch one of the biggest and the most happening bazaar in Surabaya! I've been there on the first and second day, and this blog post is dedicated for you, because I'm going to share what I ate there, what's good, and what's better! 


So, just like Basha Market, On Market Go has a quite similar concept (I heard that the promoter of On Market Go used to be the share holder in Basha Market too, but maybe they had choose to walk in different path, so they split up). When you came in, you'll see a very big space where most of the "selfie" taken. Then there will be the fashion section, but I'll skip the pictures of that for now, I want to focus on my main destination which is the FOOD SECTION!

This time, the food section is bigger and the tenants are more various than Basha Market. There are not only Online Shop tenants, but some notable restaurants and cafes are joining the bazaar as well! And the most important thing, They provide MORE TABLES AND CHAIRS for us! So you won't be as worried and uncomfortable, me personally enjoying my two days of food hunting at On Market Go because it's been less crowded too. So what did I tried there? 

This is the first booth that I visited two days ago and just like its name Healthy Smoothies, they are selling healthy things. Most of them are drinks and there is only one dessert, which is chia pudding.

I got the Guava-Pineapple-Pear Smoothies (25k), Chia Pudding, Mango-Pineapple-Strawberry Smoothies (25k) and Almond Milk. My personal favorite so far is the smoothies of course! It's only in 250ml bottle, but it keeps me full all night! The consistency of the smoothies is very thick, I don't even need dinner anymore! and I guess I can also go with this smoothies for my breakfast, it's a very good alternative.

Instagram : @SmoothiesInABottle
Contacts : +6282131849285 (text) | 7456EAAB (BBM Fast Response) | petitesucre (Line ID)

Another 'happening' booth at On Market Go is Platinum Grill. Why? They are serving Turkey! Even if it's not Thanks Giving yet, hahaha.. Come on, this is such a very rare opportunity to have Turkey in this season, in a very special price too! You can choose whether you want it in slices (800/gr), in a burger (50k) or in a roll (50k) You can also choose your own sauces, they got six different sauces there, me personally love the turkey in a roll, with cranberry sauce, it's satisfyingly delicious! You just can't miss this one!


Instagram : @PlatinumGrill  |  Blog Post : Platinum Grill
Contacts : +6287852999907 (whatsapp) | +62317388990 (call) | platinumgrill (line) 
E-mail : info@theplatinumgrill.com

For you cake lovers, you can find a little bit of heaven in Scrumptious booth! They got some of their best yum yum cakes and also my favorite PUFF right on the display! I tried the Mini Lemon Cake (35k) and the Double Choco Marshmallow (35k), and they are just simply becoming my NEW FAVORITE! The Mini Lemon Cake is very light tasted, not too sour, just perfect. While the Double Choco Marshmallow is a heaven on my mouth! The adorable marshmallow on top taste sweet, the choco cake tastes like a dark choco, they got creme in between and another choco on the bottom. Must Try! 

Instagram : @Scrumptious_Sby
Blog Post : Scrumptious | Website : www,scrumptious.co.id
Contacts : +6285697976868 (whatsapp)

This is one of the most favorite booth of all! No kidding, they are running out of meat ball so fast these two days! For the broth, it might not be as savory as the usual meatball on the side of the street, because Bakso 234 is using NO MSG. The meat is chewy and tasty, not to mention their GORENGAN! NAGIH! For a cup, you only have to spend 20k, and you'll get 8 pieces of meatball or gorengan, you choose. 

Instagram : @Bakso234.ID
Contacts : +6287853463779 (text & whatsapp) | bakso234 (Line) | bakso234.id@gmail.com

If you're looking for oat, or simply want to change your lifestyle for the better, then Kreate Bar is perfect to be visited on this bazaar. The owner is very pretty, and living in a healthy life might be one of her beauty secret, hihi..
There are a lot of bowl choises there, I got the Truffle Affair and Magic Fit. I personally love the Magic Fit, because I basically love oat already and I also love fruits! So this is definitely a go for me! And I'm sure it will be a GO for you too! They have been selling hundreds of bowls for the past two days and make sure you'll get yours before it runs out!

Instagram : @KreateBar  | www.kreatebar.com/order (Menu & Order Form)
Contacts : +628113118858 | 26438A26 (BB) | info@kreatebar.com (email)

This is also one of the thing that you should try! Le Rabbit Dessert offers you a Soft Soya Pudding. Yesterday was the first time I ever tried soy pudding, and they were great! It was indeed soft, a bit watery but overall, the taste is really light on my palate, so these little bites are pretty much gave me joy while I was eating it. My personal favorite is the Classic one, and also the Taro flavor. Such a yummy treat and their price is only for 15k/pax, totally affordable!

Instagram : @LeRabbitDessert
Contacts : +6283831646434 (whatsapp) | 51240773 (BBM) | lerabbitdessert (line)
E-mail : lerabbitdessert@gmail.com

Spicy lovers! Come closer.. Come closer.. I just tried these yummy chili in jars that make me sweat! I got ALL THREE of them : Hot & Spicy Tuna, Daebak Kimchi, Tuna Chili, and also the NATUCHI (Nasi Tuna Kimchi) Rice-Tuna-Kimchi in a bowl. Though my dad is a Kimchi lovers, I personally don't like kimchi, and still don't like it until now, LOL. But The Tuna Chili just really stole my heart! The spiciness is quite strong but when you eat it with a warm rice, you'll know what I meant when I said it is 'stealing my heart'. And all of the chili are using 100% Olive Oil, so you don't have to worry, it's a healthy choice indeed.

Instagram : @HomeKitchen.Surabaya
Contacts : +6281234511990 & +6281350872222 (phone) | homekitchensurabaya (line)


Last but not the least, Petite Sucre! The booth is decorated in a very pretty and cute way! Just as sweet as their products. <3 So they are selling tartlets and also flavored pannacotta. I got three of their pies and also two pannacottas. Let me try to explain about the taste one by one.

The fist one is one of their newest flavor, Red Velvet Tartlet (30k), and this is suitable for you who love sweet. However, to me it feels a little bit overwhelming, because I personally love light tasted flavor according to desserts.
The second pie is a Fruit Tartlet (30k) , it's one of my favorite. It has peach all over the pie, and a little bit of kiwi and strawberries in the middle of it. So the flavor mixed up pretty well in my mouth.
The third pie is Strawberry Frangipane Tartlet (30k) and it's also my favorite. because they got a very yummy custard with a little bit of rhum in it, and to balance the taste, they added strawberries all around it. I just love it!
The pannacota were also nice, I got the Salted Caramel (20k) and also the Taro (20k). The first one is actually yummy, it even got popcorn on top of it! But it's too sweet for me, if they lessen the salted caramel, I might love it very much!  While the second one, tasted very light, and I finished it right away, haha..

Instagram : @PetiteSucreSby
Contacts : +6282131849285 (text) | 7456EAAB (BBM Fast Response)

Overall, I love my visit at On Market Go, because I discover a lot of healthy foods, and they are DELICIOUS! I really hope this post would help you to pick something for your lovely tummies! And please do say hi, if you see me at the bazaar today. I would love to see my readers too! <3 I promise I won't bite, hehehe.. And I also drew the map below WITH FREAKIN' PAINT APPLICATION! Hahahaha.. Appreciate that okay! I drew it for you, LOL.. 
See you when I see you!


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