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Hei guys, welcome back to the another episode of my culinary journey! Haha.. I actually been feeling so sad lately, I even cried to sleep these days just because I haven't been traveling abroad for the past two years, I haven't even traveled outside Java for these two years, and I'm feeling so stressed out right now not doing the thing that I wanted to do the most, ggahhhh! SOMEONE PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!! (okay enough) I'm going to tell you a story about a newly open joint in Surabaya :


This establishment actually has already had a store in Food Festival (east Surabaya), but I never been there because it's really far in the east, and it only opens at night, so.. nope~ Thankfully now they are expanding to the west! The location is actually quite challenging, but can also be promising, it's right in front of the Puncak Permai Apartment in Darmo Permai Street. 

If we are talking about the place, Just Coffee Specialty is considered pretty tiny, probably can only fit to around twenty or thirty people inside, but they offer you a nice ambiance. This place reminds me of Monopole Coffee Lab

So at that time, I was invited to their pre soft opening, along with the other foodies. We gathered around, got introduced to the owners and they explained about the things that we were going to do that day and they also gave us some hints about the foods and the drinks that we were going to try.

The first thing that was introduced to us were these mini sized glasses, filled with three different drinks, which was mogito (32k), creme brulee (32k), and dark chocolate (29k). My personal favorite was the mogito, then the dark chocolate and then the creme brulee, but overall, three of them were great!

After that, they gave us this BCM Sandwich (33k) which stands for Bacon Cheese Mushroom. And to me, it was very nice! It's light, delicious and on top of that, they got bacon! Anything should taste greater with Bacon, aite?

If you're a burger lover, they got some burgers that were so hard to resist! There's this Cheese Burger 53k and also Cheat Day Burger 72k (top picture) that will give you melting cheese all over the patty and if you want something more tempting, then this very seducing Babe Burger (55k) is all that you need! (picture below)

It was a little bit of a fail moment though, because the sunny side up seemed so fragile when it came, especially the jiggly egg yolk! I thought the egg yolk would be pouring down all over the burger when we cut it, but as you can see, only a little amount of the egg yolk that went out and melted down, hahaha.. #penontonkecewa

Another things that we tried that day were Nachos 25k, Just coffee brownies 28k, and Sea Salt Caramel (28k). The Nachos was using bolognaise sauce, but it's different with the one that Option's has, this one is more watery. While the brownies was good, served with two small scoops of ice creams and the Sea Salt Caramel also taste nice.

All in all, my first time experience here was actually nice. Everyone was pretty satisfied, they did enjoy the place, foods and drinks were good, we told them about what was missing and overwhelming on their menus already, so they should be doing better now! Hopefully the business will do great in the future and if you're curious about the place, just pay them a visit! :)

Just Coffee Specialty
Ruko Bavarian Village 7-G | Jl. Darmo Permai 3
Prepare around 70k-100k/person
Walk in customers allowed
Non Smoking Area
Wi-Fi & EDC Machine Available
Power Outlets Available

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