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Navy Seals Indonesia

Hello Hello again!
LOL I've been posting quite a lot this month (and there's still a lot more to write). But I guess it's okay, you like it, don't you? hahaha.. Sometimes I'm so tired of writing, but right after my 'galau' moment, an email or a comment ALWAYS came out to my notification, saying something (mirip mirip) like this, "Hey Laura, I've been reading your blog for (insert some period of time here), and it really helps me a lot! Thank you. Keep writing" or "Hi Laura, thank you for being an inspiration.. I truly love your blog, and it also helps me learning about writing a blog." so on and so on.. AND THAT WHAT KEEPS ME WRITING UNTIL NOW, so THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SUCH A SWEET SUPPORTING READER, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! <3<3<3<3<3 LOVE YOU ALL TO THE MOON AND BACK UNLIMITED TIMES.. :) I guess that is a sign that I shouldn't give up so easy, I know I'm building something good in here and I'm just so thankful I got this far <3
So back in the story~ Last week, me and my friends were planning to have a visit at this new opening restaurant, we were not being the invitation this time, we paid for everything we ate, okay? At first I was not really sure about the place and their overall menus, but I saw their Instagram Pictures and the foods seemed quite appealing for my hungry tummy, so why don't I give them a try?

Burger Chicken Burrito

From their Instagram Pictures, I already knew that they are selling burger, chicken, and burrito, but when I arrived and saw the place, my question about, "Is it a fast food restaurant?" was getting stronger. Because from the front side, it does like a typical fast food restaurant kind of setting. Hmm?
So this place is located in the border between the center and the east side of Surabaya, if you know the famous souvenir shop Mirota, then you just need to drive a little further, and Navy Seals will be on your left.

This place can contain for about a hundred and fifty people in total; around eighty people inside, and around seventy people outside. There's nothing really fancy about the interior design, but what I love about it was the high ceiling and the hanging lamps, there's just something interesting about it. And they also choose to use metallic iron for their tables and chairs

To order the food, the waiter will come to your table and give you the menu just like any other usual restaurant. Then they will placed your order to the cashier and they will stick the checklist order on your table just in case to make sure that they are delivering the right menu and to make sure they have deliver all your order. They also have the "open kitchen", where you can see how they are cooking your food. And by this, it is safe to say that this is not a fast food restaurant. 


Caesar Salads (45k)
Breakfast Burrito Steak (45k)
Carbonara (45k)
Aglio Olio (35k)
American Fries (20k)
Onion Ring (25k)

Hungry Burger Double Classic 55k
Hungry Burger Classic (Single) 40k 
In my very humble opinion, even though there was no complaint about the whole foods that we ate, I think the Double Classic Burger worth the price at most. Simply because of its portion. If you can see, the Breakfast Burrito is very tiny compared to the burger, but the price is around that range. The same thing goes to the salad, and the carbonara. Another thing that I really like was the Onion Ring! Really crunchy and tasty! I guess I always have this thing about Onion Ring. <3


Overall, Navy Seals is not the kind of place to hangout, it's best to come here at lunch time, or whenever you feel like you want to eat their food. I heard that their nachos and tacos are exceptionally yummy! We couldn't order it that time because they told us it was sold out already. So I might come back for their mexican foods and I also haven't tried their dessert yet.
Oh, and one thing that disturbs me was the paper under the foods (salads and pasta). Tell me is it safe to have our wet foods on top of the paper and then eat it all together? Because at some point it kind of gross to me.

Navy Seals Indonesia
Prepare around 100k/person
Walk in Customers Allowed
Smoking Area Available

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  1. harus e lu nyobak seng hungry sailor
    mnrt ku itu seng paling joss
    mbe rasa daging e aku blm nemuno (penjual) seng isa nyamai rasa hungry sailor e navy seal

    untung lu ndak beli ayam goreng e
    ayam goreng e paling ancur mnrt ku
    sakno ayam e mati sia2

    1. LOL.. Nanti kapan aku coba lagi wes.. hahaha.. Thank you, very well noted!

  2. tergantung kertas e
    lek kertas food grade ya aman2 ae lek kemakan
    (bener e kambing pun suka makan kertas)





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