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Publique Cafe Surabaya (Review)

Last night I just read Captain Ruby's blog and wonder again why can't I write like that?lol.. So fluent and so clear, he has strong points when he criticize, yet the way he wrote it just not as offending as it sounds. No wonder so many bloggers (obviously me included) look up to him, I guess if I'm the one who wrote about articles like he did, the title won't be "The Restaurants That I'm Happy to Review" but it will be, "Why Restaurants Owners Needs to Appreciate Bloggers More" and I'm pretty sure I will gain haters right after the blog post is live, lol..
I have a lot of posts to share to you this month! Really.. Besides five more posts about Ranu Kumbolo Trip, I also have Yogyakarta Trip coming up soon! New Cafes, Coffee Shops and Restaurants here in Surabaya are also haven't stop growing in numbers. So, be prepared guys! hahaha.. I might spam! <3

Publique Cafe

So this Cafe just checked another mark on the list of eatery place at west side of Surabaya. To make it easier for you to notice, Publique Cafe is located in front of Papaya Supermarket, right next to Tab Hotel. The board name is not really big, but yet it's still visible.

Publique Cafe has two floors of dining area, with a limited amount of seats available. The first floor can only fit to twenty people (including the bar) but as you can see on these pictures, they offers a good looking interior design still. Though it's not the greatest one out there, but at least you still can see their effort to make the customers feels comfortable staying in.

The theme that they picked for Publique Cafe is none other than the Rustic interior design, using a lot of woods and metal material for the furniture and decorations, just like Pipe and Barrel. Have I told you that the owner of both Cafes are the same? Yes they are! ;)

Next up :
Second Floor!

On the second floor, they have more space for dining, and they provide two tables at the balcony outside for their smoking area too. The decorations is a little bit fancier here and I noticed that most people prefer to dine on the second floor than on the first one. I guess the ambiance just feels more alive. Restroom are available on both floor, they were big and clean and that's quite relieving for me, hahaha..

For the menu, they still don't have too many variety to be served, but honestly when I read through it, I knew that I wasn't familiar with those kind of foods. I guess they were Vietnamese? I really have no idea about Vietnamese Cuisine, but I took the chance to try them by just ordering the most catchy names and what I thought might be their signature dishes, here they are :

They produce their own cakes and pannacotta too! 

Saigon Pho (40k)

Rojak Cassava (22k)
Publique Rice Paddy (38k)

Kim's Bulgogi Pao (38k)

Chai Tea SnowBall (25k)

Overall thoughts about the foods is, it doesn't really fit to my palate. Most of them were kind of sweet, while I love salty and savory food. Well, the Saigon Pho wasn't sweet, but I think it needs lots of spices, I could hardly feel the taste of the broth and the beef was also less tender. The Publique Rice Paddy almost won my heart, as the rice was cooked dry and it was savory. But the yellow sauce on top of it was pretty sweet. If you love the salty and sweet kind of foods, this one would blow you away! Last one, Kim's Bulgogi Pao got everyone's attention with its very soft Pao, and juicy meat. Again, it was sweet, but this one I could tolerate. :)

Some suggestions for you <3 :
- Parking lot is considered limited, so go there together with your friends to save parking space.
- The front door is quite hard to be opened, but the key is just to push it harder, use more power, haha
- On my first visit, I didn't hear any song playing there, so if felt quite quiet, haha..
- Serving time was quite long
- Some of the waiters were nice, some were just didn't care
- No WiFi installed yet was okay, but No Signal (Except Simpati) is not acceptable, please do something about it. :)

Publique Cafe Surabaya
Ruko Sentra Darmo Villa A-20
10.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Prepare 100k/person

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