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Another innovation is growing among Surabaya's eatery places! Woohoo! The first time I heard about this restaurant, I actually felt excited, because earlier back then when I recognized them, they are the first one to have gastronomical foods in their restaurant. But because the place is really far from my house, I couldn't manage to pay them a visit. Until last week, they invited me along with the other foodies to try their newest menu

Before we jumped right into the food section, let me tell you about the place first, okay? So Anonimus Restaurant is placed in Palacio Wedding Chapel, and where is that? It's rather in the south and east of Surabaya, on Nginden Semolo street. You have to really pay attention when you're on that street because the first time I went there, I couldn't even notice Palacio because it was covered with big trees, and stuffs. The hint is, when you see an Alfamart or Indomaret, Palacio won't be far from them. Just pay attention to your left.

After you got in, just go straight and park in their basement. You can take the stairs or the elevator, Anonimus Restaurant is on the first floor.

If we're talking about the place, Anonimus Restaurants offers you such a fine space. It can contains around 80 people inside. Their furniture are mostly made from a solid wood *watched out your leg, one hit could make you bruise* Everything in here looks so neat and clean. And I really love the very big window on the right side, it's so perfect for natural lighting as usual #ehem. 

But too bad I didn't try their signature foods like the one that's made with liquid nitrogen or foods that contains exotic ingredients. We were invited there to try their newest menu that doesn't include those unique stuffs, but no worries, these new menus are still mouth watering, all of us loved most of them! Just see yourself <3

Salmon Ceviche
Pan Seared Salmon with Creamy Rice
Braised Pork Belly
Beef in Three Ways

The Pan Seared Salmon with Creamy Rice is totally worth every calories! The rice is creamy but the salmon is also savory and the whole plate got a twisty taste from the balsamic vinegar. I truly love this dish! Beef in Three Ways has also won my heart  with those meats! They key in here is to test out the beef with their sauces, there were some kind of salsa sauce, thailand sauce and wasabi sauce. I love these three beef while the sauce I totally fell for the chopped onion & tomatoes that I called the salsa sauce, haha.. #sakkarepedewe. Braised Pork Belly was the biggest tempation of all! Just by looking at those shiny slices of meat, you knew you wanted it so bad, and it's truly a challenge to share this kind of dish. <3

Overall, Anonimus Restaurant is one of the hidden gem in Surabaya. Though the place is really far from the crowd of other happening restaurants in town and it's quite hard to find, but they offer you such nice place and most of all, good foods. Well, that's from my honest point of view. You got to try it to believe it :)

Anonimus Restaurant
Nginden Semolo 42W, 1st Floor
(Palacio Wedding Chapel)
Monday - Sunday : 10 AM - 10 PM
RSVP : Kathleen 082244101492
Bring 200k+/person
Wifi & EDC Machine Available

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