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Hey guys!
Here's another newly open hangout place in town and I bet you're going to love this place as much as I do! If I might say this place is comparable to Domicile Kitchen & Lounge, my all time favorite hangout place in Surabaya. They just run this place for less than a month, but I'm pretty sure it has been stealing everyone's heart even though they haven't officially sound too much about their opening. 

Colibri Kitchen & Mixology

I took the front picture at night but the inside picture at noon, lol.. Pardon!

Alright! So.. I'm kind of excited writing about this place, hahaha.. First of all Colibri Kitchen and Mixology is placed in Jawa street, exactly in front of Thirty Three Brew Coffee Shop. Second of all, the place is quite huge, I think the capacity is for around 150 people inside. Third of all, they picked industrial theme for the interior design, simple, but at the same time also fancy. I love almost everything about this place, honestly.

When I first came to Colibri Kitchen and Mixology, I noticed that the waiter and the waitresses were very friendly. They opened the door for me, asked me where I wanted to be seated, asked me if it's the first time I visited Colibri, suggested me their favorite menus and they were also very cooperative when I started to capture everything with my camera. I felt accepted completely there, lol.. #lebay

They got dining tables, sofas and also bar, you're free to choose!

I don't know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, but Colibri set a different placement for their areas. So the pictures that you just saw above were their main hall which also is the smoking area and on the left side of the main hall (pictures below), there's an alley for the non smoking area. Kind of different from the rest, but who knows people would like it better this way. Me? I don't mind, though I'd prefer to be seated in the non smoking area, but unless the smoke is not really disturbing, I guess I still can handle it. 

In the non smoking area, the ambiance was a little bit different, it's brighter and has more colors. If you're a foodies, or a white theme lovers, I'm sure you'd prefer this area better. And oh, did I tell you that they have installed some big screen TVs that's playing the food channel both at the smoking and the non smoking area? Did I also tell you that the songs that they played here are the best for chillin' out? Another reasons to love this place even more!


They have pretty various things to offer in Colibri Kitchen and Mixology. Foods mostly modern European foods, from the appetizer, entree, to the dessert, while the drinks are also varied, started from coffee, tea, milkshake, mocktail, juice, soft drink, they even served infused water too! The price are pretty fair for such place, but to be honest, the 10% + 10% tax was pretty shocking to me, hahaha..

Beef Tenderloin Wrapped with Bacon (135k)
Popsicle Carbo (35k)

Chocolate Souffle (42k)

Oven-Baked Lamb Rack with Dijon Mustard Herb Crushed (115k)

 Caesar Salad (46K) Orange Juice (28k)

Toughts about their foods :
Well.. To be honest, improvements are needed in here. I'm not saying the foods are bad. The foods were actually good. But they need to look carefully for the plating. And also to the consistency of their serving. The Beef Tenderloin Wrapped with Bacon was supposed to be soft and tender but in my case, it wasn't, too bad because the sauce was great. The Popsicle Carbo needs just a little more sweetness in it. While the Chocolate Souffle was a little under cooked, but I believe it was just two minutes away from perfection. My friend ordered Cafe Latte, and it has too much foam in it and he also said it was too sweet for him.

My second visit involved the Oven-Baked Lamb Rack with Dijon Mustard Herb Crushed; it smells and looks tempting (except for the 'hashtag' garnish plating, you need to change that seriously), the Green Mashed Potato tasted excellent, the sauce was very tasty, but the Lamb has too much mustard on it and when we cut the meat, it was still rare, yet we ordered it to be cooked in a Medium Well level. So we asked for an explanation and they took it back and made us the new one. The second Lamb Rack came, and we loved loved loved it very much. See? I believe they have the capability to serve great foods! My Caesar Salad, was nothing but yummy! I loved it very much especially the egg yolk! You should order that. The Orange Juice was okay and another Cafe Latte still needs improvements, because my friend said it was really sweet. But the foam was much less than the first one I saw on my first visit. So the suggestion might be : separate the sugar from the latte. :)

Overall! Despite the fact that they need to work on their kitchen, I still totally in love with the place and the ambiance of Colibri Kitchen & Mixology, even their toilet is so pretty, hahaha.. I'm sure there are rooms for improvements, and it's still soft opening anyways. So I just can give them support to move forward for the better. I'm surely going to come back another time. Can't wait to the Grand Opening!

Colibry Kitchen & Mixology
Jl. Jawa no 32 Surabaya
RSVP : +6231 5029392
01.00 PM - 10.00 PM (weekdays)
01.00 PM - Midnight (weekend)
Bring around 200k/person
Wifi & EDC Machine are availabe

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