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An 'exposed' themed cafe is now pretty popular in Surabaya. Well, the key to have this theme is just to install the widest window you could've ever imagined on your cafe, so that the natural light can strike in easily. There are pros and cons about this type of design, and the place that I'm going to share to you about, is kind of a little bit too much exposed, haha..


I came to The Localist the same day as I visited Communal but I decided to hold this post a little bit longer, because I have so many pending posts that I'm holding in, and I need to arrange their uploading time one by one. Anyways.. I came there around 02.00 PM, and the first time I stepped in, it was kind of warm inside and the sun light was striking like crazy, even the waiters were hiding themselves, lol.. 

Ah before I forgot, I haven't tell you about its location. It's in Arief Rachman Hakim street. If you are coming from Klampis, just go straight until you found a traffic light, turn left, and then look for a U turn on your right, The Localist will be on your left. It's pretty eye catching since the building is big, and the cafe is on the second floor, you'll notice the board name from a far.

I was actually took the chance and challenged myself to sit right beside the window, hahaha.. But the waiters suggested (or I might say insisted) me to sit inside where the sun didn't really strike. So on a second thought, I agreed with him and sat inside where it was a little less warm. If you're wondering about how big the capacity, The Localist can accommodate around seventy to eighty people, you can either sit beside the window, upstairs, or further inside. 

For the menu, The Localist serves quite a random type of foods, they sell western foods, italian foods, indonesian foods and also chinese foods. For the drinks, they got coffee, frappe, soft drinks, juices, tea, and also mocktails with such unique names which make you wanted to try them all, lol. Price wise, it's pretty affordable compared to the others, around 15k to 55k for both foods and beverages.

Special Fried Rice Rp. 35.000,-

So this is what I tried, and unfortunately it wasn't the type of fried rice that I expected and I desired. I prefer my fried rice to be dry and savory, while this fried rice was the total opposite. So, yeah, too bad it wasn't very pleasing.

My overall thoughts about The Localist : I think this place is pretty cozy, but you have to pay attention to your visiting time. Avoid the hours when the sun is striking straight to the window (around 01.00 PM to 03.30 PM). Ambiance was okay, though they played Indonesian songs, which to me is kind of a turn off, but who knows it's a plus to the others. Waiter and waitresses were kind and helpful. Taste was below my expectation, but the price is considered cheap. Didn't visit the toilet because it was kinda far, and lastly, the parking lot is not spacious, but the road is big enough to give you parking spot, so hopefully it won't be a problem.

The Localist Coffee and Bistro Surabaya
Jl. Arief Rahman Hakim no 40
11.00 AM - Night
RSVP : +6231 5937373
Bring 70k-100k+/person
Wifi & EDC Machine Available

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