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After almost two years being an active blogger who's focusing more about hangout places, restaurants and cafes in Surabaya (and other places), there are things that has changed in my life, and that's including my weight, lol. I usually weight about 44kg-46kg in general, but lately, the number gained to 48kg and it even reached 51kg once, and I freaked out, hahaha.. It's just that, I'm not a person who really cares about my weight before this as I never gain any weight since junior high, and I have always been the skinny girl who can't get fat. BUT NOT ANYMORE *cry cry*

Of course, even though my credibility as a food blogger is now pretty much recognized as I become fluffier. *no one believes in a skinny food blogger they said* but still, I'm a 20 something woman who needs to look carefully at my own appearance! #masijomblo #hahaha #becandalo So then, I tried to find some ways to weight back down.

The first thing that I tried was to not eat, but I failed, pretty easily, hahaha.. I couldn't help it, I love to eat, a lot *sigh* And I always unconsciously find myself snacking, lol.. So yeah, that one didn't work for me. I have to keep eating, haha.. #gamauusaha Then the second effort was yoghurt. I recently love to buy yoghurt drink, and sometime I buy the actual yoghurt. It did help me with my digestion, but not slimming me down. However, I still drink it regularly every day, because it tastes sooo good.

I actually have heard a lot of good things about detox with juices, but I never tried it because I never see the actual result, until I saw someone posting about her journey with detox juice and I saw her picture, her tummy is really slim! She told us on her caption that since she hit 30, her metabolism is not as good as before, so she got bloated easily now and looks like a 6 months old preggie every time. So she started the 3 days detox and the result was amazing on her.

I didn't know if it's because of the brand of the juice or it will be the same with all those detox juices that's sold online, but I'm really interested to give it a try! And because she lives in LA, of course I won't be able to get the juices that she drank, I have to find an alternate here in Surabaya. But like Afgan said, "Jodoh Pasti Bertemu" or "Soulmate will Certainly Meet", out of nowhere, Fruit Ministry contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their juices. Voila! YES YES YES!

So Fruit Ministry is an online based shop, where they sell healthy goodies. I knew Fruit Ministry way back before, since the first time there was Basha Market, but I never tried any of their products. I read their philosophy, and it says, "We select only the freshest ingredients available for our products. All our products are made without preservatives and no added refined sugar, all natural" Hmm.. Legit!


I woke up around 08.00 AM and was about to drink the juice but then I realized I haven't took any picture of it. So I brainstormed about how can I got the picture, rushed down and took the juices, picked the photo location, and started clicking the shutter. It took me an hour for that, because this session is a bit challenging. Then I decided to take just a clear picture. haha.. I started out pretty late but I guess it won't change the effect as long as I finished all the bottles in a day.

Into The Beet
Rp. 35.000 || 7/10
Beetroot, Apple, Carrot
Mind Refresh, Sharp Vision, Stress Relief, Detoxify, Max Energy
For the start, this juice tasted pretty normal. It has the sweet taste from the apple, but the beetroot gave an aftertaste like you're drinking grass including the soil, lol. But overall, I still could finish the juice.

Mid Morning
Rp. 35.000,-  || 7.5/10
Green Grape, Chinese Kale, Celery, Cucumber
Cancer Fighting, Skin Glow, Curb Appetite
I was so hesitated to drink this one, because I read what it contained inside and I just knew that I won't like it. The plan was to drink it at around 11.00 AM but I drank it an hour later because of too much hesitation. When I opened the bottle, it smelled really like greens. kind of refreshing actually. And it didn't taste as horrible as I imagined, it turns out pretty good. #fiuh Ps : Before I took this juice, I cheated and ate a half cm potato, lol.. Hopefully that doesn't count.

Red Devil
Rp. 35.000,- || 7.5/10
Strawberry, Watermelon, Coconut, Water
Energy Boost + Metabolism, Prevents Constipation, Thirst Quencher
I thought this one is going to be the best one or the tastiest one, but no, it just tasted okay. Maybe because there's water added so there was not much of a flavor there, but it's still joyfully drinkable. I started to pee a lot on the third juice. And I noticed that it changed color into red, haha..

Pina Colada
Rp. 35.000,- || 9 /10
Pineapple, Jicama, Mint, Orange
Stronger Immunity, Lower Blood Pressure
I never liked Pina Colada Cocktail, but surprisingly, this juice has the best taste of all! Well, it's not like the real Pina Colada Cocktail, it was totally different (maybe that's why it tasted so good, lol). It's really refreshing, like drinking soda, haha.. This is the funnest one to drink.

Late Noon
Wassup Doc
Rp. 35.000,- || 9/10
Apple, Carrot, Celery
Stronger Bones & Teeth, Soothes Migraines & Aches
This one, unexpedctedly has the sweetest taste of all! I was afraid that I wasn't able to drink it, because it contains celery and carrot, egh.. But NO! It turns out really good! Loved it! Definitely one of my most favorite.

Monster Elixir
Rp. 35.000,- || 7.5/10
Apple Celery Lettuce Chinese Kale Cucumber Spinach Lemon
Super Detox Blood Cleanse pH balance Regulates Bowel Movements
I remember I drank this juice pretty quickly, not because it tasted bad, I just felt kind of thirsty because of the previous juice was really sweet, and this one has a neutral taste, so I drank it pretty fast. I didn't really remember about how was the flavor, nothing really stood out, but okay :)

Bedtime Snacks
Almond Mylk
Rp. 35.000,- || 7/10
Purified Water, Almonds, Dates, Pink Salt
Packed with Calcium & Proteins, Promotes Deep, Sound Sleep.
Finally! The last one to drink! This Almond Mylk I believe really gave me a good sleep. I remember I was drinking it like a baby with their bottle milk. I almost fell to sleep while drinking it, lol #mungkinsayalelah


Before & After
The day before I started One Day Detox with Fruit Ministry, my weight was in 47,5kg and as you can see, my tummy was kinda bloated. After I finished detoxing, my weight shrinking to 45,5kg and my tummy is less bloated, or you might say i's flat! hahaha.. If I'm adding a work out routine, I'm sure the result would be better than this. but only drinking the juices is already enough and now I really believe that detoxing is actually WORKING!

But the thing about detoxing is that you will find yourself starving and constantly wanting to eat something salty, because all those juices were sweet. I honestly cheated several times, haha.. I ate one piece of crackers, one piece of nugget, one centimeter of potato, and an egg. It was all because I need it to neutralize my tongue from all the sweetness from the juice. But despite the cheating, I still lost 2 kg, so.. it's still tolerable.. ;P

Okay guys! Last but not least, I highly recommend the juice detox by Fruit Ministry, it really works for me, so it might works for you too! Would be MUCH better if you're combining the detox with a work out routine. Besides juices, they are also selling almond mylk, granola and bowl. You can pick based on your own needs, your own preferences. :) I hope this post helps, and see you guys on my next review! *kiss*

Name : Fruit Ministry
Phone : +628157379000
Instagram : @fruitministry

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  1. wuooow, only all of these juice a day then it's works in 3 days?

    1. Surely! If one day detox can give me such result, I have no doubt for three days detox.. :)

  2. Well, it would be better if they had a better service. Recently, I ordered their 1 day detox package and the package didn't arrive until afternoon. I can't even contact them and they didn't pick up my call. They could've told me that my order will come (VERY) late so I wouldn't have to starve myself. So, I'm a little disappointed.

  3. If we order the 3 day detox..Are we only supposed to drink the juices for 3 days? No food?

    1. Yes.. But if you never tried detoxing, I recommend you to get the one day detox first.. Hehehe.. But if you think you can handle it, go ahead :)

  4. Whoow I'll try it soon. liburan bikin gendut :'DD






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