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Hey Guys!
It seems like new openings are here there and everywhere in this town lately. I've been going around the town trying all of them, some are good, some are okay, but trust me, this one, is going to worth your every penny! A simple place, with a simple menu, standard price, but taste delightful!

Head On Cafe 

Head On Cafe is located in the west side of Surabaya and It's easy to spot this cafe. I know all of you guys have been to Monopole Coffee Lab, right? Well, Head On Cafe is just 5 house away from it. The place is quite wide and the signage is pretty big plus there's this giant synthetic grass above it, so I'm sure you'll see it right away, no worries.

So Head On Cafe can accommodate up to 50 people inside, but to be honest, the interior design of this place is quite in the middle range and not really insta-genic. Well, me personally don't really mind about Cafe Interiors as long as it's still comfortable, foods are great and has window so that the sunlight can come in, which they are. But maybe an advice won't hurt. I think adding more air conditioner would do you good in the future, as it could get really hot at noon especially for foodies like us who loves to sit by the window, hehe..

I was quite in a rush at that time, because I'm an (temporary) office girl now, I don't have much time to spent in a cafe as I had before. So please pardon my fugly interior pictures. I tried my best to take the overall view of this place. But what I like about this place are those chic lamps and they also have projector inside, for you who loves to watch football match, Head On can be one great choice! :)


For the menu, Head On Cafe serves lovely dishes that people mostly like to order in a restaurant, like breakfast dishes, salad, pasta, sandwich, pizza, etc. But though the menu is quite common, they cook it in such excellency that made us think it was no ordinary dishes! Like no kidding, most of the menu that we tried there was delightful to all of us. <3 

Queso Derretido French Fries (34k)
French Fries with Melting Cheddar and Bacon
Egg Benedict - Bacon - Red Holandaise Sauce (49k)
Freshly English Muffin with Poached Egg, Sauteed Spinach 
served with Hollandaise sauce and mixed salad. 
Choice : Smoked Salmon, Bacon, Ham | Red, Yellow Sauce
Meat Lover Pizza (60k)
Homemade BBQ Sauce, Australian minced beef
Bacon, Ham, Salami & Mozarella Cheese
Head On Giant Breakfast (53k)
Eggs any style, sausages wrapped in bacon, grilled tomato and mushrooms, sauteed spinach and baby potato, and white toast
Egg Benedict - Smoked Salmon - Yellow Holandaise Sauce (49k)
Freshly English Muffin with Poached Egg, Sauteed Spinach 
served with Hollandaise sauce and mixed salad. 
Choice : Smoked Salmon, Bacon, Ham | Red, Yellow Sauce
Margarita Pizza (45k)
Homemade Italian tomato Sauce Mixed Herbs, Sliced Tomatoes, Mushroom and Mozarella Cheese

Head On Burger (55k)
Grilled Beef Patty, Fresh Lettuce, Sliced Tomato,
Red Cheddar and Mozarella Cheese and Mayonnaise
Served with Home Made BBQ Sauce
Primavera Pasta (40k)
Spaghetti with Creamy Sauce, Asparagus, Tomato
Cherry, Onion, Mushroom, Basil & Parmesan

Chicken Parmigiana (70k)
Deep Fried Chicken with melted Mozarella Cheese, served with Mashed Potato, Salad and Homemade Italian Tomato Sauce.
Fresh Pancake - Vanilla Ice Cream (39k)
Fresh Classic Buttermilk Pancake, served with Mixed Fruits, Maple Syrup and Butter.
Any Choice : Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate Ice Cream
Left : Tuna Ciabatta (42k)
Shredded Tuna and Boiled Egg Mixed with Mayonnaise and Served with Fresh Lettuce, Sliced Tomato.

My thoughts on the foods :
*disclaimer* Honestly I didn't try all of the foods that were served because they were all shared and there were actually some dishes that I got no time to shoot, as I said before, I was in a rush, and I had to take turns with all my foodies friend to take photos of one food. So pardon if I had some ugly pictures of the foods as well in here. 

My most favorite one : Meat Lover Pizza & Queso Derretido French Fries
You must try : Chicken Parmigiana,  Head On Giant Breakfast
Unique Menu : Egg Benedict - Red Holandaise Sauce, Affogatto

Head On Cafe
Raya Darmo Permai I no 52
12.00 PM - 10.00 PM
Closed Every Monday
Wifi not available yet
Prepare 100k/person 

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