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Kooffee Roof Bar Surabaya (Review)

Hey guys!
I'm sure you've been seeing photos people with the floating duck lately? Yep? Emairait? I know I'm right! Hahaha.. Because yes, they are the first Roof Bar Cafe in Surabaya that brings new playful experience for the customer by putting the floating duck on their pool! I've been there once and I'm ready to tell you the whole story about this place.

Kooffee Roof Bar
Koffee Roof Bar placed in the middle of our lovely town, it's in Gubeng Street, precisely inside the G-Suites Hotel. To reach this place, I'm suggesting you guys to better take the road from Sulawesi Street. Well you can actually come from Panglima Sudirman Street to Karimun Jawa street and cross your way from Siloam Hospital, but I don't really recommend that. I did that before and it caused quite a chaos, haha.. I was crossing the road literally like a boss. LOL 

Kooffee Roof Bar is not as big as I thought it would be. It can only fit to 35 people, but the decorations is pretty chic and it makes the place feels so alive. But unfortunately, when I went there, there were only two person in charge. The first one was inside the bar making the drinks, while the other one was running around taking customer's order and stuff. It was not effective at all as they were really busy with their tasks, they were not even paying attention to the customers itself. (I waved my hand several times, but none noticed)

What actually makes Kooffee Roof Bar interesting is because they have a pool with a floating duck and every customers have the privilege to take pictures on it. And since it's in the rooftop, you can enjoy the view from the 11th floor.

To get on the duck, you have to be pretty careful and aware, you don't want to get yourself all wet right? haha.. To make it smoother, you better take off your shoes, and you can actually use some help from the waiter. Once you landed your butt on the duck, you can let the fun begin. Don't worry, the duck is attached to a cable wire that's tied to the pool handle, so you won't go too far or even worse, fall from the 11th floor, haha.. (sorry that's actually pretty creepy)


For the menu, Kooffee Roof Bar serves quite a various dishes, they got mostly western menus, some are Indonesian foods and perhaps a couple of Chinese cuisine. Price wise, it's only around 25k to 58k. Not too pricey for a roof top bar like this.

The Ultimate Steak with Buttered Rice (55k)
"For the perfect steak and the most mind-blowing
Roast Potatoes you'll ever taste, this is it!"
Banana Honey Caramel (Banana + Ice Cream) 32k
"Lighter, fluffy Pancake served with our Secret Recipe
Ice Cream and Banana will make your day sweeter.

I ordered two dishes, and both has their own stories. The Ultimate Steak with Buttered Rice was a total misunderstanding. On the menu, the title says "The Ultimate Steak with Buttered Rice", and the description says : the most mind-blowing Roast Potatoes you'll ever taste. But when it came, there were no roast potatoes there, and when I asked about it, the waitresses said, "Uhm.. Yes, if you choose roast potatoes for the side dish, you'll get the roast potatoes instead of rice." And I was like, "But the title itself said "with Buttered Rice" and the description said "Roast Potatoes" so I thought I should've gotten the buttered rice with the roast potatoes right? And you didn't ask me whether I wanted the buttered rice or the roast potatoes in the first place, so then what now?" She couldn't say anything and left. It was really mind-twisting.. rrr.. Thankfully it tasted good, lol..

While the Banana Honey Caramel was actually another confusion. At first I tasted it and was about to complain hard, because I spooned the white ice cream but it tasted sour. I thought it was spoilt, but the waitresses again said, "Uhm.. It's not spoilt, it's yoghurt". She left me and my friend speechless. The menu doesn't say anything about Yoghurt and suddenly there was Yoghurt mixing with chocolate ice cream? Hmm.. I just can say that it truly didn't work, the yoghurt and chocolate ice cream and caramel... *scratching my head really hard* Oh and one more : It says "Lighter, fluffy Pancake" but I didn't get the "Pancake". As it was not on the plate, and I just realized it right now as I'm writing this blog post, LOL..
I truly feel that there should be a large room for improvement in here. You have to add more waiter and waitresses to serve the customers, and they also have to be very detail oriented in doing their job. For instance, I didn't get cutleries and it was so hard for me to call the waiter as they were busy on their own inside the bar. Also, you have to be brief with what you wrote on the menu and the realization on the plate. I hope the case that I experienced won't be repeated in the future. :) I guess that's all from me.

Kooffee Roof Bar Surabaya
G Suites Hotel lt 11
Jl Raya Gubeng No 43 Surabaya
Monday - Friday 14.00 - 22.00
Saturday - Sunday 12.00 -  23.00
Bring 100k each person is enough

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  1. hoaa, kayaknya itu buku menu nya perlu di edit, ce :p

  2. Hei Laura! I really like your review, I mean, there are good and bad point, so it s great you're being honest, that's what really makes the quality of a reviewer! The pool with the ducks it so original, and everything looks so hipster! Adore it!


    1. Thank you.. :) It's been a while since the last time I got this kind of comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

  3. I just ate there and had a bad experience, the service is so disappointing. Me and my friends were asked to leave because they are giving our table for people with reservation. Which is weird because there were no reservation sign when we first came. Mind you, they the have the nerve to ask wether we'd like to order or not, if not they'll use our table for others. Very very rude. Not to mention they don't specify the bills. After we pay, one of the waiter chase us and said there are unpaid bills that they forgot to add. They forgot to add 400.000 rupiah! Definitely not going back. Not worth any cent


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  5. Hai Laura
    Terima kasih sudah ingin mereview tempat kami dan sudah berkunjung
    Kunjungi Website resmi kami di Kooffeeplus Surabaya
    Best Regards

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