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Hey guys!
Finally, all of the slot in Spazio Terrace are now occupied, and I'm glad Wow Cow is in it. Why am I glad? Because I tried it once in Bali and fell in love the most with its Frozen Yoghurt, I've been missing it ever since. So Wow Cow is actually the first Frozen Yoghurt chain from Australia and has been opened in Bali for almost two years. Now it is coming to Surabaya, with a little twist, they not only selling frozen yoghurt, but also foods!

Wow Cow Eatery & Dessert

Wow Cow is finally in town! Woohoo! So I was about to come to Hayoo Kumpul Bazaar when I saw that Wow Cow sign standing next to Il Gelato Di Bruno. I couldn't help but stop by and take a peek. The place is just like the other restaurants in Spazio Terrace, small, probably only fit to less than 20 people inside, but you can still sit outside. Their back side is still in progress, and I still have no idea what it would become next.

As you can see that here in Wow Cow they got a lot of details that I catches my eye. What I like about its interior is their lamps, their wooden decoration, their marble kitchen table, their floor and the upside down cow on the ceiling. It's like a mixture of country side with modern touch.

Wow Cow Surabaya has a lot of brunch menu to offer, and the pricing is around 25k to 85k, pretty high standard for a small cafe. But after all everything is going to get down to the taste.

Spicy Tuna Sandwich (65k)

Cafe Latte (32k)

I couldn't help myself but to order for its Frozen Yoghurt right away when I got in, but sadly it was not available yet, and unfortunately most of the menu were unavailable yet. So I only got to try their Sandwich with Panini bread. :(

I Overall, Wow Cow is a pretty nice place to hangout for a brunch or for an afternoon meeting, too bad I couldn't get what I wanted on my first and my second visit. Will come back again later! Hope all the best for your opening and I truly wait for the frozen yoghurt okay! <3

Wow Cow Eatery & Dessert Surabaya
Spazio Terrace #5
08.00 AM - 09.00 PM
Bring 100k/person

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