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Hi Guys!
I can't believe it's almost the end of September already! I haven't even tell you guys about my birthday last month, my short-cation to Madura, and my lovely Astra that just died a while ago. :'( I've been thinking about making another blog about my daily life, lol.. Well, let's skip all of that, today, I'm going to write a typical review about this newly opening cafe that I visited a while back, are you ready?

Snow Bowl Cafe

From its name, I'm pretty sure you guys can already tell, what kind of Cafe is this. Yep, Snow Bowl is a Dessert Cafe, but to be exact, it's a Taiwanese Dessert Cafe. I guess it is a franchise business, since they already have a store in Jakarta before they open one in here. Snow Bowl placed in the west side of Surabaya, right in front of Head On Cafe. And actually I went here right after I'm done having my meal in Head On, lol..

If I may say, this place is quite huge, compared to the other Taiwanese Dessert Cafes in Surabaya, I guess none of them as big as this. I think they can accommodate more than a hundred guests inside. They also have an outdoor backyard with a pool, functioned for the smoking area as well.

I saw a lot of young teenagers and college students in here. Also young parents with their under five years old baby. All for the love of Taiwanese Dessert :) Me personally also really love Taiwanese Dessert. Well, desserts in general though, especially those that contains Matcha, egg pudding, mochi and bubble. <3 What about you? Tell me in the comment which dessert that you love the most :)

This is the outdoor area, complete with the unused pool, and I have suggested the owner to put a floating duck or a floating donut or any kind of those like in Kooffee Plus Roof Bar to add more fun in the backyarde, so that it will look less dull, haha.. Just to give a spark to make this outdoor space more alive and enjoyable to hangout at!


D05 (32k)
Snow bowl Taro Ice, Caramel Pudding, Q Ball, Pearl & Nata De Coco.
 Taiwan Sweet Potato Stick (21k)

 Beef Cipolatta (42k)

D 13 (39k)
Snow Bowl Green Tea Ice, Matcha Ice Cream, Grass Jelly Pudding, Q Ball, Pearl.
SnowBowl XL Chicken (35k)
Nasi Lemak with Prawn Sambal (35k)
Tom Yum Fried Rice (30k)
Strawberry Smoothies (21k)
D20 : Mango Ice, Pudding, QBall & Yoghurt Popping Ball (39k)

A little sharing about everything that I tried in here :
First of all, I love  their dessert! Especially their egg pudding and their Matcha Ice Cream. If you're a fan of this kind of dessert, I'm sure you're going to love it just as much as I did. Another thing that you should try are their Chicken Fillet, Nasi Lemak & Tom Yum Fried Rice! I didn't expect they would be as delightful as the desserts, but indeed they were such joy to my tummy. The last but not least, the Strawberry Smoothies was very refreshing! I remember I didn't like smoothies, but I did remember sipping this smoothies and couldn't stop. :D

So, how do you like this place? ;)

Snow Bowl Cafe
Jln Raya Darmo Permai 1 no 35
Open Everyday
09.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Walk in
Wi-Fi & Electric Stations are available
Prepare 50k-100k/person

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  1. hai laura :) niatnya blogwalking aja terus tertarik nih, itu matcha ice creamnya enak ga ? yg beneran matcha banget apa yg kayak manis2 doang warna ijo gitu





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