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The Avenue Lounge Bar Java Paragon Surabaya (Review)

Hey guys, welcome to September <3
Let's start this month with another new opening restaurant in town, haha.. Actually I still have some pending posts, but gosh! I am really really really busy for the past month! Let me give you a quick review about what I've been doing and what I'm going to do next. So, as usual, I'm still helping my father with his wood trading work, but at the same time I'm also working at IDNtimes.com, which I'm involved in the making of HYPERLINK PROJECT. Also, I'm still food blogging, and taking one social media managing job for a restaurant. Besides that, I'm going to have another Workshops in October, an exhibition in Lenmarc Mall for a month starting this month, and also being the judge of Foodstagram Rally yesterday! Can you imagine how productive I am? It's been crazy! So please pardon my lack of updates, but I'm trying my best to still update at least four posts per month okay? *kiss* Okay, back to review!

The Avenue Lounge Bar
From its name, I have totally no idea what's this place going to be all about. I was guessing a fine dining restaurant, but it turned out to be an Italian Cafe & Restaurant with a Lounge Bar concept which is nice. The Avenue Lounge Bar is in the west side of Surabaya Area, inside The Java Paragon Hotel. To spot it, you just have to go the the Hotel's Lobby and turn left.

The Avenue Lounge Bar has quite a big space. They have seats for around 150 people on board, one bar, one fire place to show people how they make their famous Pizza, one a little private area, and a second floor for lesser crowd. The interior design is very chic, I did a little observation at that time and in my opinion, this place is a great choice for hanging out, especially for lounging! When you're tired after work and stuck in the middle of Mayjend Sungkono Street, you might turn left and pay a visit to relax for a bit until the traffic is gone.

The Avenue Lounge Bar is a both smoking and a non smoking area, but you can't really tell the difference because they don't separate the area with a different room but they differentiate it with a carpet. That's why when I first stepped in there it went like : *puff* I could see and smelled smoke everywhere, which to me personally is a little downside, since I hate the smell of smoke very bad, especially when it sticks out to my hair and my outfit. :(

The little private area (above) and the second floor (below)


Since The Avenue is an Italian Restaurant, then obviously the foods won't be afar from that. I was with ko Jie at that time and we ordered four different menus for our lunch (as seen on my Instagram) :
Smokey BBQ Chicken (88,8k)
This Pizza is definitely the best one I tasted that afternoon. It's thin and tasty! The mixture of Tomato, Balsamic Onion and Red Capsicum were just perfect to be combined with the Smoke Chicken, topped with Cilantro which freshened the overall taste and the super crunchy crust that would make you want to bite a lot more!
Beef Carpaccio Prawn Butter Lemon (65,8k)
I've been a fan of Beef Carpaccio once a French friend of mine introduced me to it back then. So I might not be objective with this one, haha..
Sausage Farfalle (65,8k)
The first time I read the name, I thought it would be a sausage. But no, Sausage Farfalle is actually a Pasta with a bow tie shaped. I kind of like the creamy texture of its sauce and the pasta was cooked in a very nice al dente. I haven't eaten pasta for a quite long time, so it was enjoyable.
Filetto Mignon (208,8k)
This is an oven baked US Prime Tenderloin Steak. We asked it to be medium rare, but it came to us in well done. However, we still loved their Wine sauce, the spinach and of course, the bacon on top!


Price wise, from the menu, you'll see such very friendly numbers, but one thing you should notice is that they charged 21% for the government tax, still exclude the service tax. So yeah, to be calculated, it's not that affordable, but still in the normal range for a hotel restaurant. The service was pretty nice, the waitresses were very friendly, they took the order quite quickly and they know the product very well. They gave me a glass of wine (welcome drink for the soft opening only) once I sat down on my table, and kept re-filling it when they saw the glass emptied. And they were also very patient with all of my requests. Sometimes foodies can be a little bit rempong (complicated), lol. Pardon.

What I hate the most about visiting here was the parking lot! Like, I had to go round in circles three times just to finally get the furthest parking spot (in front of the Apartment). But salute to the security who was care enough to tell me that I could actually walk through the Apartment Lobby as it is connected to the Hotel Lobby as well. So I didn't need to walk much further than I should. Thank you :)

Alright, I hope this post helps you to get an insight about The Avenue, Java Paragon Hotel. Let me know about what you think about this place in the comment section below and I will see you guys on my next post, very berry soon! *kiss*

The Avenue Lounge Bar 
Java Paragon Hotel & Residences
Jl. Mayjend Sungkono 101-103
Everyday 11.00 - 23.00
Bring 150k to 200k each person is enough            

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