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Hey guys!
Ahh.. Feels so good to be back in front of my computer and writing again.. I know I've been such a lousy blogger for the past month.. Everything has been so overwhelming, I tried my best to keep up, but I just couldn't, and I'm sorry.. Hopefully I won't cause another disappointment in the future.. Anyways! I really miss my me time and my blogging time! But guess what? I just had one of the best me time moment this afternoon and I think I'm going to spend most of tonight in front of my computer, blogging..

I've been having a lot of thinking lately (as I usually does). I'm really considering about building a team for www.laurangelia.com, I don't want to stay on this position forever, I want to grow! and I want to grow fast! even faster than anyone else in this industry! So if you believe in me and my works and if you can see yourself becoming successful for the next 3-5 years with me, traveling the world, you can hit me up at laurangelia@ymail.com! ;) I need someone who's as passionate with me, or maybe even more! If you think you can contribute 110% kind of work, I'd like to know more about you, send me an email okay?

Calibre Coffee Roasters Surabaya
Last week I made a spontaneous decision after church; it was to hunt a new cafe or a restaurant. I was actually about to go back home, since I was so tired after a lack of sleep on a friday night because I had to prepare for my workshop on saturday, and I had such full activities on saturday from the morning until pass midnight, yet I still woke up early on sunday  to go to church at 10 AM.

So yeah, long story short; I searched on my friend's Instagram and found out about this newly opened Coffee Shop in the center of Surabaya. I already asked several of my friends to join me that afternoon but none gave me positive respond, so heck it, none could stop me either (though I actually had scary thoughts about sitting alone inside a place that I never been to before). I just couldn't stand the fact that I haven't updated my blog for a very long time, so I needed to just go and put aside all of those bad thoughts behind

I drove my car for about 45 minutes to get there while actually I could arrive in about 25 to 30 minutes *sigh*, blame the not so reliable google maps and also myself for being spontaneous. My bad, I didn't do any research about Calibre Coffee Roasters before and I should've been smarter than that. But anyways, Calibre Coffee Roasters is located in Walikota Mustajab Street, just right before Grand City Mall. You can type "Calibre" on google map, and you'll find it right away.

So Calibre Coffee Roasters seems like house, that has been renovated, modified and upgraded into a Coffee Shop, but thank God they didn't lose the homey ambiance around, and actually, that's the first thing I noticed when I got there; "This place is really homey!"

As I looked around, and waiting for my turn to be served at the cashier, I started to drown into the atmosphere of this place. I love how they play soft oldies songs, really soothing and calmed me down. And I really couldn't stop starring at the lamps that were hanging next to the window, I told myself, "That's where I'm going to enthroned for the next couple of hours." Seating that's facing the window is just perfect, for a loner like me, hahaha..

When it's my turn to be served, I felt the warmth welcome from the waiter, they were friendly and quite patient handling all my noob questions. So after several time thinking and picking, I finally made my mind and ordered my favorite drink, which is Green Tea Latte, also something special from the house, Tuna Melt Panini. I remembered spending around 90k for those two.

I was happy, and even beyond when I saw there's an electricity plug on the wall right next to where I was about to sit. But just a second after I sat down on the spot that I thought I'd be enthroned by myself, suddenly another girl roughly came to where I sat, and took the chair next to me :/ Well, it's a public place, I know. I just wish I could have the row for only mine, lol. (and I don't know if it's just me or she didn't seem very friendly too)

Well, I guess I'm no different than her. People say I have the cruelest face when I'm on my own. But really, I'm trying my best to be as friendly as possible whenever and wherever I go! lol.. Anyways, yeah this girl sat next to me almost the whole hours I was there. She read book and made phone calls, just a typical me when I was alone, the difference is she just didn't take pictures of her foods like I always did, haha..

After my food and my drink came, as usual, I took my camera out and started snapping, while my neighbor already started to enjoy her meal. We ordered the same Panini bread, and I saw her eating from her naked hands (Gosh I'm such a stalker, hahaha). I know I've been a creep, but that's what I become when I'm alone. No, not being a creep, but I'm just more aware with everything that's going on around me, even a single move, I'd notice, and I'd got distracted very easily, yes I'm that sensitive without company.

After taking some mandatory pictures for Instagram and of course, for this blog, I held the fork and the knife, trying to figure out how to cut the Panini. But then I saw the girl next to me, again, eating with her bare hands, and I thought, why wouldn't I?? So I put aside the cutleries, and just grab the Panini with my hand, then started eating the old fashioned way. And you know what? It was the best thing I've tried so far that week.

I know it's already a long post to read, but let me just pour my heart out this time. I really do encourage you to sometimes have an alone time, for yourself. It's good for your soul and to refresh your mind. You'll find something new, or discover things that you might have lost. As I was munching my crunchy Panini, I looked outside the window, watching all the vehicles driving pass by, I realized how I appreciate my alone time at that moment. It was just perfect!

I heard the noises from my back, where all the baristas were busy making drinks for the customers. The voices of the glass, the coffee machine, the running water, the people, the oldies songs mixed with the smell of a fresh brewed coffee, ah I really love this kind of feeling. Truly brought out my good mood.

As I took one bite after another, one sip after another, I slowly began to reduce my eating pace, and just tried to listen to my own biting sound. It was weird, I know. But I was amazed of how the slower I eat, the more I enjoyed the food, no kidding.

Maybe I just need this kind of me time. After two hectic months of being pressured with my current project, I lost a lot of time for myself. I don't say I hate the project, I do love it. But it's just keeping me away from doing what I love the most, which is writing. I want to write more. I want to learn more about how to make such beautiful writing, that can be enjoyed by everyone who's reading it.

I want to write something helpful, something powerful, something motivating, anything that touches hearts, perhaps souls.

I didn't even care about my lipstick that maybe had ruined a lot because of eating Panini the old fashioned way. Or the Panini crumbs that's sticking on the side of my lips and spread everywhere around my plate. I was just really having the time of my life!

Overall, despite of my 'alay' moment. I actually do love spending time in Calibre Coffee Roasters. The place is nice, the ambiance is really homey, really comfortable. The interior is splendid! Lot's of space for the sunlight to strike in, a perfect lighting for the shutter bug like me. The service was great, people were warm and friendly, and the food was awesome!! Tuna Melt Panini is a must try! 

Calibre Coffee Roasters
Jl. Walikota Mustajab 67-69 Surabaya
Sun - Thu 10 AM - 10 PM
Fri - Sat 10 AM - 11.30 PM
Walk in
Prepare 100k/person
Electricity Outlet, EDC Machine & Wi-Fi available

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  1. yeah, everyone needs "me time"... *inner peace* LOL
    btw, i like the roof, it's like a glass house

    1. Haha.. Indeed inner peace :)

      And yes! It's a very interesting roof.. I love staying there just watching the ceiling..

  2. it's been a long time since the first time i read about your blog. :)
    well, thank you for the writing.

  3. Thank you for your review...it's sure make me wanna come to calibre...I hope the served good coffee...so tomorrow I decided to check it out for my self....keep writing n I'll read it n try it...

  4. Hai laura, aku suka tulisanmu walau aku sedikit ngerti bahasa inggris, oh ya kenalkan namaku norman, aku ngelola website lifestyle www.surabayastyle.com

    Aku berpikir apakah suatu saat kita bisa bekerjasama !!! Jika boleh apa aku bisa minta alamat emailmu??

  5. Setelah minum Ice Tea saya separoh, saya baru sadar kalo di dalamnya ada rambutnya. Waktu saya complain ke waitress, dia cuman bilang sorry, diambil minuman saya dan tidak menawarkan untuk diganti. I don't think I'll be coming back.

    1. Wow.. That's a very bad service right there.. Hope you're okay.. :)

  6. Hi Laura, i accidentally found your blog and really enjoyed it. I've just moved to Sby from Jkt since Oct. Your blog gives me quite a lot of references to go.

    Keep on the good work. Cheers

  7. It’s a very cozy place, you will catch the warm atmosphere once entering the coffee shop. But if you’re truly coffee lover instead of life style hunter, a dissapointment will come apparently. No spot on espresso or pure coffee, too watery and confusing taste that might comes from inaccuracy during the roasting processes or the beans have passed the gold period. Not quite sure that their mixed methods of homeground beans are based on particular brewing steps. However, it’s still good place to catch up and mingle with your colleagues.

    1. Too bad I don't drink coffee.. huhuhu.. You should try Volks Coffee and Titik Koma Coffee then.. It's new in town and I tried their coffee (though I'm not a coffee drinker) and I think it tastes good there.. :)

  8. This is really me "I really do encourage you to sometimes have an alone time, for yourself. It's good for your soul and to refresh your mind. You'll find something new, or discover things that you might have lost"
    I like that kind idea.. Even if ma friend didnt really appreciate that idea..
    Its really nice to know people whom had same idea!

  9. Me likey for the review, since I will be staying in here for 8wks, and already passed 3wks and I need to find another coffee shop near by my place. It helps me so much, Thanks Laura! :)





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