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Hey guys!
Thank you for submitting your awesome resumes to my email! I received almost 40 submissions! I still couldn't believe that there's quite a few of you who wants to work with me. :) But anyways, I'm still very busy at the moment for HYPERLINK PROJECT, so I'm flagging all of your emails and will surely get back to you later okay! :* 

Meanwhile, just a couple of days ago, I went to this newly opened coffee shop with the most famous food enthusiast in Surabaya, Miss Amanda Kohar. She already went there a day before, but still agreed to be my company to visit this  place, such a very sweet lady. But we weren't alone, there were some girlfriends involved as well, since it's a new cafe, so everyone's kinda excited.

Konig Coffee & Bar
I read on their Instagram's description box, it says, "Coffee by day, Bar by night" sounds very fun eh? Konig Coffee & Bar is placed in the east side of Surabaya, right next to Communal Coffee & Eatery. Very far from home, lol. 

I'm not sure what to call this kind of design, but the design interior of this place is I admit very nice, and very industrial, if I'm not mistaken. They have a bar, an indoor section and outdoor section, but the atmosphere of this city these days has been really unfriendly, so it's best for you guys to stay chill at the indoor area.

I don't know the story behind its name, but one thing I'm really fallen for is their Lion logo and their Lion drawing on one of the wall inside. Maybe because I was born in August, so I'm very familiar with the Leo sign which also symbolized by the Lion. And I also have always been loving a strong character like a Lion, something that's dominant, leading and holds the rule, I like that. <3 #asymbolthaticanreallyrelateto

I was actually planned to sit outside, because it seemed like the lighting was so much better than at the inside. BUT, once I stepped outside, gosh I started to sweat in less than a second. And I didn't think that Amanda would like it there as well, so we sat inside, but we took the picture outside, haha.. Win win solution. (and yes my sweat dripped like crazy!)

In total, Konig Coffee & Bar can accommodate up to 80 people both inside and outside. But I was kinda considering their outdoor chair, since I like wearing shorts, I don't think I can sit on those rattan chair without a pillow or a mattress. And it was still fe very hot and humid outside even though they had provided some fans, I guess it's just the bad weather. Even now, at 9 pm, it still feels very hot and humid in my house. Ggahh..

I ordered Cheesy Cheese Pasta for my meal that afternoon and a big glass of Yuzu Beer since it's freakin' hot outside. Sadly, both of them didn't fit to my palate. The Cheesy Cheese Pasta was not cheesy at all, in fact, I found more garlic than cheese on the plate. FYI, I hate garlic, so unfortunately I couldn't eat this dish and the spaghetti also wasn't cooked in al dente, I'm sure it was a little bit overcooked. And the Yuzu beer wasn't as refreshing as I expected it to be, it was bitter and I couldn't really taste the Yuzu Orange in the beer, but it was quite pricey, so I drank it all at once and ended up getting headache until midnight, haha.. #cheapass

Overall, Konig Coffee & Bar is a nice place to hang out, I didn't try their coffee since I don't drink one. For the food and beverages, I'm sure there are rooms for improvements. The service was good, and the atmosphere is more like a meeting place. But all in all, not too bad. :)

Konig Coffee & Bar Surabaya
Kertajaya Indah Tengah G411A (Klampis)
11 AM - 12 AM
Walk in
Prepare around 100k/person

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