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I just crashed my car! And have to spend 17 million rupiah for that! I'm such an unlucky girl. :( I would've spent the money to buy a laptop, but... T______T Anyways, I just finished HYPERLINK PROJECT, and it was awesome!! Beyond awesome!! So proud to be the main part of the BIGGEST and the GRANDEST event in Surabaya. If you came, let me know in the comment section below, kay?

Kudos Cafe

Please welcome, my number one choice for the best cafe ever built in Surabaya so far in 2015. Kudos Cafe! I've been noticing this building from quite a long time ago, wondering what would it be when it's done. I thought it was going to be a showroom or stuff, haha.. #wrong They just opened Kudos Cafe two days ago, on November 7th 2015, when Hyperlink Project was still going on. But what makes it "the best" in my version? You'll find out in just a second!

Kudos Cafe is built across Petra 1 high school, five minutes away from Supermal, and just about 30 second walk from Fave Hotel. A very strategic position, in my opinion. The building itself is pretty high, as far as my observation, Kudos Cafe has four floors. I remember exploring the back area up to the fourth floor and ended up running back down again because I saw a lot of workers were sleeping there, lol. What I had in mind about the building, was that they are going to really maximize it, though they haven't finished furnishing the first floor and the back side of the building, but I'm sure they're going to create something beautiful like what they already did to Kudos Cafe. One thing for sure, they have built all the toilets on each floor, haha..

For a Cafe, Kudos opens quite early. But though what you saw above said that they open at 08.00 AM, but on their Instagram they wrote that they open at 09.00 AM. My suggestion : trust the Instagram first, haha. It's better you came at 9 but they already open for an hour, than you came at 8 to know that they actually open an hour later, right? lol.

Kudos Cafe is in the second and the third floor of the building. In total, they can accommodate around 50 people in the cafe. The interior in Kudos Cafe is SUPER Insta-Genic and so Hipster! They use glasses for most of their window, light color wooden table and chair, wooden shelf, cement floor, rugs, white bricks, and a lot of plants. They must've done that in purpose. I saw that they have calculated everything in detail. From the interior and the placement of everything. They also know how to build the building in such ways that they can block the sunlight at noon so that the people in outdoor area will still be comfortable staying outside. Kudos for that? haha.. Really. Great job!

While observing the overall look of the cafe. I saw a lot of young teenager and young entrepreneur in here. Mostly hanging out with friends or loved ones, or doing work with their laptop, or on a lunch meeting with their partners and work mates. You will also see a lot of foodies, food enthusiast and interior enthusiast in here, taking thousands of pictures, like me, hahaha.. The atmosphere is very chill and relaxing, I love this place.

After sitting down for a while, I asked for the menu and looked through it. Honestly I was quite in shocked (in a good way). The price is not as expensive as I thought it would be. For such amazing place like this, I thought I had to prepare around 200k for my meal expense. But no, the pricing is considered very reasonable. You can actually get away with less thank a 100k there. :)

Amazing Rice | Buttered Rice - Beef & Mushroom (35k)
Juice | Soft Skin Ready (25k)
I ordered Soft Skin Ready juice and Amazing Buttered Rice in Beef & Mushroom. Both of them were so good. The Beef & Mushroom Buttered Rice were very tasty, I love the buttered rice, I could taste the butter in the rice yet it didn't feel greasy at all. The seasonings and their chili, were also delicious! They really completed each other's flavor on the plate and in my tummy. Meanwhile, the soft skin ready juice was super fresh and addictive, especially on a very hot day like yesterday. Not to mention the very cute bottle!  

Everything was awesome that afternoon, or maybe I was just starving the whole time, haha.. But no seriously, you guys should try them! The downside that I found on my first visit was the super slow responds for any request from us, we had to waited for more than five minutes just to get the menu book, we also waited too long for the chili sauce (when the chili sauce arrived, I already finished eating), and my friend just got informed that his order wasn't in stock after he waited for 20 minutes. *sigh* I know maybe it was a minor matter, and I could understand it was just two days after the soft opening, but if you could pay more attention into it, surely it'll make so much difference. :)

I sat on the third floor at the smoking area, because at that time the visitors were very packed and I had to sit outside to get better lighting for taking food pictures. At first it was very hot and humid and I was sweating, but later on it got cooler and windy. So thankfully I survived. :) BUT, attention to all the ladies, I don't recommend you girls to wear short flowing skirt. Because there are two stairs at Kudos Cafe and both of them are quite high. PLUS, there are times when the wind blows quite strong, so.. be careful, lol. #truestory

Overall Kudos Cafe really took away my heart. I can't wait to go back there again. Hopefully at the second visit they already had wi-fi connection, haha. Because actually even my provider was totally dead in there. :( Also hopefully, there are improvements in the service. But I really love the atmosphere, I might spend a lot of time working in there, so cozy! Ah, one more thing, pleaseee expand the cafe to be bigger! I'm 100% sure you are and you will be very packed for this month ahead. <3 See you very soon!


Kudos Cafe
Pakuwon Square AK 2 No 3
09.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Wi-Fi is still unavailable (yet)
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  1. Aaaa finally review cafe ini keluar juga��thanks

  2. Turut berduka atas nasib apes mu  ini pendapat dan masukan saya perihal Hyperlink :
    1. Terima kasih telah mendatangkan artis YouTube LastDay Production dan saya berkesempatan untuk foto bersama  (cek my IG @roy1alien) semoga berikutnya ada bintang tamu lagi, request saya @michimomo, @hanyoora, @christianbong, @sunnydahye, dll :p
    2. Jikalau memungkinkan untuk menambah photo booth nya 
    3. Jika memungkinkan, pemisahan jalan masuk ke sentra fashion dan sentra kuliner, karena tidak semua mau repot melewati sentra fashion dan kuliner sekaligus, ada yang ingin wisata kuliner saja atau ingin fashion saja (Banyak yang masuk lewat pintu keluar karena ingin langsung ke sentra kuliner)
    4. Registrasi sebelum masuk (isi data nama, mobile number dan e-mail) kurang nyaman bagi sebagian pengunjung yang ingin masuk. (Banyak yang masuk lewat pintu keluar)
    5. Gelang bazar mungkin bisa digantikan item lain yang instagramable dan uniqueable (mis : kacamata ala pesta topeng, dll), maybe dulu saat bazar belum marak di 2015, item gelang bazar sangat instagramable dan uniqueable (Mis: Basha Market yg pertama dan kedua), tapi sekarang tak begitu uniqueable
    Mohon maaf jika pendapat dan masukan saya sebagai pengunjung tidak terlalu bermanfaat, just my opinion. Thx. GBU





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