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Ranu Kumbolo Trip (Part III) : Tough Hike!

08.00 AM Then there we were, standing very excitedly and just couldn't wait to step over the line where we can title ourselves as the 'Hikers of Semeru Mountain". It was indeed a very intriguing moment, me myself had almost no idea what's going to happen on the mountain since it was my very first time and I didn't prepare myself for it AT ALL. I honestly terrified because I was already felt tired carrying my heavy bag, yet we were not even started the hike, not to mention about the six freakin' hours that we needed to pass before we reached Ranu Kumbolo. #verymixedfeelings

The interesting part about this hike was, we brought one advanced hiker named Mr. Hero which we were hoping to be our hero, hahaha.. He did help much but he also brought some twists to our stories. Like on the first 10 minutes of our hike, he offered us to go through the shortcut track. He said it's going to be tough, but it would save us the time to get to the first station.

My suggestion : NO don't go that way. HAHAHA.  

It was a very tough first hike, at least for me. I almost fell to the back because of the heavy bag. I got so exhausted and tired, and for the first time in my life, I couldn't breath in an open air. Terrifying indeed, but actually the bag was the main part of my struggle. After we reached the top, there were a quite wide space for us to just take some time to catch our breath and to release all the pain on our back. I immediately fell to the ground together with the bag and took it off while I was laying down, lol..

Felt like giving up already, though it was less than 30 minutes hike, we were informed by Mr. Hero that we just passed the high track and we're going to walk on a steady straight track constantly until we reached the third station. Feeling saved hearing the good news, but I know he did that just to cheer us up, to keep us motivated. There were still some uphill tracks after that, but not as high as the first one that we just went though.

I couldn't be thankful enough for the solid team! Seeing me struggling with my bag, Yeyen and Amey agreed to alternately exchanging bag with me. It was really really relieving and I was also surprised about how weak I was compared to them, lol. But they were also the highlights of the hike. We didn't stop joking and talking along the path. There were times where I just wanted to be silent, but I still could hear them talking and laughing out loud behind me. I have no idea where these skinny girls got those extra talking energy, LOL.

09.35 AM We arrived at the first Station and rest

Along the way, we met some interesting tunnels 

And of course, the view that I won't ever get back in the city

At 10,15 AM we arrived at the second Station

And I was so busy uploading endorsement pictures on my Instagram LOL

From the second station to the third station, I was more and more realized that hiking can be really dangerous for one's life, but once you're on the track,  there's no turning back again. We have to keep moving forward, and just be focused on the track. These are some things that made me realize that I was so small and just helpless, lol..
1. Corpse of a falling tree (imagine you saw it falling in front of you)

2. No safety line anywhere (imagine you're free falling from this cliff) ;P

3. A broken track, with only a thin rope tied  up to a branch

I really have no idea if I slipped until I fell and I only have that thin rope to sustain my body, furthermore my bag. (bye bye it is, hahaha)

At 12,00 PM, we arrived in the third station, I didn't manage to take any picture, I was too busy uploading Endorsement photo on my Instagram for the last time, because I won't find any signal after that. Done with uploading picture, we were looking for our mask and our ponco (raincoat), because we were going to face a very high track where there were a lot of dust there (actually, putting a mask is optional), PLUS it was kinda raining a little too, that's also why I didn't take a picture, I put my camera inside the bag.

Meanwhile.. Let me show you (again) another thing that I found along the way

Amonkey (up) and a very cute dog (down)

Why did I say that putting a mask on a high track with a lot of dust is considered optional? Because personally, I always felt that I lost a lot of oxygen while I'm facing the uphill track, and despite the dust, I prefer to get as much air to help me breath, than closing my nose and my mouth to avoid the dust but I lost all my breath and die, haha.. Besides, the dust wasn't that bad. 

But despite all of our tiredness and whatever, we could still managed ourselves to take a good picture together.
Cheers to the memory we won’t ever get back again! 

Not too long after all the horror stories about hiking up, FINALLY, we got a peak of Ranu Kumbolo! No we were not there yet, not even close, it was still a half an hour of walk to Ranu Kumbolo, but at least we could already see the lake which means that we're almost there!

The interesting part : I noticed that there was this big cloud that always came and went away through Ranu Kumbolo. When it came, we'd get a little rain around us, and when it went away, it would be all clear and sunny again. Weird, wasn't it? But I guess it's just the nature. :) Here, let me give you a clearer picture of the lake! 

On the other side, is our camping area #ifyoucanseeit and it's around 15 to 30 minutes walk from where we stood because we have to walk from the side to get there.

03.00 PM : And finally! WE GOT THERE!

What I learned about hiking up :
- We should always think POSITIVE!
Hiking can be really tough, and we have to be able to control our body. Several times, I felt like I was going to pass out, and on a high track I always ran out of breath or oxygen, which was terrifying and made me freaked out much. Just stop for a while, put your stuffs on the ground, get loose and do say positive things like, "I can do it" or "I'm okay" or "Relax.. Just breath.." You can do whatever you need to do to stay positive and relax. I did some self talk back then and also listened to Christmas Songs to keep my mood elevated, lol..

- We should always SUPPORT each other in your group :
a. Don't left the weakest or the slowest behind 
Let them walk in front of you, or if they have to walk behind, there's got to be one strong person with them
b. Tell each other that the hike is not that hard
We often said, "Hey the track is straight, it's a BONUS" or "We're ALMOST THERE!",or "Come on, YOU CAN do it!" 
c. Always inform if there's any slippery road, or a hole, or something to be careful of
Shout it out, so that the person behind you can pass the info to the person behind them and so on.
d. Always care for each other's condition
If you see someone is walking slow, walk with them. If you see someone is thirsty, give them drink. If you see someone is bringing too much weight and they are exhausted, ask them to exchange with your bag for a while (if you know yours is lighter for them) or ask them to share some of their stuff for you to bring. If someone is in pain, offer them some medicine or ointment that you have. Share your foods and water, and many more, JUST BE KIND.

- We should always be polite
We're in the middle of the nature, just realize that we're way too small, we have no power compared to The Great Creator or the creatures there! I've heard a lot of weird stuffs happening while you're on a hike. So.. Be careful with your mouth and what you do there.

- We should always support the other hikers (or at least say hi)
You will most likely to pass the other hikers, whether they are going up, or they are going down. We always said, "Excuse me" to them or said "Hey.. You can do it! It's not very far from the nearest station!"

- We should always beware of our own condition and don't ever be afraid to say it

If you're really tired and weak, say you are. The group can stop and rest for a while. If you can't handle your situation any longer, say it. Don't keep it to your self, let your friends help you. 

Okay guys that's it for the story about my tough hike , I hope this post helps you! And I will post four more posts about the trip :
- Ranu Kumbolo Trip Part V : Finally Morning
- Ranu Kumbolo Trip Part VI : Tanjakan Cinta
- Ranu Kumbolo Trip Part VII : Way Back Home

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  1. nice blog. Love it!! hey.. visit mine too, foodies! ;))


  2. Hello Laura! I'm Jia Huey from Kuala Lumpur! I'm visiting Surabaya, bromo and ijen end of this month! I was wondering if it is worth it to visit Ranu kumbolo as well?! I would like to ask you how bad is the toilet situation there? Did you really peed in bushes? Were there a lot of rubbish around? Don't know if it will be worth the hike there or not? 😅 I really love the pictures of the nature that you have taken, but I have also read from other people who have been there who claimed that there are a lot rubbish around the area, which is a big turn off. Wonder if it's worth going?

    1. Hello Jia Huey!
      The toilet situation was bad I wouldn't lie. I didn't pee in bushes while I was in the camping area. The first time I peed was in that nasty toilet, the second time I peed was in a diaper, and the third time I peed in the bushes but on my way back down.

      There we actually not a lot of rubbish around at that time I went there. You were not allowed to throw trashes around of course. You had to take all your trashes with you until you arrive back at Ranu Pani. I even saw one group of people who hiked just to collect the trashes and bring it down to Ranu Pani.

      I didn't really see trashes everywhere back then. But my friend did see shit among the bushes, LOL.

      Whether it's worth going or not, it depends on yourself. I think it would be worth going if you go all the way up until the peak of the mountain and not only stopping at Ranu Kumbolo.

      But if hygiene is a major thing for you, you got to prepare for the worst, hehe..

  3. Hello Laura!

    Wow you reply so fast! 😉 Thanks for the reply!! Wow I can't imagine walking halfway and see shit in bushes OMG. 😂 I read online that we need health check prior to the climb. Is that really necessary??
    Actually I have another extra day of stay in Surabaya after Bromo and Ijen. I was researching for places to go! You seemed like you have travelled a lot around East Java! Where else do you think is like a must visit place around the area? 😊

    1. Hello Jia Huey,

      Haha.. Yeah I like to reply comments and help my readers through answering their questions :)

      Hahah.. No you won't see shit on the hike, the shits were at the camping area, LOL. I guess people only pee on the hike, oh Lord help the people who wants to take shit while walking halfway, that must be a pain in the ass, hahaha..

      Umm.. Yes.. But it's really easy to have it in here.. Just go to a regular doctor, you can do it in clinic and have them make one for you.. Well that's what I did.. :D

      If you go to Bromo, don't forget to stop by at Madakaripura Waterfalls, they said it's really beautiful.. But prepare more clothing because you're going to get all wet there.. :)

      Umm.. I just write about my trip to Gili Labak on the blog, you can check it out if you like, hehe.. It's a beautiful island with a crystal clear beach.. <3





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