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Hey guys! Whatcha doin' last weekend? Anyone's going to DWP? If you are, then I envy you! Hahaha.. I'm currently at Starbucks now, sitting on the very corner, with laptop opened, headset plugged, a glass of green tea latte venti sized, and a lot of works to do! I'm recently started to learn how to edit video because I just can't wait any longer to make my dream of having an active YouTube channel comes to reality!

I've been having a YouTube Channel for probably three years now, but I have only uploaded five videos so far, LOL. I've been spending the last three years watching YouTube on a daily basis, wishing I could make cool creative stuff like those YouTubers do, but I'm super struggling to buy a laptop for my own, because to edit videos you must have a laptop with an excellent performance.

But going back to Hyperlink Project kinda an open way for me to start, because they generously lending me a laptop since I don't have one. Hopefully they don't mind I'm using it for something else besides Hyperlink Project ;) I guess as long as it doesn't distract me from my main rule in Hyperlink Project, it won't be matter. #mybossiscollerthanyours :p

So yeah, now I'm editing my videos, writing a new blog post, working on the sketch of Hyperlink Project's layout, and also listing down weekly tasks for everyone, alternately. hahah.. Whoa, I didn't realize I wrote such long intro for this blog post, hahaha.. Okay, without further ado, I want to introduce you guys to a new hangout place. This spot is an exciting one for me because I honestly love to stay in and work there. Super cozy!

Blackbarn Coffee
Chill & Refill

Blackbarn Coffee is located in the center of Surabaya, in line with Carpentier neighborhood. I first went there at night and decided to not going in as it seemed kind of creepy, haha.. But the second time I went there was at noon, and as I look around the place better, it's not creepy at all, just "remang remang" because they use a lot of yellow lamps. The parking lot is sharing with Carpentier, because they're only 25 steps away and a gentle reminder for girls : don't use your pointy heels here! Their permeable paving is such a pain for your feet and will damage your heels as well. Unless you're a pro in avoiding those hole, then be my guest. :D

When I entered inside, I kind of having a mix feeling about the design, the indoor area is really industrial and rustic like Historica while the outdoor area is very hipster like Kudos and OurBar. But overall, these mix theme is still enjoyable to be looked at. The atmosphere is super chill, and I saw most of the customers are maybe around my age. You know, 20-ish #sokmuda hahaha.. In total, I guess they can accommodate around 70 people (inside and out) which is pretty fair for a cafe. Not too small and not too big.

When I went to Blackbarn, the first thing that I did was to pick a table first. I directly picked a table where they got three electrical station in one spot, it's also next to the window, and fit to five person. After I put all my belongings, I kind of a bit confused what to do next, because when I came, though there were some baristas at the coffee bar, they didn't greet me. Even after I set up my laptop, my charger and all that stuff, I still didn't see anyone coming at me and gave me the menu. So I just came into a conclusion that I have to serve myself and order straight to the cashier.

I went to in front of the cashier machine, there was no one at the cashier, but there were some baristas at the coffee bar. I assume they would come at me and serve me the menu, but no, they didn't. I took the menu myself and flipped it from one side to another, giving them a super obvious hint that I'd like to order, but no one came at me. After a minute looking like an idiot in front of the cashier, I finally looked straight to one barista in the eye, and told him I wanted to order. And what did he do? He said, "Ah, okay, wait, I'll call the cashier" 

Oh My God~ Unbelievable..

After another minute of waiting, A pretty girl came up to the cashier, and then she said (without looking at me in the eye) "Sorry ya". I was like, okay, I didn't even care anymore. Then I made my order. After I gave her the money, I asked her if I should pick my order at the cashier or they would deliver it to my table. She didn't answer. I was like, okay, maybe I didn't said it loud enough, she was also 'occuppied' with counting the money. After she's done, surprisingly she answered me, "We'll deliver your order to the table" (handed me the receipt) LOL, I didn't know if I'm being too sensitive or what. But oh well, I didn't even mad at her, I'm just surprised by the attitude. Way to cool to be a cashier I might say, or she was having a bad day? Only she knows.

Not too long after I placed my order, my little friend, Triple Belly came over and joined me. After they ordered, I asked James to sit down first, and I invited Vivian & Stella to accompany me having a little walk at the outdoor area. When we stepped outside, out of curiosity, I asked them about the service, and they agreed with me about the unfriendly serving which made things clear that I wasn't the one who's being dramatic about this situation.

After taking a lot pictures of the place, and also the foods. we sat down and just hang out enjoying our time together. I ordered the Spaghetti MeatBall (35k) The bolognaise sauce was overall delicious, except the fact that the spaghetti was all short like a leftover. Pft. Not too long after, the same girl who served us at the cashier came to us and gave us a little compliments with a basket of Poffertjes (20k) for free. I didn't know if it's because she came to realize that the service they gave to us was bad, or because they knew that we are a foodies (since we took a lot of pictures there), or both. But we did accept it gratefully, even though after we tasted it, it was like a pastry that has been left outside for a week. Super hard to chew, and the sauce was a bit off as well.

I felt bad already for telling you my bad experience in Blackbarn. But seriously nothing bad was intended. I really love the atmosphere of this place and I'd love to come back again in the future. The price is super affordable, and the wi-fi is quite fast, hahaha.. #fakirwifi #anakonline I don't really care about the other, but hopefully they will improve the service. :) I couldn't tell you about the coffee because at that time, Triple Belly was about to order coffee but the coffee machine was broken or something. Don't worry about the very limited menu, they would add more in the future. :) And oh, visit them around four to five PM, golden hour in Blackbarn is super beautiful! <3 Last but not least. may God bless this barn. ^^

Blackbarn Coffee
Untung Suropati No 79
Soft Opening
Mon, Wed, Thur 03.00 PM to 10.30 PM
Fri, Sat, Sun        03.00 PM to 11.30 AM
Wi-Fi available (fast one)
Power Outlet Everywhere

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  1. Hi lala, I really excited when know this barn is near my home. Too long for waiting your blog uploaded, until I become to be mushroom ... Btw this barn's menu is less, right? :(

  2. Allright, who's the owmer of the coffee shop? Wondering whether this place still opens in next five years despite of the lousy service..

    1. Hahaha.. I really have no idea. :) But if they are willing to improve, I'm sure they'll get the hang f it. ^^

    2. Hahaha.. I really have no idea. :) But if they are willing to improve, I'm sure they'll get the hang f it. ^^

  3. hi, can i ask you what's the meaning of golden hour? is it because at that time the place less visitor or what?

  4. LOL. I have been reading your blog and my conclusion jumps on that you only suit yourself going to a restaurant than a cafe (referring to your reaction of not being served at the first place).

    It's pretty clear that a cafe is more for a laidback person, not Im saying that you are stiff. I am originally from Jakarta, and it was my first time hanging at Black Barn, I'd say the service was warm and the music was great.

    If the cashier was being to cool for your self, I guess it was just a mishap gesture from her.

    But really, this place is so nice during the golden hour.

    1. agree with you, I've visited blackbarn for many times, and I've always have a good time here :)





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