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Good evening everyone!
I am here now reporting from my favorite place to work on the weekend, YUP! It's Starbucks, haha.. What am I doing now? I'm recently writing four blog posts (yes! four), and also writing my Hyperlink Project's plan for next week. And oh, I am also editing the voice over for my YouTube video, and re-reading Show Your Work, by Austin Kleon, because I'm going to give the book back to the owner (I have the book, but in bahasa Indonesia, and I don't like it, so I borrowed my friend's original version of it). It's a great thing to re-read the awesome book that you own, because most of the time, I always find something new by reading it all over again and I also still got some new surprises by getting the meaning of something that I didn't get when I read it for the first time.


Hello new place! Give it a warm welcome for Dobutzoo :) This is a dessert place like Yoohoo and Hong Tang. While Yoohoo is Korean, and Hong Tang is chinese, Dobutzoo is the Japanese version of it. But all in all, they are selling the same thing, a scoop of ice cream with a lot of toppings underneath, lol. 

Dobutzoo is placed in the west side of Surabaya, at the end of G-Walk, or to be exact, in front of DS Bistro. The place is not so big, probably onl,y fit to 25 person inside, they also have an outdoor space for another 15-20 people, but since Surabaya is very hot at noon, and we are now on the raining season as well, I'm not really recommending the outdoor space for you, because honestly, I'm still sweating even I was sitting inside, that's just how hot Surabaya is nowadays. 

The reason why I was still sweating even I sat inside was because generally, most of their wall is using a clear glass, which usually a good thing for a freaky foodie like me. But their position is too perfect to get a direct sunlight strike without any filter, so it felt quite too strong for me, hahaha.. #manusia #komplainterusajaneng So, my suggestion for you is : come at 3 or 4 PM in the evening, that would be perfect. :)

Dobutzoo's interior design is pretty nice, it's mostly yellowish, with a lot of touches of industrial theme mixed with a zoo atmosphere. I guess they wanted to attract more of a family with kids by looking at its bright and fun theme. :) I went there with my foodies friend right after our lunch at DS Bistro. I ordered one big bowl of dessert, and my friend ordered their coffee.

Dobutzoo Signature (42k)

To be honest, their price is quite over the top compared to the other dessert places in Surabaya, and it tastes pretty much the same. But if you're looking for the Nutella bomb, this would be a good choice to pick. I'm quite curious since they offer a lot of foods too on their menu, so I might be back to try them. How about you guys, what do you think about this place? Tell me in the comment section below, kay? See you on my next post! xoxo


Ruko G-Walk W2 no.36, Citraland

They don't put their opening hour on their social media
Wifi not available (maybe yet)
Didn't see any electrical station as well
Didn't check about the EDC machine too (lol)

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